【Air-cooled】Porsche 911 is what you want!

I’m the middle aged man A, Takashi. I’m the middle aged man B, Seiichi. “Middle Aged Men and Old Cars” will start now. So today… We’re at Fujisawa…. Didn’t I tell you to meet at Yokohama I’m really sorry These days local Chinese restaurants are closing down. How do you feel about it? Local Chinese restaurants? Like Chinese noodle shops? Like Chinese noodle shops Eateries and stuff? Yup I see I’m the middle aged man A, Takashi. I’m the middle aged man B, Seiichi. “Middle Aged Men and Old Cars” will start now. But you didn’t make an appointment right? Hope it’s okay… It wasn’t okay. Today we originally met at Yokohama but was changed abruptly to Fujisawa. So what do you want to see today Mr. Nori? So, the highly anticipated… air-cooled car! Is… The 911, so to speak. We’re not referring to the emergency number! Let’s get going Middle Aged Men and Old Cars Takashi Ogiyama Seiichi Norishige We’ve arrived! This place is amazing! It looks like a huge gymnasium. All the famous cars around the world are gathered here! This time we visited Vintage Shonan in Fujisawa. Vintage Shonan (Fujisawa Store)
1983-1 Chogo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa
TEL 045-300-3750 Please welcome the director, Mr. Yuyama. Thank you for your time! Hello. Thank you for coming! At Vintage Shonan we specialize in vintage cars. We carry all types of cars, such as American cars, European cars, Japanese cars and have most car brands and types. How do you think about it? It’s amazing! I’m in awe. By the way what kind of car is this? So this originally came from the United States and it’s called the 1971 Porsche 911E . The E series? What’s extremely rare is that it’s a two-pedal sportomatic. The gear lever is used both as a clutch pedal and a gear shift lever. When the gear lever is pulled, the clutch is disengaged and the gear lever is activated. When it is released, the clutch is reengaged. If you know how to drive it, it becomes fun. So it becomes interesting at your own pace! It does. And the exterior is super shiny! The original color is green. This solid color is not seen in Porsche cars these days. That’s true. This is Targa right? This is a Targa top car. This came from the US and we are repainting it. It’s an original paint color called the gemini blue. Cool Targa is awesome! So good! Was the Targa 911E exactly this color? Maybe the original color back then is used. So this is ongoing? Yes it is. We’ve removed the engine and the transmission and overhaul it later. We’re going to repair the interior as well. The body is very sturdy. Then we’re going to finish it and hand it in. So this is the famous Carrera. Excuse me. Look at this! So cute and small! Looks nice! It’s right handled. Awesome! wanted to paint it in the original color but I didn’t have the guts to do it. It has a nice presence! I repaired the engine and everything. Wow! Can I have a seat? Please Wow! So cool! It fits right! Is the wood also the same as the original one? It’s the same as the original. So nice! You wanted to live in the country side having a Lotus Elan That’s right! It’s my dream to have a small car and two Suzuki Jimnys! Last time we rode on a Jimny. Right! So next time it’s this one! Porsche is also good but I like this one more. So nice! Middle Aged Men and Old Cars Red Porsche! Nice! Wow! Thank you very much This is a 911 model from 1971. Among the more recent models, the priciest one is 911 Carrera T and this is one of the first models. So the exterior is also recreated like the original version? Yes it is. This is the original color. That’s why it’s so beautiful. Simple and beautiful is good. Older cars are more beautiful I think. So can you show us the interior please? So back then most cars used these vinyl fabrics. The 5-gauge cluster is what’s good about 911 . It’s analog. I agree. It’s simple, easy to read and functional. The clock actually works too. And please show us the engine as well. Sure So beautiful! The engine is overhauled. The transmission is overhauled as well. It’s well preserved. Such as the vehicle identification number plate. Even though it only has 125 horsepower, it runs pretty good. Looks great! I have the opportunity to ride on the car this time. Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure. The seat belt functions well. See you later Mr. Ogi! I’m sorry you can’t come with us. Middle Aged Men and Old Cars The body is light. Yes it is. The engine is a 2.2 L. It’s a T grade so it’s a carburetor. Compared to the price back then, is it cheaper than the E series? Well it is. When you put the price into account it is the cheapest grade. It’s not the cheaper version though. The grade depends on how the car is used. How is the 911’s current market like? Older models of 911 before 1973 haven’t increased their price drastically. I see Even if the cars have the same grade and made in the same year, there are huge price differences. Various factors such as the cars’ condition and the closer it is to the original model makes a huge difference in pricing. For example even if the engine has changed or if it’s the same 2.2 L engine, it’s fine either way if it works as long as it is cheaper for some people. However, others might think that if they’re going to buy a classic car, preserving the original state is important if they want to resell it. Like matching numbers If a car wants to be priced depending on their matching numbers, the price will change too. It’s the right market price. It is It’s comfortable right? Yes it is. It’s really good right? Like how it feels? The dampers work well. I agree. The fender flare is more vertical and is unique to the air cooled Porsche 911. We can’t see this view anymore. That’s true Everyone, this car is really good! The compression is good and makes a good sound. Tanzawa is close from here. It is. We’re almost at Tanzawa. It makes me want to go to Tanzawa! Me too. It’ s easy to transfer from the streets to the highway. It is Thank you very much. You’re very welcome. It was comfortable! I want another car again! So satisfied! That’s great. Thank you very much. No problem This is an amazing car too. 1928 Mercedes-Benz 460 Nürburg Ask for price. I think this is the only one left or maybe a few more Maybe you’ll get an offer from the museum? It is worth that much. The interior is amazing. Looks like a cruiser car. I personally liked the Lotus Elan series 2 so can I come again? Please Really? So happy! Thank you very much Thank you very much for coming. Thank you for today. Middle Aged Men and Old Cars Good Job You too. It took longer than expected. I think we enjoyed it too much. It’s because you screwed up! A lot happened. So how did you think of the air cooled Porsche? It’s good. It sounds good! It feels like it’s alive like a living thing. That was an amazing car! For me it’s a little hard to reach so I’ll go with the one that’s more hopeful. The Lotus was great. That was definitely good. That’s more like something impossible that I could afford only one, so I’ll go with the more affordable classic cars from the 90’s. We’ve received requests of them from the comment section. Everyone thank you very much for your requests. I’m looking for good ones now. So let’s go find one. This is the Shonan area but I don’t see any ocean. I don’t feel any ocean breeze. Some areas are like that I guess. There’s a pear orchard And a vegetable market. A Shonan area full of greenery. What kind of pears are there? Hosui? 20th century? Let’s go buy some.

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