개냥이는 목욕도 잘 할까?

개냥이는 목욕도 잘 할까?

Milky come here~ Emergency Y??We bankrupt again..? GB is gonna bathe today You are going to bathe almost in a year. Bbobbo you can do bathe well right~? Let’s go bathe~ As you guys know, GB is like…. Getting a shot well Trimming nails well And brushing teeth well for sure He is so well behaved even more than most of other dogs. However, it was a little nervous to bathe him since it’s been too long. I turned the water on as gentle as possible. (Keeping the water warm) Wa..Water..for what..? Oh no, it’s my turn to watch him bathe this time~! Does… GB… bathe… You are bathing well~! (Kinda hypnosis lol) Well indeed..?!! It’s better to bathe a cat as fast as possible. GB who doesn’t even meow Let’s do it quickly Bbobbo~ Slow down man~ Do it quickly~ Warm and feels good tho Audience falling a sleep due to the unexpected boring situation That’s my boy GB~ Really good job~~ Preparing for second round after changing clothes Well done~~! really well done~! Luckily GB doesn’t run away GB is constantly grooming himself since he doesn’t like being wet. And Milky really cares that blow drying lol Small bro being itchy from GB’s grooming haha Well GB was so good at bathing that it was done easier than I thought. XD Now make sure to finish it GB GB let’s eat some snack, Milky you want it too? So finally we did bathe GB so well 🙂

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  1. Do you practice zen meditation bro? As these 2 innocent, cute, most adorable creatures are always sooooo calm and composed…
    And we know that pets always absorb vibrations of their owner……

  2. i ask this content before… ? thank you, i really want to see GB taking a bath… 고맙습니다 ❤️ 밀키복이와형들 파이딩 ?✌️

  3. 아니 밀키랑 복이를 어떻게 키우신거에요~~ 도대체 쟤들은 못하는게 뭐에요? 목욕하는것도 너무 이쁘잔아요~ 나갈래소리도 안하고… 너 고양이 아니지? 아웅 이뻐 죽겠네

  4. 진짜 복이는 견냥이가 맞는듯 ㅎㅎㅎ
    싫은티한번 안네고 드라이까지 하는 냥이는 본적이 없어요 ?
    놀숲냥이 상당히 끌리네요 ?

  5. My cat would literally murder me just for holding her the way they hold GB. He’s the most patient cat I’ve ever seen.

  6. I think gb loved it because you only bath him once a year ?do it as you do to milky , whatever I love them ❤️

  7. 보는 사람 당황스러운 고양이 샤워 영상..
    이런 고양이는 광복이뿐이겠죠?
    오늘도 광복이, 밀키 봐서 행복해요?

  8. Seems like Milky copied GB, and GB copied Milky. I mean, well, mostly dog doesn't really care if their owner bathe them lolol ?

  9. 그냥 형아랑 있는거 자체만으로도 행복해하는 거 같은데?? ㅜ,ㅜ 어쩜 저리 순하고 이쁠까

  10. 광복이는 개냥이라서 그런가? 목욕엄청잘하고 모든거 다 잘하네
    보통 강아지들과 고양이들은 목욕만하면 난리치는데 이거는ㅋㅋㅋ 광복이도 심기가 불편할탠데도 잘하네?수고했어 귀여운광복

  11. Hey my dear MILKY and beautiful cat enjoys to cuddle. To bath my dear cat enjoys to MILKY to watching friend and sleeping WONDERFUL CAT AND CLEAN MILKY TO WATCH.Thannk you my friend like 1000??❤️??

  12. 아니 목욕하면서 중간중간 뽀뽀도 해주고?? 복이는 정말 사랑둥이 그 자체?

    밀키ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 구경왔다 자는 것도 귀엽고 드라이기 소리 싫을텐데 형아 근처에서 자는 것도 사랑스러운?

  13. Omg GB is so well behaved! He didn’t make a single sound at all!???? Most cats do not like to be showered? Just curious, how long does it take to bathe & blow dry GB?

  14. Both GB and Milky are so well behaved and the reason behind that is obviously you! You really take good care of them and you treat them so well that’s why they’re so cute like that, and I’ve never seen someone who takes that much time and effort to take care of his pets and I really love that about you ??‍♀️♥️

  15. I never saw a cat to be so calm when bathing???GB doesn't even try to escape and the most important is he doesn't even meow ???even when drying his fur??
    He's really an angelic cat??????

  16. Wow Gwangbok so calm. My Cat was like going everywhere in the bathroom eventho I use warm and slow force water. He keep on running away all over the bathroom. He will 'meow' lot if the bath get too long or he feel uncomfortable. The hardest things to do is blow dry him ? he will run away from the front door til the bedroom, sometimes he hide under the bed. ?it's so cute to watch Gwangbok. But for me all that are the character of cats. They so cuteee

  17. 이런 고양이 세상에 또 없습니다ㅠㅠ 광복이 정말 순하다 그리고 집사님과 평소에 얼마나 신뢰를 쌓았으면 이렇게 아무 겁도 안 내고 걱정도 안 하고 있는 거겠어요ㅠㅠ 진짜 최고네요~!! 저희집 냥이들은 화장실에 안고 들어가기만 해도 울고 난리나거든요 와 드라이기 할 때도 가만히 있고 심지어 밀키는 옆에 누워서 잠도 자고… 아가들을 평소에 세심하게 보살핀 게 다 티가 나요??

  18. I think he is so used to seeing milky bathe that he thinks its normal and isn't minding water at all. Lots of love for both of cuties ❤❤

  19. I know i can trust GB.. he's not gonna lose his swag easily.. what? Bathing can't harm me okay – GB ??

    Edit : before this i had watching the butler from Ari Rang cats channel bathed his cat and its absolutely different from this calming GB video hahahaha ??

  20. 드디어 광복이 목욕하는 거 구경했네요. 물이 홀딱 젖어도 여전히 꽃미모를 자랑하는 광복이.

  21. I am soo amazed to see GB being so calm when bathed.. thats the trust he puts in his butlers.. you've the world's best cat.. the most well-mannered..or I would say GB's behavior is a reflection of his pawrents..??

  22. Gb baby you are a perfect cat ?: smart, patient, obedient, friendly, handsome.. I love you. Lot of kisses for you. ?

  23. I can't believe my eyes. I have had cats for most of my life and never ever did they get bathed without wageing full blown war

  24. 으아아아 광복이 오늘도 너무 예뽀다 ㅠㅜㅠㅜ 수많은 밀키목욕 관람을 통해 목욕이 무서운 일이 아니라는 걸 이미 알고 있는 걸까요 ㅋㅋㅋ 의젓한 광복이??

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