5 Comments on “Affected By Coronavirus, Restaurant Owners Plead For Help”

  1. The Supremo-VIRUS got into the genitals and did it's question: Iff the judges decided that the Gambling-Virus never exists – $o – it is not existing, then.. All state will agree and stop to to wash their backs with the cloramine… after sitting in the public places.

    But if the judges decided that the virus existing, the Casino MACHINES will do every trial with the Jackpot, bankrupting the GENEVA SWISS banks…

    Happy election day, pricks.

  2. It’s happened again the #Government bail out Wall Street, airline and big banks, but ordinary workers watch their business and savings disappear..

  3. Jesus is where their next meal comes from lady not you not the government not a job… that's the whole point of this… they were all relying on the world and not on Jesus… we are here to spread the love of Jesus not to make money and pay rent and be a slave to people like you

  4. When do we get to the point in the United States where the federal government covers everybody's ass for everything.? It's time you people need to grow up s*** happens if you lose your ass start over. Everyone else in the United States is not responsible for your life and the bad things that happened to it!

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