일룸 펫가구 세 달 써본 솔직 후기! 김메주가 제대로 평가해 봅니다🔍

일룸 펫가구 세 달 써본 솔직 후기! 김메주가 제대로 평가해 봅니다🔍

Hello, everyone. I’m Kim Mejoo. Did you know that it’s been three months since I’ve been using The Iloom pet furniture? So today, I’ll do A review on Iloom pet furniture After using them for three months. The manager of Iloom contacted me And said they wanted An honest review as a customer, Not as a partner this time. So I used them for about three months And there were things that I felt while using them So I thought it would be good to film a review like this That’s why I started to film this video. Even now As you can see Hyuji is using the bookcase cat tower very well, right? For those of you who don’t know about the collaboration with Iloom yet, Let me tell you a little bit about the past story Kim Mejoo and the furniture brand Illoom Decided to make furniture for cats and people to use together After a very long process of 10 months A total of 10 pieces of furniture were made. This furniture is a series of Iloom’s Castanets. As you can see, I’m using it very well at home. Then I’ll start my three month review By showing each piece of the furniture. First of all, if I had to pick a furniture that cats use the most It’s this bookcase cat tower. Hyuji, were you surprised? In fact, among the Castanets series This bookcase cat tower Is the best seller. The cats and we are really really really really really satisfied with it. The top seat. Can you see? The cats fight To take the top seat And they also use the corner area of the Cat tower very well. What are you doing Bongji? We use it very well To the extent that there are no particular cons. I looked up other people’s reviews because I was curious. Surely, this bookcase cat tower has the most reviews And most of them seemed to be satisfied with it. One of the drawbacks is I don’t think that cats know that There is a scratcher here. They don’t use it very well So it’s still almost brand-new. I wonder if other cats use it well. And another thing I felt while using it for a long time was that If it were a regular wooden cat tower, Smooth and weak lumber, Like pine tree or oregon pine, would have been used But those Scratch badly And when cats scratch, they leave scratch marks. But the Iloom bookcase cat tower has no such problems. It does not have Any scratches. What is she.. Doing right now? She’s getting in the way Of our shooting. And Pet sofa. Let me give you a brief review on this The cats stole it from me. It is a furniture for people and cats to share But the cats use it so well We often get kicked out. It kind of feels like it’s first come, first served If a person sits like this first, Just like the designer intended The cats use The top areas. Now, when our seat is stolen by the cats We use this step As a pillow. While lying on the floor. And while using it We found another use. When a guest has to sleep in our house We can put down the backcast And use it as a bed for the guest. The inside of the sofa is actually made in the structure of a mattress. Some of you might be wondering about the strands coming out. Since it’s fabric There’s nothing we can do about strands getting loose. I left the stitches unorganized. The stitches come loose like this On the areas where the cats scratch We just cut these parts out with a knife And we tidy it up regularly Doing just this much Makes it neat again You can exchange or wash the Sofa covers anyways So I think you can use it by taking a good care of it. We haven’t washed it yet We use them By spraying a deodorant often. And yet, without a single contamination It is in a very clean state, right? It’s waterproof So it prevents contaminations. But what are you guys doing, Following me around. You’re so cute. And next is Hammock sofa table. It’s one of the best things The cats use very well. In the beginning, they took turns And used it well but recently, It has become Yoji’s favorite spot. After using it for a while I felt that The hammock part Was too tight At first, the Velcro was very strong But it started to Slowly rip. So I told Iloom about that. In fact, Iloom already knew about this problem. So they improved the fabric of the hammock. I received the improved hammock By delivery. It’s not just us who got it as a special treatment To all the customers who purchased this hammock table, They sent this improved hammock for free. They don’t call this A/S but B/S. I heard it for the first time A/S is after service B/S is Before service So before the customers apply for the service Sending it in advance like this Is called B/S. I think getting a B/S is also The advantage of brand name products. The size of the Velcro Has increased by twice from the original size. It feels like it goes in much more right? Now let’s go to my room Where the rest of the two items are. In my room there’s a desk step And a stepped hide out There are two items of furniture like this For the desk step It’s a product that connects to a desk Right now Hyuji is on it But usually Yoji and Monji use it very well. When I work here Yoji always comes up here and sleeps. Many people were curious about this desk I use it with. This desk is a product called Elba from Iloom There have been so many requests So they also sell this desk step And Elba as a set. This space is for cats to rest And to sleep But not just for that It can also be used as a step When they want to go up and down the desks And this Is a con I found while watching the cats use this as a step When they go up from here their backs touches it In the beginning, without testing it out, I placed it here thinking this was a good spot I think cats will not hit their backs to this If you place it Towards the back Not at the middle of the desk Lastly Stepped hide out. There are many places our cats Can hide Not just here So compare to other items of furniture The frequency of use is relatively low. But the advantage of items of furniture used by both humans and cats is that If cats don’t use them Then people can just use them. I use this As a storage very well. This is my hot pack I placed it well here You only like to use it in times like this? Anyways I use this placed in front of a wall But I think this will be great to use Connected to other items of furniture like a sofa or a desk. So I reviewed each item In general Like the purpose of the furniture People and cats use them very well. People can use it as a shelf And cats can use it as a cat tower People can use it as a storage Cats can use it as a hide out. Both are making good use of the parts they need. So although I only bought one furniture I can enjoy the effects Of buying two pieces of furniture. Also I wanted more people to use them So I have been spreading the words Voluntarily. Castanets furniture Can be checked out at the Iloom store Stores that display Castanets furniture Have increased compared to when I told you before. Also if you are curious, it’ll be great if you could pay a visit there. And there are stores that display Our MBHY square dolls together If you find them Please give them churu. And to advertise a little more There’s a new Iloom pet furniture account On Instagram For those who are interested Please follow the account. Then this is it for today’s video. If there are any news about Iloom I will take the lead And let you know. See you in the next video. Bye.

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