Hey Hey, what did I do? Can’t believe the fit I just threw Stupid (Hey!) Wanted the reaction (Hey) Wanted the reaction I remember the words, how I said them so they would hurt But then (Hey!) I regret my actions (Hey!) I regret my actions If I could press rewind (Rewind the tape) Redefine the line (Remake my fate) Take it back in time, just one day, hey, hey So all I need, is a time machine A one way track, ’cause I’m taking it back, taking it back All I want is a DeLorean If I could go just like that, I’ll be taking it back, taking it back Yeah, who’s laughing now? Didn’t think you’d actually go Stupid (Hey!) Me and all my bitching Hey! (Me and all my bitching) Second thoughts and regrets, gonna alt, delete, and reset But then (Hey!) This ain’t science fiction Hey! (This ain’t science fiction) If I could press rewind (Rewind the tape) Redefine the line (Remake my fate) Take it back in time, just one day, hey, hey So all I need is a time machine A one way track, ’cause I’m taking it back, taking it back All I want is a DeLorean If I could go just like that, I’ll be taking it back, taking it back Taking it back, taking it back (Taking it back, taking it back) (So all I need) All I need (All I need) is a time machine (Is a time machine) yeah, yeah A one way track, ’cause I’m taking it back, taking it back All I want (All I want) is a DeLorean If I could go just like that, I’ll be taking it back, taking it back Taking it back, taking it back Oh, yeah [Laughter] Left: BWAH!
Right: AHHHH! Stoooop, I coulda dropped my croissant! I’m scared, dad!
Do you trust me, son? Yes
C’mon, son!
[Pained falling sound]
Rule Number 1: Never trust anybody Life has many doors, Ed boy! So, like, basically, um, what I was thinking of was, um Aw, fuck. I can’t believe you’ve done this Let me see what you have!
A knife!
(Oh my god why does he-) Mom, how are babies made?
I don’t know, ask your mom.
But you are my mom. YOU’RE ADOPTED!
[Crying child noises]
YES, question averted. Ma, they following me, Ma! They following me!
WHO? WHO’S FOLLOWING YOU?! These- the bugs!
The BUGS? YOWWWCH! Oh, hi! Wait a minute… who ARE you? Where?
What, behind the rabbit? Well that’s no ordinary rabbit! That’s the most foul, cruel and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! Look!
[Animal squeaking noise]
JESUS CHRIST! Sorry, I have no idea what these words are XD BWAHH!
[Incredibly high pitched scream] Chris, say something to your 8-year-old fans.
Don’t swear. I’ll kill ya.
[Laughter] Chris! BWAH!
I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you. Not even worried about it. Oh, god, this is so good.
MMMM! So good.
MMMMMM! So good and tasty. MMMM, MMMM! MMMMM, YEAAAH! Welcome to Physics!
[Swiping noise, screaming]
HOLY MOTHER- [Pained grunt, video game death sound effect] What the hell? W-w-where am I?! What in the hell?
55 years. Not bad, Morty. You kind of wasted your 30’s though with that whole bird watching phase.
W-where’s my wife?!


  1. Using the powers of the time travelling portal cats, I’ll comment before the map premiers cause I’ve seen it 🙂
    Guys, this came out amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a better team of animators to work with! Thank you for helping us make our ideas come to life!
    Thanks again to Willow for having me as a cohost again! I don’t know what if do without a friend like you! ❤️
    Also can we appreciate the credits Willow worked on? She did it all herself and came up with all those witty and funny headlines! I think it looks amazing!

    Hope you guys enjoyed the map! Excited to work on more projects like this in the future!


  3. this is like, the best and most unique warriors map that I have ever seen!!!! all the parts were so interesting and engaging to watch, just all around super duper incredible

  4. I had such a blast working on my part and it all looks so amazing! Hosts were so nice and the friendly atmosphere on server, ah i will miss that. Can't wait for 30000 sequels >:D

  5. Шикарный МАР. Как я поняла, это то, если б Звёздное племя и вправду помогало своим предкам на земле! Очень мило и трогательно)) всё кто участвовал — большие молодцы!!! ❤️

  6. Oh my god I love the idea of this map! If I had a part, I’d probably save briarpaw and longtail from the tree

  7. ive not only been in awe of the incredible skills and creativity of all the participant, but even the credit-sequence is creative and fun to match! good job everyone!!! <333

  8. Everyone did a fantastic job!!! I was so excited for this MAP when I saw Moodle release her part!! Great planning, concept, and animations!!! One of my favorites now!

  9. I knew that i will regret this
    But be glad that i wasn't in map, because i will only destroy this map with my weird art style,
    Awesome map by the way i love it so much 😍

  10. This is by far the best warriors fan Map I have seen in a long time! I hope you do another one of these!

  11. I really liked the last one where Half Moon found where Jay’s Wing (Jayfeather) had really gone and didn’t leave her

  12. ah man thats so beautiful map… IM SO ANGRY AT MYSELF THAT I DIDNT JOIN!! 🙁 actually, its the best map i've ever seen

  13. I can watch this foreveeeeerrrr i started crying on the fourth watch for some reason. I love this so much. Its such a fun map. And everyone can be happy. I’m crying.

  14. This map is so amazing All the parts were so very stunning and i cant get over what a beautoful…Wonderful concept this is. Thankyou. Thank you

  15. DUDE THIS MAP HAD ME CACKLING THE IDEA IS SO UNIQUE AND THE VIDEO CAME OUT STUNNING!! GOOD JOB EVERYONE I OOVED EVERY SINGLE PART (i literally said “oh!” when i realized which cats were on screen) THE LONGTAIL RABBIT ONE got a good laugh out of me jrjjfhfjd B)

  16. As a fan of warrior cats, i love the video a lot!

    Edit: Why do i feel like my Oc WildWest ((She's called that because she was Born when the sun was Setting in the west)) anyway she would fit right into your Au because She likes would Help clans because she was From a Different Region which isnt near the rest of the other clan cats and left her's behind because a group of twolegs came and took her family and when ever she she's any clan cats in danger she would help them out whether it would get her into trouble or not. She just cant say no.

    Edit Editing: I hope my Oc is okay with the fandom not many people liked her TBH and i am scared of talking about her but your Amv Au map was Fantastic and it gave me to courage to speak up about her so thanks.

  17. I LOVED Sunflower Cougar's part! I've always wished that MapleShades kits didn't drown. Thank you. ♥️♥️♥️

  18. THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING MAP AND IDEA! Is it ok if you promo the map call for a map I did based off of this map on my ya channel?

  19. I- love this! It’s so creative. I love how these cats are doing the things Starclan had the power to stop but didn’t. And I love the fact that it gives all these poor cats another chance at life. 💞💕

  20. SWIFTPAW AND SNOWKIT WERE SAVED 😭. I was waiting for someone to come out and smash TigerKit but I guess that would be too morbid 😂. Everyone did AMAZING and I loved every single second of this!

  21. This is such a cool concept! The idea of the fandom time traveling to change events in the past in the Warriors universe is so interesting, I love it. I love these new map concepts popping up, like that map called Burn The Stars for Starclan.

  22. this is such a cool concept!! i love this so much and was so happy to relive heartstopping canon moments where the outcome was happy

  23. If I had a part it would be my oc ledgefoot telling Pinestar to not believe Goosefeather’s lies and don’t talk to shanty for a while.

    I love this so much! Taking normal warriors and having these cats change all of the disasters is an amazing concept and I love it!

  25. Holy shit! I haven't really kept up to date with MAPs so I wasn't anticipating this like everyone else, it just blindsided me out of nowhere! And it's absolutely amazing!!! I love the concept so much and it was so fun to watch and this is quite possibly my new favourite MAP ever omg!
    I really loved HarvestBrook's part it was so simple and sweet and inspiring <333

  26. CROWLA THIS TURNED OUT SO BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for letting me participate, I am so proud of everyone in this MAP!! <3

  27. This is prolly what I would do:
    Kill the snake for honeyfern
    Expose brokenstar whilst trying to kill those two kits
    Shove ashfur into the fire ( xd )
    Be a foster mother for crooked kit
    Save moonflower
    Take care of mosskit, stonekit, and mistykit instead of bluefur

  28. 2:58
    Wow, Jixxi is killing it with those colors and angles! Thanks for saving Swift baby! It almost makes me wonder what would happen if he never died. Would he and Brightheart become mates since Bluestar would never name her Lostface so Cloudtail wouldn't start taking care of her? That would be so interesting, and Cloudtail could go with Daisy after Daisy gets ignored by Spiderleg. Man, now I want there to be an au of that!!

  29. This was a really interesting and fun map to watch ❤️. Everyone did absolutely amazing!! ❤️❤️

  30. I would have stopped Crookedstar from breaking his jaw or I would have slapped Rainflower in the face and told her how great Crookedstar is.

  31. i was also asleep during the premiere and ended up forgetting to write something 😔 but gosh what an amazing map ! I haven't stopped rewatching it, everyone's parts are so good and those credits kgjfsks.
    Tysm for letting me be a part of this! ♡

  32. This. Is. The. Greatest. Most. Beautiful. Map. Ever. Like the concept is absolutely amazing and it’s a shock no one else has thought of this before! Its amazing!!!

  33. This is so cute and creative!!! There were so many clever moments here. A few of my favorites are when the cats chomp down on the hawk to save Snowkit, cast shadows on the wall to scare away Sharp Tooth, and drop a moth's wing outside Mudfur's door before Hawkfrost got the chance!!! Great job on the premise and to everyone who made it happen! 💖💕💖💕

  34. This is literally every warrior fandom dream, interfere with every event of the series and save our beloved characters from certain doom or mistakes

  35. Woooow this is so awesome!!!! 😍💕 The idea of this MAP is just great!!!! 💗
    (Sorry for my bad English)

  36. This is so sad, but so upbeat too… I can't-
    This is the most creative map ever! To save all those cats, Mapleshade's kits, swiftpaw, sweet old badgerfang… and brightheart's eye, keeping innocent Tiny, it's so, so emotional- greatest map ever! And those vinesss!!!!!
    I love this concept so much… mind if I write a fanfic for fun?

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