AgrartechnikHD Reportage | 8 Lohnunternehmen im Einsatz mit ihren Feldhäckslern 1/2

AgrartechnikHD Reportage | 8 Lohnunternehmen im Einsatz mit ihren Feldhäckslern 1/2

Corn choppers – The crunch mode of of many agriculture contractors in autmn. Last year we from AgrartechnikHD accompanied various agricultural contractor and their high-performance forage harvesters with the camera Our journey to the individual contractors started at the end of August 2019 with temperatures around 30 degrees, sunny weather and dusty soils Since the rainfall in summer 2019 was low, the maize plants threatened to dry out in places even in late summer. In southern and central Germany in particular, farms had to act quickly to keep the damage as small as possible. At this point in time, no one expected that northern Germany, especially in Schleswig-Holstein, would have some rainy days ahead. So it happened that the contracting companies based here had to come up with something again – as in 2017 – to recover the maize from the field in a way that is kind to the soil, quickly and without material murder. At the beginning of the 2019 campaign, we visited the Agrarlohn Müritz contracting company north of Neubrandenburg in the state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. We have been able to press the black-painted tractors, which make the company very well known in social networks, several times on the straw or have accompanied the manure spreading with the camera in recent years. This year the group chopped with the Claas Jaguar 980 for a large biogas plant, about 20 km from the corn field. With its V12 MAN engine, the largest forage harvester rom agricultural machinery manufacturer Claas delivers an impressive 884 hp. With the twelve-row maize header from the Kemper company, it therefore shows no signs of weakness. On this 40 hectare area, the contractor achieves an hourly area coverage of around seven hectares with the forage harvester. Thanks to the well-rehearsed team, the flying change between the removal teams works without any problems, so that the chopper does not have to take any breaks. The black Fendt tractors of the 700 and 900 series and 3-axle tippers from Krampe then head towards the field edge, where the maize silage is tipped over. Also included is a John Deere 6-250R as a rental tractor and a MAN Agro Truck from Agrarlohn Loxten. As soon as the silage was tipped over at the edge of the field, a new Claas Torion 19-14 wheel loader ensured quick loading onto trucks with moving floor trailers. In order to transport the maize silage quickly and economically on this route to the biogas plant, the trucks of the contractor were used. Of course again in black paint! Due to the high performance of the corn chopper and the short distance to the field edge, the tractors delivered several tons of silage within a few minutes. So the wheel loader driver did not have a breather between the individual trucks. Arrived at the biogas plant, the silage was pushed onto the silo by two Claas Xerion tractors. Since the silage of a second chopper chain was also delivered here, two powerful tractors with a high total weight were used. With its 25 tonne operating weight and attached twin tires, the black Xerion 4200 had spread and compacted the corn silage with just a few passes. If you want to get further insights into the work of the agricultural company Agrarlohn Müritz and their black tractor fleet, have a look at the description, there we have linked you to other exciting videos of the troop. At the beginning of October we set off again to film the agricultural contracting company “big bean” from Bohmte. We filmed the mighty Krone Big X 1180 in the region around Diepholz. The engine performance of the newly developed forage harvester is remarkable: With its 1156 hp, from a V12 engine with a displacement of over 24 liters, this Big X is, according to Krone, the most powerful forage harvester on the market. In just a few minutes, it had loaded the 14-row maize header into a large tridem chopper from the contractor. In order to avoid waiting times for the newly purchased Krone Big X, the contractor choppedwith a total of four tractor-trailer combinations and Krone trailer In 2014 we were able to film the company chopping corn. Back then with Fendt tractors from the first 800 generation. Since the biogas plant was within walking distance this time, the youngtimers were unfortunately not used here. But we have linked the old video to you in the top right of the picture. Nevertheless, the engine sound was remarkable. Because even the third generation of the 900 Fendt tractors has a good engine sound with its MAN engines. Then we immediately went on, because north of Hamburg the contractor Matthias Wegner chopped with two new John Deere 9900 forage harvesters for a large biogas plant. Not only the two forage harvesters come from John Deere’s contracting company, but also the entire tractor fleet. In this case, a total of eleven tractors ensured that the forage harvesters had no downtime. A well-preserved John Deere 7810 from another contractor was also on board. In contrast to the newer 6R tractors, you could hear this John Deere from afar. The two John Deere 9900s that were purchased by the contractor in the same year are currently the most powerful forage harvesters from John Deere. Equipped with a Liebherr V12 engine and 970PS, the Krone TXtrailer wagons with a capacity of up to 56 cubic meters can be fully loaded in just a few minutes. We used the early darkness to film the machines for you in the spotlight. The John Deere forage harvesters turned night into day thanks to the numerous work lights. To be on the safe side, we pulled away, but were able to record these night scenes with the drone for you. The following day we received the message that the contractor Hans Thun was operating a new Claas Jaguar 960 Terra Trac at Rendsburg. We followed the call and found not just one, but two Claas Jaguar 960 Terra Trac. We were able to film two of the new forage harvesters on a field that were only presented at Agritechnica two years earlier. A premiere for us! At the contractor Thun, the two new forage harvesters were exchanged for a Claas Jaguar 970 and 950 last year. The two new Jaguar 960s are equipped with the new 7.5 meter wide Orbis maize header, as well as the Terra Trac treadmills, which you already know from the Claas Lexion combine or Claas Axion tractor. A total of seven Claas and Fendt tractors with tandem trailer were also on board. The older but powerful Fendt tractors with MAN engines are also used here. In order not only to reduce the ground pressure on the forage harvester, but also on the tractor combination, Thun tested a swap body trailer from the company HAWE equipped with Claas Terra Trac drive. The actively driven transport trailer causes less damage to the ground, especially on wet floors. A highlight on the silo for us was the black lacquered Claas Xerion 3800, which you could hear from afar due to the robust engine sound. The Xerion is not only used to compact the maize silage, but also for wood processing with a Jenz mobile chipper. This was also our first part of our report on the four of eight agricultural contractors that we accompanied with the camera while chopping corn in autumn 2019. In the second part we show you another four farms that try to chop the corn in the north of Germany under the toughest conditions. We will show you shortly how the companies proceed and which machines you can see in action. In the end, we would like to know from you which machines you use when you chop the corn. Did you like the video? It’s best to subscribe now to our YouTube Channel, so you don’t miss the second part and other exciting videos from the field of agriculture and forestry. If you liked the video, we look forward to a like and a comment.

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  1. Mega gutes Video. Ich bin Begeistert! Eines der Bessten bisher. Macht mehr davon!!!
    Lg Landtechnikvideos Passauerland

  2. sehr schönes Viedeo, macht Spaß anzusehen, möchte mich selbst auch nach meiner Bauzeichnerausbildung bei einem Lohnunternehmer Bewerben, finde es viel besser den ganzen Tag im Traktor unterwegs zu sein, wie als Langweilig im Büro zu sitzen 🙂 Schöne Grüße Maxi <3 PS: weiter so 😉

  3. Ist doch lächerlich oder, die wissen doch wat so'n LKW wiegt oder ? Weg mit die Scheiße oder wollen wir uns den Acker kaputt fahren mit den schmalen Reifen. Junge junge junge, jetzt werd ich aber langsam ein bisschen wild hier, langsam.

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  6. Es heißt nicht John Deere 7 810 sondern 78 10 aber ansonsten tolles video, ich freue mich auf den zweiten Teil.

  7. bei uns im Einsatz sind als Häcksler ein 980, 960 und 890 und als abfahrgespanne gibt es paar claas mit tridem und tadem Silagewagen und alte Eisenschweine von Case die guten Magnum der 7200 reihe auch mit tandem und tridem. Lade euch gerne ein wenn es hier in der Nähe von Delemnhorst und Ganderkesee wieder zur Sache geht

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  10. Schöne Reportage. Gehäckselt wird bei uns nicht mit besonderen Maschinen. Dafür gibt's auf dem Silo 2x K-700 A. 😉

  11. Mein Cousin hat einen claas jaguar 690 mit dem 2019 Gras und Mais gehäkselt wurde und dieses Jahr ist ein claas jaguar 880 dazu gekommen den wir dieses Jahr im Gras und Maiß einsetzen werden

  12. Cooles Video 👌 Respekt für die harte Arbeit und Zeit die ihr in eure Videos steckt.

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  14. I dont understand the Grman voice over but i do understand that farming is now done by professionals and is not slavery with a country cottage thrown in. I live in Aragon Spain and see these tractors daily on the roads pulling almost the same trailers and they are spectacular when seen in traffic.

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