Adorable Babies Playing With Cat #3 – WE LAUGH

Adorable Babies Playing With Cat #3 – WE LAUGH

Cats and babies spending some free time together, 😀 Hope you like our compilation and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!.

9 Comments on “Adorable Babies Playing With Cat #3 – WE LAUGH”

  1. I love babies and animals. Especially when the babies are being taught how to handle and taught the right way to play with their pet. There are way to many of these video's showing the lack of supervision being done and way to many animals being hurt because they are having their tails bitten, ears pulled, babies pulling on the poor animals cheeks, and much worse than those I just mentioned. But worse than that, babies are being hurt by the pet because the animal only knows it is being hurt and will hurt the children back, in self defense. Then the poor pet is in trouble for defending itself. Please people, don't let your babies think it's ok to be so rough with animals.

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