고양이별로 떠난 친구가 보내준 선물 l Present From A Cat Friend Who Left To Kitty Heaven

고양이별로 떠난 친구가 보내준 선물 l Present From A Cat Friend Who Left To Kitty Heaven

5-month-old kitty, Pony and five adult cats, 8.8 years old on average Meowy fast Meowy slow At the age of enjoying picking a fight No matter how much she bothers them The youngest’s being adored PD : Who likes Pony the most among the five cats? Powe likes her most That’s why they’re always glued to each other 10-year-old grandpa Powu
who adores Pony the most among five adult cats Can’t help but start goofing around Meowy punch Sigh Super sweet Lemmeow play now Wut? Wut? Pony’s curious about everything the grandpa does I want fish too~ Can not give up fish Pony, do whatever you wanna do~ Aww, so nice~ Dun teuch meow(Don’t touch me) Powu, what’s wrong? You scare me.. Powu easily gets bothered / Ah! Look (Awk) He’s impatient Powu is a picky boi..! Unexpectedly being attacked Beat dem other cats with no mercy Powu never stands! Unanswered question
Powu favors Pony only? Guardian
This one’s Laeng who went to heaven last July and used to be a close friend to Powu They’ve been always stayed together and groomed each other When Laeng was sick, Powu protected him by his side Powu was obviously depressed after Laeng was gone After losing his best friend, Powu had a hard time Right at the moment when rescuing Pony from the streets Laeng came up in my mind because she looked so much like him So I thought “Oh, she’s a gift from Laeng” Perhaps he thought about Laeng when he saw Pony..? He couldn’t take his eyes off Pony. Powu does what he usually did with Laeng to Pony He’s been nice to Pony ’cause she gives him comforts Pony plays hard af by herself What’s this place Powu follows her right away Uh ugh? This is not good? Attempts rescue How do I open it… It’s not a big deal though~ Thud Pony goes to eat after done playing Licks when she passes by and licks again Falters LOL When eating, watching her from behind (Not sleeping) Lemmeow sleep now that I’m full~ When she’s about to fall asleep, Powu appears with no doubt Grooming starts and it never ends PD : Pony’s gonna be worn out LOL Huh, is that so? I can’t lose even 1g of her.. Hope they get along well and rely on each other Grandma and grandpa, let’s live healthily together for long~

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  1. A visão da tela prejudicada pela tradução em português, letras muito grandes com fundo preto também grande.

  2. 어머 ! 네가 포니구나….포니 구조영상 본 적 있는데…좋은 보호자 만나서 건강하게 잘 크고 있구나 ~~~^^

  3. 포우가 포니한테 다정하게 대하며 위로가 되었다고 하니..
    오늘 저는 누구한테 다정하게 했는지 되돌아 보게되네요
    오늘도 동물로부터 배웁니다!

  4. 이 집의 백미는 만수로 아들처럼 기름진 마일로라는 고양이와 집사의 달달한 케미인데 그게 빠져서 조금 아쉽.

  5. 예전 우연히 블로그에서 아이들 얘기하시는게 재밌어서 몇번 봤었는데 유튜브에 떠서 놀랐어요. 많은 일들이 있으셨네요

  6. Bondosa senhora é privilegiada ao desfrutar da companhia de graciosas criaturas. Que Deus a abençoe com saúde e muitos anos de vida.🐾🐾🐾♥️♥️♥️🐈🐈🐈🐈😇😇😇😇😇😇

  7. Glad Grandpa has found a buddy in Pony.Is grandpa a Maine coon cat? He is gorgeous.wonderful family!🐱🐺🐱🐺🐱🐺😄

  8. 포니 많이컸다~~ 랭이가 이쁘긴 겁나이뽔어요~ 포우가 은근 얼굴따진다는요~~ ♡♡♡ 작은집털복숭이들 앙꼬 포우 푸딩이
    샤네리 포니~~~♡♡♡

  9. ㅋㅋ포우가 포니를 좋아하는 이유가 있넼ㅋ
    바로!! 포니 발바닥이 핑크색이기 때문이야 (3:44) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ핑!!!!!크!!!!!색♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Pony is so naughty but Grandpa adores him. Grandpa Powu is one of the most beautiful cats i have ever seen! Your friend rests in peace beautiful Powu and you got Pony to love. My cat Pedro also went to heave 13th July 2019. I'm still mourning the loss. RIP !

  11. 울 포니 사랑받으며 어르신들과 오래오래 행복하기를 기도합니다. 건강하게~~😀😀

  12. Lindos lindos lindos anjihos 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈💕 saludos desde Brazil 🇧🇷 resgates preciosos 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️mais vídeos 🙏. Pony

  13. Awh this video just made my day. Thanks to these people caring for the felines. I wish I could hug all of the cats

  14. 진짜 재미있어요 저희길고양이순순이.걱정이에요코로나 바이러스.안걸리면는좋겠어요 길고양이 너무좋아해여 제작자팀님들코로나바이러스.조심하세요

  15. 포우 제가 모시는 코코랑 정말 똑같이 생겼어요 요즘 코코가 등에 탈모현상이 일어났는데…포우도 그런가요..?

  16. 보통 저러면 한 어른이 나서서 참교육 가끔 해주던데 진짜 다 순하네요 ㅠ.ㅠ 사랑스럽다.

  17. 이과:포니가 으르신의
    외로움을 달랜 것 같아
    문과: 환생 아닐까?..
    (ㅠㅠㅠㅠ근데 넘 귀욤버ㅠ)

  18. 포우가 랭이 좋아했었나보다..그런데 그런 친구를 떠나보냈으니 얼마나 힘들었을까..그래도 포니가 나타나서 다행이네..포우, 포니 앞으로 행복해라!

  19. ㅠㅠ 랭이가 보내준 선물… 진짜 신기해요. 포포둥이들~ㅋㅋ 포우는 포니의 수호천사인듯~

  20. Nagyon szép bájos macskát kedves barátságos cuki nagyon szeretem macskát!🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺❤🐈🐈🐈🐈

  21. 으엣… 포우의 등이… 원래 저렇게 벗겨졌었나요…? 기억이… 근데… 포우의 사연… 넘 슬프네요… 어쩌면 포니도… 포우를 아낄지 몰라요.. 포우가 먼저 떠난다면… 포우야! 20세도 넘게 건강하게 잘 살자! 만약 그러진 못하더라도 건강하게! 포니두! 모두!!

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