A Little Help From My Friends…meet the cast of CYSTM!

A Little Help From My Friends…meet the cast of CYSTM!

(eerie music, alien screeching) (Jake): I think I found out
a way to get rid of this alien
for once and for all. Let’s go! CYSTM gave me a chance
to live a lifelong dream
of directing movies. Let’s get this thing off Eric. Because every episode
is basically a short film. Master. Insert, close-up, ahh! (crew):…two, one! – Oh! What is that?! (laughing) – Oh, hi. It’s me. (Jake): One of the fun
challenges was directing
my fellow YouTube creators. That’s it for scene eight. Because they do have
this strong personality that we see on camera
all the time… And then we cut back
to our cinematic jib shot.
– Look what I made! Because I feel like
that’s me all the time. (Jake): And they also need
to portray a character
in this movie that we’re making It’s so thin…
– But it makes a great handle! – Yeah.
(laughing) Is it possible to de-fang
a snake like you see
in the movie? – Let me put it this way.
If it’s a… shoot. Looked at the wrong camera. (Jake): I got this guys,
don’t worry. Played a lot
of fighting video games. – What is that?
– Me punching him on the ground. – I nailed it, I just need
to keep saying it out loud.
So here we go. (laughing) – Bubububuh! Uh, bazinga! – Bang! Then… – It’s great. – Got kicked out
of Google preferred. It’s my second job, yeah. (Jake): They always
did such a great job. – You’re running out
of places to hide. – I felt scared.
I was intimidated.
– Yeah. At the end, there… (screaming) (Jake): And we’re up
for anything!
Success. – Jake is a good director.
He had a ton of work to do as far as actually trying
to host it, be a director,
and do a lot of the writing. – Assume that it breathes
oxygen. – I think I’ve just known Jake
for years at this point
through YouTube stuff, but we’ve never had a chance
to do anything together. Feels weird. – An idea I’m glad
we actually got to do was that I died
before the show’s over. I’ve seen the Alien movies.
There’s all these capable
people, like marines who are super
tough, they have their weapons,
all this stuff… But it doesn’t mean anything. (Jake screaming)
– No! – It’s this strong female
character that wins. And so I loved that idea,
so that’s kind of the purpose,
it’s that I die, and then we have Amy
take over. Action! – We don’t need to blow it up
or use a flamethrower, we just need to cut
the oxygen. – Alright, let’s go back
to one. So now I get to just
focus on directing,
which is very nice. Action, Amy! – Sorry, guys. There’s only room
for one in this escape pod. And as always,
thanks for watching! – That was great.
Boom, space gloves! – Space gloves! (Jake): Of course, things
don’t always go smoothly. Cut! Shi-koo-wah! That’s for our martial arts
episode. Now what you see on screen
is always the best take, the best performance. We might…
can you see anything? – No!
– Okay. – But that doesn’t mean
that all of them were great. It’s in my mouth. What is that?! It’s in my hair! Could you survive…
Through it all, it was
an amazing experience. – Action. – And I hope you enjoyed
watching it as much as
I enjoyed creating it for you. Something like that? By the way, that is officially
a wrap on season one of CYSTM! (cheering, triumphant music) Wow.

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  1. Great stuff, it would be interesting to have a behind the scenes/commentary on the whole season, like what was the shooting schedule like, where they shot in order or not? What was the entire production pipeline like and so on

    Kind of like when Michael had the 3 hour Mind field commentary video

  2. Honestly is YouTube only hade Vsauce videos and lost all other content I would be ok with that. Vsauce3 is the best channel on the platform

  3. When to Mallorca the other day everywhere I went I saw f*** cystm and I was left think what cystm was cause surely it can’t be this so if anyone knows please help me

  4. I am so happy for you, that you have a chance to do this series.

    Love your work Jake, thanks for bringing me the joy to watch your videos

  5. You guys do an amazing job with this series. Seriously some of the best production I've ever scene… You also have an amazing job.. i wonder does it ever actually feel like work?Well, either way… I'm glad you do it.

  6. There was far too much talent and hard work put into this series.
    Even with some of the "amateurish" flaws, these series and personalities are some of the redeeming qualities of this site. I'd love to see more of these, but especially the behind the scenes of each episode, as I'm sure there's more than enough interesting moments.

  7. Forget aliens and stuffs


    Well finally a YouTube video about SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVE OF GOD!!!!

  8. HELLO! It can be a little confusing, but the entire series is FREE TO WATCH! If you haven't watched the full Alien episode yet, here ya go: https://youtu.be/yLhpktxpr7w

  9. Michael looks and acts more and more like an insane cult leader, and I'd follow him forever
    and Jake looks acts and sounds like the next Spiderman actor

  10. I loved this, I have only watched 2 of the movies you did in this show before, but I still loved it. I want more… please.

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  18. Dear Jake, do you have planned to collab with Captain Disillusion again? I truly hope so, I watch both your and his channel ❤.

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