7 Comments on “1998 Jacksonville Jaguars @ NY Jets Divisional Playoff”

  1. Today marks exactly 20 years of being a Jet fan. I remember watching Sports Center and seeing Keyshawn catch and run a TD, then top it off with a INT. That day, I became a Jet Fan!

  2. Then testaverde went down with the acl injury and if Ray Lucas was the backup instead of tupa and Rick mirer we could of been in playoffs for 99-00 crowd was chanting one more year at the jets vs. Seattle jan 3 2000 twenty years ago hard to believe

  3. Even though I’m a diehard NY jets fan I remember this day January 10, 1999 the jets were beating the ever living shit out of Jacksonville and I couldn’t give 2 shits that day because the night before my Ex-girlfriend dumped me on my ass and my life went downhill and she moved on and has been happily married for 9 years now and I HATE her so much I’d like to throw her ass in the bathroom with Big Ben Rothersberger!!!!

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