an abrupt end to-

an abrupt end to-

hi. I wanted just to update you and that’s why I’m filming this.. it’s just really unplanned and I normally do a little more scheming before I film any video but this is just completely organic.. if that’s not even the right word a lot of the things I expected to happen, they’re gonna change, and of course, I think we all know why a lot of the universities are closing for preventative measures and our school, Rhode Island School of Design has decided to do that and that has impacted all the students here- a lot of our material and machine based work is going to be scrapped, we gotta figure out how we’re going to finish our thesis because the seniors- we’ve got to graduate and we’re basically screwed *ha* we’re not– we’re not screwed.. we’re technically fine, we’re gonna graduate on time and that’s all
that matters to me, we’re just not gonna get the senior show and if you’re wondering— Bambi is in time out because this morning… he never wipes his BUTT and he always leaves skid marks on my bed and this morning, I touched it, and it was wet and I was so annoyed and I had to wash my sheets in case you hear that in the back and he kept jumping on my mattress !! even when I told him like do not touch the bare mattress just do not and he knows! he knows after a while so he’ll go on there just a test me and then bolt off and sprint away every time I turn around and it’s just— I’m not gonna play this game with you right now so you know what- baby jail for you. it’s getting hot *sigh* made myself coffee, and I’m gonna get ready.. I thought, why not, today of all days I just want to have a good start hold on .. okay whatever this is the best thing I can find right now big picture, this whole thing with school and senior year, it’s not a big deal like it does suck though that this is kind of just the end of our entire university experience, it’s just being cut off right now, but like in the grand scheme of things already, I can already imagine me looking back and thinking like, oh yeah when I was in my senior year of RISD we just had to be sent home and we were sad but that’s just something that happened. everybody is new to this, you know, like the faculty too and they’re really bummed out. every time you probably turn on your social media or the TV or the news like all we hear is about the virus and all of that so I don’t want to go too much into that
because I’m sure like.. every conversation you’ve ever had in the last week is just about that just like sharing an update and what you might see on my channel because that’s it for the RISD vlogs, it was a really good time! I guess I just feel a little bit.. I’m not—I haven’t processed it completely
because it’s almost like the rug slipped up from under you and when you fall you’re not even sure what happened what we have so far, I’m so happy to have experienced and to have shared with you, I’m very different from when I came in
RISD three and a half years ago and here we are now. I only had two and a half months left so it’s not like a super long time ? we’re not gonna expect anymore the art-school vlogs and I know that’s something that’s… it’s like a huge genre right now on YouTube and it’s like a really fun thing to watch for entertainment and honestly I don’t know how to feel sometimes like I feel a certain way when people just comment like, “oh yeah missed her doing this kind of stuff” or like oh it’s been a while, that’s so refreshing it’s not like I didn’t want to or just– as I evolved, or as my work evolved it wasn’t the same and the content wasn’t the same so when people kind of say things I feel a little bit out of my control I think the best thing is to allow people to have their opinions and I don’t really respond but I also don’t take it personally because I’m like I’m kind of doing the best I can, I’ll make a studio vlog or a creative one for you but I also to myself this is my promise that I never want to do something that I don’t genuinely want to do. I cannot go about living a lie like that sounds really dramatic because my life has been less like that, my vlogs have been less like studio or like whatever the stereotype is nowadays as much as I love sharing the art stuff, I can’t also help but recognize that it is such a box now, a classification that people just throw you in and you’re just like this aesthetic and nothing more and if you’re an artist, let’s discuss this because I don’t
really know how to put into words, this new consensus that anything on
the internet suddenly becomes like free property ? I was just talking to an artist on Instagram about this. your identity just being split from your
work, your output, and suddenly turning into this aesthetic or
just this thing that can be taken and used and… and I don’t even know. I don’t know… if you have a better idea how to explain this tell me. let me just get back on track my art-school vlogs, I loved making them for you, it was a different place, I don’t want to ever feel like oh,,, I’m gonna do this because everyone says
that they miss it like this or they missed ME like this I don’t really know what kind of living that is like.. when I came to RISD and I made these
videos, it felt very scarce I was just doing this and then suddenly it caught flame but now it’s like everyone is doing this I’m navigating myself in this new art community and don’t get me wrong I think it’s amazing like I feel like art has turned to the mainstream, or like, it has a channel now here on the Internet and it’s being recognized as a career path or something as a real passion that people could chase after and it’s something to be respected and
we can place more value on art and music and it shouldn’t be dismissed as a sentiment or just pleasure.. but it’s actually a skill, you know? to design. and having social media in one way, it can really perpetuate the sharing of these
ideas, bringing exposure to communities, so like.. great. the deal with my school, everybody living on campus has to evacuate in a week. our curriculum has been changed so that we don’t have letter grades anymore and all of the classes are just pass or fail. online classes are starting in a week and it’s just funny you’re probably wondering, how are you going to do online courses? some of the majors require physical studios such as glass, ceramics, I guess everyone’s just painting on skype my original plans for my thesis was to make a print collection and it’s basically what you saw in the last vlog and as you see, most of the time when I work at school there’s not a lot of people around me and the way that our schedules are staggered, it’s really empty in there so a part of me thought or hoped that they were gonna make limited studio hours and give seniors access, but it was confirmed in the meeting that absolutely no one’s allowed in our cards will be shut off, my focus is to empty my locker, empty my studio space and bring everything here. regarding what I’m gonna do about my collection honestly, your guess is as good as mine
right now- I haven’t brainstormed enough yet. probably designed like digital prints, focus on the artwork aspect, I am hopeful about screen printing a
little bit at home which is complicated because you know when you have to expose the screen print you need a certain kind of UV so most of the time at home you use the sunlight, so it’s gonna be a little more crafty.. and our teacher was even asking, do you guys want to have a little get-together next week? …for the very last time? a lot of people started tearing up, I teared up and someone was crying because we’re like… yeah we might actually never see each other again I was considering just staying here in my off campus apartment. when Tyler lived here, and we could cook a lot because we can drive to get groceries, that was a lot better and it worries me to be here and have to sustain myself food wise and
work on my thesis outside of this bedroom but now I am considering going back to California, one because we have my sister’s bedroom, since she’s not living there, I can use it as a dedicated workspace if I can just close the door and have that room be my work, I can pick it up whenever, that actually takes a lot of pressure off of me. a part of me would love that moral support of being with my parents and Tyler as well, it’s not like really so bad living here, because I really love this apartment and I I feel so at home here there’s no decision that I’m completely happy with because I’m going to say goodbye to my classmates, I’m not gonna be able to spend one of my friends birthdays with her, we all went out yesterday we had a lot of fun just trying to spend quality time together. well what about Lilith? because she lives here, shouldn’t you have family here ? well since she lives apart from me, she’s literally starting a full-time job gonna have to commute far, she got a car she’s gonna drive, so really our lives are very separate. she has her own projects going on- as you know we’re taking a hiatus off of the second channel Pyperbleu where we make art videos and we can come back when we’re excited and inspired. and less stressed and I’ve guarantee you that the videos will be better when we are in a better place. everyone is just thinking about anything but school at this point, I recognize that I’m really lucky to be able to go home. some people can’t. the school is figuring that out and trying to come up with accommodations my roommate here is also leaving, she’s gonna go to Taiwan, for her, she’s gonna try to pack up everything and not come back we’re thinking about if my sister wants to move here right now because she’s subletting, she’s been subletting for a long time and she can easily just come back here and also she would take care of the cats, I’m thinking to bring Bambi with me so that she doesn’t have to take care of two. Bambi’s already been to California, and Prairie also loves being a single child. I did feel a little sad this morning when I woke up, I have a lot less time with this place as I thought because I’m not positive– I’m gonna get a one-way ticket.. the lease on my apartment is not up until of July, so I could come back in June or late June, I’ll see what’s happening and our faculty was even saying that they might try to have seniors access the building in June when the school years over and if the school opens again it’ll be nice to come here in June and use the printing table to print some things for the last time you know? this week I’m gonna focus a lot of my energy on planning what I need, cleaning, packing, probably gonna see me list some clothes– or have a bag on a reserve and I like to slowly list clothes on I’m gonna try to get rid of them so I don’t have to put too many things into storage. that’s it for the vlogs I guess. it’s a little surreal… completely actually I’m gonna still be around, I don’t really know what YouTube’s gonna look like because I’ve been thinking about a lot like what is life for me after school because my YouTube community grew so much around university and art school vlogs I really want to find myself and just stay true
to the fact that I love video editing and content creating and think about what I want to develop in terms of my fine art practice, so I can’t really say I have the answers to what I want to do, it seems to change every month you know nope, I’m not gonna do YouTube anymore like this is it, friends. I was thinking about that this morning like should I just not … ..but no like I do feel a connection at least to, you know a good handful like I try to remember usernames, for the people I did meet up with in person, you guys are genuine connections and although we’re strangers, it’s still something like …it’s hard to put on my mind and fathom most of the time but it’s like I don’t want to just say goodbye to you so abruptly for everyone who’s stuck with me all these years, through my changes, there’s gonna be more, but I’m just incredibly grateful for those are just genuinely interested in
keeping up with me, like you know— how I feel about my favorite vloggers and youtubers, and I would just watch them no matter what like .. I’m so lucky to know people are like that to my videos they’ll just watch anything ,you’ll watch a makeup video even though you don’t use makeup or something cus I still miss Marzia . when she just moved on, she closed her channel and her videos are gone, sometimes I still think about it and I really miss her. all my love to you, it’s just an end of an era.. right? it’s the end. thank you so much for all your support, thank you so much for your interest, I can’t say I really know where I’m gonna end up, even in the next 5 years, you might not see what’s coming ahead, you can’t predict things, just so you feel safe, but– you know who you are and you work hard on what you want to do, you’re gonna figure it out, you’re gonna make whatever it’s to come in the future for yourself. that’s my closing little letter to you. as you see, I’ve been loving glitter eyes and I realized glitter is not sustainable I’ve been using up my glossier glitter pod recently and I saw that they discontinued it. I’m doing more research and thinking more about clean beauty as well and cruelty free beauty. that’s just one side note but I really have been loving shimmery stuff, so I’ve been wearing like nude, sort of, with like diamond dust.. kind of like Rihanna when she was in her Swarovski dress like… that…. I will see you very soon, thank you so much for tuning in. by the way if you’re worrying about Bambi I think he passed out ages ago and it looks like that my washer is done, so I’m gonna put it in the dryer and get going. quickly edit this and.. I just, I love you. thank you so much for being here and I’ll see you very soon goodbye! *outtakes* I’m not gonna to– *sigh* that’s what you get ! I TOUCHED YOUR— dammit I got tanner somehow, maybe just walking outside ? AHH I swear my armpits never sweat before and now they always sweat also I don’t wear deodorant but maybe I
should start now I was gonna say I’m so gifted but that’s a that—- that’s like completely wrong context.. I’m just blessed I still miss Marzia, when she just gave up— no nO that’s the wrong word but… I don’t think my sweat smells

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  1. I rarely comment on your videos but I've been following your channel for 3/4 years now. I've to admit your channel is one of the most genuine around <3 I'll be sad if you leave youtube Y_Y
    take care and stay safe xx

  2. I'm happy you feel like you still want to make videos after graduating. Like you said, to me, it's not about what you make but just the fact that you're here. Idk it's just very comforting. But at the same time of course it should be something that you want to do and not something you feel pressured into doing. That's the whole reason why I love coming here and watching your videos, because I feel accepted no matter what. I hope you feel the same way with us. That no matter what, we appreciate you, Annabelle 🙂

  3. Sending you love whatever you do, Annabelle. Been here since your moving vlog to uni, and through all the hair changes. Thank you for inspiring everyone by sharing yourself candidly. You are a sunshine to us here in your community, you are always dear to us. We're just here for you whatever you do and we're blessed to be seeing bits of you. Hoping the best for your thesis and keep safe to you and your family, always! 💖💖💖

  4. It’s a difficult time.. I’m also meant to take my o levels this year but everything’s being moved around and I’m going to graduate and stuff so let’s just stay at home and be positive😔💕

  5. i guess everyone subscribed on you loves your videos not only because of the things you do, but simply because of you. you have such a beautiful soul and the thing I like the most about this channel is watching you grow, listen to your thoughts and learn something about this life. it's interesting how I started watching your channel in 2017 and until now I didn't know that uni vlogs were the most important part of your channel (if I get you correctly). wishing you peace and love, stay safe <3

  6. I actually teared up watching this… I am a silent and really long subscriber.. we basically went through uni together and your vlogs and videos always comforted me a lot.. I wish you the best for your future and I'm looking forward to seeing where your life is taking you! 🙂

  7. as time goes on, it's natural for there to be change and growth…and honestly it's been such a pleasure to witness that through this channel! Every video is like a catch up session with a friend 🙂 !! thank you

  8. I am trying my best to make sense in English (not a native speaker). i just wanted to say that watching you is like watching a friend, although we have never met in real life. From changing your hair color to graduating from uni, you're always willing to take time to share and talk with us. People think that this channel has changed cuz there is less 'aesthetic/art content' but one thing will never change is how sincere and genuine Annabelle always is in every single video! I don't think it ever changed 🙂 Thank you Annabelle! Love from Malaysia!

  9. To me you are ‘one of those YouTubers.’ I would probably watch anything you would put out or create, I can’t really remember what I came here for in the beginning, maybe art I’m not sure, but I stay for you. You may be a stranger for we have never met but your life has become connected and a part of mine none the less and I really really cherish your video, your art, and just you as a human being with your own views and opinions. And it’s probably weird hearing this from a stranger but I’m sure you understand how I, and others who feel the same, feel. It’s like having a friend that you haven’t met. I won’t know everything about your life, nor you with mine, but we’re still here. Listening to your thoughts and on this journey as humans on earth, just living life. I wish you well with whatever path you take and however you wish to evolve😊 I will cherish the moments you’ve shared as they’ve comforted me and made me laugh and maybe I’ve even disagreed with sometimes😂 But that’s life, you can’t always have the same opinions. I do hope you continue YouTube for now and for however long feels right for you! Sending love from Ireland 💕 Stay safe and well xxx

  10. I'm in my final year of garden design and require face to face tutorials with my tutor every week, so being home and without any connection to tutors, all while having to carry on with work, is saddening. I was looking forward to graduation too. But regardless, this is a weird time for everyone, and it does feel like a lot of change is in the air. Just know Annabelle that so many of us are here for YOU. I love you and any content you put out. I love seeing you succeed and fail and try again. You are one of my most favourite youtubers and I will back you no matter what decisions or content you make 💖

  11. I'm graduating high school this year but so far it seems it will be postponed to a later date. I'm not a fan of that at all. I was supposed to have my first exam in two weeks but it's probably not happening :/ I just want to be done already..

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  14. Hey Annabelle. Take your time. We will be here waiting for you if you wanna come back. Just take your time. Never do something you don't wanna. I finished my post grad and I wanna go for my PhD but this new situation just makes me so pessimistic. But I am trying to pass one day at a time, spending time with my parents and my 5 cats. Hope we all pass through this safely and with enough hope to continue our work from where it stopped.

  15. I am one of those that are going to keep watching no matter what you upload. I watch your videos from your first year at uni, I see you have changed and I appreciate it, because you stay true to yourself ❤️❤️ Love, xx

  16. When you started studying I also started to study fashion at university, your portfolio video even helped me to get accepted in my course. I don’t know anyone in my circle who studies art/design so watching you study it made me feel like I’m not alone and reassured me in my decision in a way. Now I’ve graduated university and it would be so nice to see you graduate and see you continue and follow you along that journey too in life after studies. Please don’t stop your videos, I can’t wait to see where life takes you 🤍 (I don’t usually comment on videos but I really felt the need to tell you this)

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    love Mauee

  18. I wish you the best in this time of your life, send you hugs. And as I always say, thank you so much for sharing with us a part of your life. 🙂

  19. You're definitely a pioneer in this trendy genre in youtube referred to as the "aesthetic art vlog" or something.
    As much as I love your RISD and art vlogs I'm definitely excited to see what's in store for you now that your college life is about to end. Stay safe Anabelle!

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  22. hey annabelle, i'm so grateful for your content :~))) i first discovered you through your risd portfolio video, and it's been a pleasure watching you from your first move in vlog up until this video now. i can't express how much your videos have calmed me, watching you documenting your artistic processes is really fun, yet i love that you're also sharing your daily interactions or thoughts about things like sustainability, it almost feels as if you're my virtual big sister teaching me to be more thoughtful and passionate about the things i should care about!! and kind of getting a glimpse of risd through your experience throughout these years was definitely one of the things that inspired me to apply this year – sadly i got waitlisted and am just nervously waiting until may when they re-release decisions. nonetheless, i can't imagine what you and other current risd students are going through right now, especially you seniors during this stressful time :~( i hope that everything will work out eventually and that your hard work throughout these four years will pay off! your positivity is inspiring, stay safe and healthy. again, thank you, and sending you lots of love <333 (and echoing the comments below mine.. i will def watch anything you decide to upload because you are wonderful!)

  23. I’m glad you posted this!
    Some good quarantine content 👌🏽
    Your videos are so soothing and I’m happy to see how your videos will develop in the future!

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  25. it's definitely true that a lot of us will watch everything that you create here in this channel, so i hope you feel the freedom to just create any vlog that you wish to do, and we're always gonna be here waiting! it really makes me sad to imagine you leaving youtube, you've been a great strength for me and a lot of days, your videos soothe me down as well :') but whatever you choose to do in the future, i'll support you wholeheartedly! thank you for always creating videos for us all and for letting us in on your life, i do feel so sad as well about you finishing RISD since you've been there since the moment i started watching your vlogs. time really flies. i do hope you're happy and healthy wherever you are! have a good day and stay safe, annabelle <3

  26. I’m in the exact same position as you, I’m a senior and my final few months at school are very likely to be cancelled. It’s sad to say goodbye to such a big part of your life in a such a way, but seeing you be positive about it has helped me feel better about it too! I hope you and your family are safe and well, and good luck for your final assignments! 💛🌿

  27. watched this as a I was having breakfast, and like yourself, my uni life has also come to a halt and i moved back home. anyways, this video brought me so much joy!!!

  28. I am so excited for you and your future and I totally resonate with the idea of being boxed in. I feel like to be successful online you have to create a boxed identity like that to grow and then thats all you become known for and people forget we are mulit-dimensional humans. I'm an artist also and I totally understand what you are saying. I feel like I have to constantly adhere to a specific art style to get recognition and to get growth. But then it stops being fun having to draw the same things, same color palette, over and over. Its very difficult the relationship between free creative expression and branding because as artists having a "brand" is so key to success, recognition, and PAYING THE BILLS lol. I hope you are able to recenter and find what you like!

  29. Because it’s been so difficult the last couple of weeks (especially because I work in the healthcare field) I find myself coming back to your vlogs to watch or just have on in the background, more than any other YouTuber actually lol it’s like having a friend around during this time of social distancing and it’s very comforting to me and I’m sure other people 💕 sending lots of love from New Orleans

  30. my mental heatlh is so bad rn i think if i was at my final semestet i don't even know how i would be handling it. well, good luck! it must feel like a very abrupt end to a chapter of doing studio vlogs, but the last one was one of my favourites. still, i love your chatty videos, your doing daily errands videos, your dealing with things videos…. i guess you have a way of thinking and doing things that i really appreciate

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  35. my study abroad experience was cut short this semester, so I am feeling disappointed as well. but I am trying to stay positive despite the circumstances.
    I always enjoy your updates, and I'll always watch them. It feels like sitting down and talking with an old friend.

    sending my love and prayers to all who are affected by the virus. hang in there, friends.

  36. "You might not see what's coming ahead, you can't predict things just so you feel safe. But you know who you are." I rarely comment but I wanted to tell you that I look forward to your videos so much! They always make me feel calmer, inspire me, make me smile, and remind me of both the small and big things that make life beautiful. Thank you so much Annabelle! I am looking forward to seeing how your content continues to evolves as you do, for as long as you choose to create and share on this platform. <3

  37. I applied to RISD (and got waitlisted lol) and I have to say that you were definitely one of the biggest influences to why I wanted to go there in the first place. Watching your videos always put me at ease, in a way that I'm not sure I can even describe. When I felt like I was losing my passion for art, watching your videos, be it of you painting, going to campus, or just having fun with friends, always makes me feel like I've still got something to fight for. Your emotions and your art are so contagious.

    I'm a senior in highschool and I just got my IBDP art exhibition cancelled bc of the virus. So I feel like I understand what you're going through, at least to some degree. It really sucks. But we'll get through this. We all will.

  38. i miss marzia too 🙁 no i really watch whatever you put out and i hope you know how appreciated you are. you really helped me out through college. i graduate next year and you’ve inspired so much

  39. I love how authentic you are and I would really miss your videos. Whatever you do will be the right thing though. 🙂

  40. i think it would actually be very interesting to see what someone does after college in the creative field, because that's where im headed but i really don't know what i want to do yet… content regarding creating a portfolio, keeping structure in your life, finding a job in the creative field, setting up a business, etc. sounds like a lot of fun!

  41. Sadly I can relate just too well…I'm a senior in high school in Germany rn and our final exams have been postponed, our graduation celebration will probably not happen and our annual festival in town where the seniors also take part in the parade normally will probably not take place as well 🙁 it's really hard for me right now as I feel like all the things I have been looking forward to this year have been stripped away from me but thank you for your content. It's making me feel better despite everything that's happening around us <3

  42. Take us along! Just think of it as us going with you on your next chapter. We want to see what you do with your degree and continue to grow with you. I've really enjoyed this channel! -fellow artist AND YouTuber

  43. I wrote so much and now i deleted it again. I realized telling my story in theis situation will not help anyone but make someone anxious, which i definetly dont want to happen. All i can leave here is a verse that i pray-read every time i get overly afraid. My sercret treasure <3
    Phillipians 4:6-7: In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;
    And the peace of God, which surpasses every man’s understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.

  44. I have been a silent viewer for the past four years, but I feel like rn is the time to leave a comment. I want to thank you for your vlogs. They have been with me through uni and now my first year after I’ve graduated. I love going back to your old ones – I enjoy the familiarity of rewatching something, and I love the new stuff you put out. Like the vlogmas was incredibly refreshing because it reminded me that I’m not alone in a lot of feelings I have at times. So again I want to thank you for sharing. We really are strangers, but in sharing your life with us, maybe you have shared a part of you, even if it’s not a whole picture. I will gladly enjoy and support whatever you choose to share with us onward. Thank you.

  45. I’m a senior in high school and it really sucks that we’re missing out on so much. It sucks to be a senior in any school at this time, but we’ll all make it through 🙂 also thank you for talking about this and your experience and thoughts, really helped me hearing your thoughts <3

  46. im a freshman at mica in baltimore, and ive been lamenting on behalf of all of my fellow art students that have been so abrubtly uprooted 🥺 luckily, i live in maryland so i dont have much to fear in terms of where i will go during this strange time, but i worry so badly for the international students and the people from far away states. things are new and confusing and scary but i have confidence in all of us as people and artists. i dont think we will return to campus until next spring, so until then i guess all i can do is take each day as it comes!!! sending love to you and the rest of the art community – good luck with your thesis and stay healthy annabelle 💚🥺

  47. I completely understand you, I'm in my last year in highschool and normally all the rituals and events that you do in our school when you graduate (I'm from Germany so I don't know if you're familiar with these) are just not going to happen. We had our last school day and didn't even know it was the last, couldn't say goodbye to anyone etc… Sure it's not the end of the world but it really sucks though 🙁

  48. We love u not just your school life or whatever, like u said we’d be happy to watch whatever u put out. Day/week vlogs about yr business and just yr day to day life. Your content is very calming and wholesome I luv it 💕

  49. When you mentioned thinking about quitting YouTube, Marzia instantly came to mind. That’s how deep the cut was

    Jokes aside, do whatever feels right to you but know that whenever the time for you to actually leave YT comes, you will truly be missed even by your viewers who never actively commented on your videos (like me)

  50. You are a big sister to all of us. I don't know why but I feel this comforting feeling with you when I watch your vlogs.
    Annabelle, we will support you with whatever changes you want to make with your channel. Wishing you the best with the new changes you will be facing in these coming weeks and months (the move and the online classes). STAY SAFE and kiss the prairie and bambie for us!

  51. i really almost started crying while you were taking about leaving youtube – your videos have meant so much to me over the past three year (three!! wow that is so long) and i am so proud of how you have grown, and how much i have changed though this channel. your videos are always such a lovely escape and i really look forwards to them.
    I wish you only the best, thank you so much

  52. I was following you when you started your Uni and I loved every part of it that gave me the courage to go to my dream Uni. Wow how those years passed by fast thank you for making me smile and feel hopeful as an artist ,I luv ur channel and I hope you more success in the future from an artist to another

  53. I think the closing of schools really suck the most for seniors :c my heart goes out to you guys.
    Also as illustration major who graduated last year I feel so meh. I got a full time job a month out of school and moved to san francisco into a cute apartment buta month ago I got let go. So I feel so unmotivated, there is so much I want to do and when I see everyone on social media living there best artist life….makes me feel like I failed. But there isnt one final outcome or one look of an artist life, people always want the most aesthetically pleasing one…..but sometimes thats not the case and I need to tell myself just because my life doesnt look like theres doesnt mean im not successful.

  54. thank you so much for inspiring me all these years, i started watching your videos when i was in my 1st year of college and now im graduating too (hopefully :p) i am a visual communication student and i would study your works to be inspired, you were always a motivation when i wanted to create something. i wish you the best in everything that you do. May God Bless you. 💛

  55. Thank you for making this video, it feels like a weight lifting off my shoulders hearing about you and other art student struggles through this very sudden shift (I got to mcad in philly as a sophomore graphic designer and we also had to leave). It's been really hard to gather my thoughts to explain to other non-creatives how difficult it is to continue on with projects and pieces that we started work on before this shift. I started watching your videos when I was making my decision to pursue a career in art, I have loved your evolution and growth in terms of finding yourself and your passion. I wish you the best with the rest of your semester and after, if anyone can do it I think it'll all work out one way or another.

  56. I started watching your channel my freshman year of high school and I am now finishing my first year at art school. You and your channel are one of the ones I always come back to. Whatever you do with this channel, I will always be grateful for the content you have created, both your art and your videos.

  57. i’ve been following you and watching all of your vids since your first semester in risd. and tbh you’re the only youtuber i’m still interested about after that much time. i really appreciate your honesty and unique style, you’re truly inspiring, even more so recently. i also suffer from seasonal depressive disorder and this year’s december dailys really comforted me. ❤️ love you lol

  58. I only recently started watching your videos but I just want to say I would be so sad if you left youtube! I really admire your positive outlook (on everything, not just the current situation) and how gentle you are with yourself and others. I feel like watching your videos and listening to you talk has made me more conscious of my own self-talk and my treatment of others. I'm thinking of you during this rough time, and thank you for your beautiful, meaningful videos!

  59. sometimes good things need to end, so that better things can have a start! i love everything you make, no matter what type of video or content it is, just as a human being you inspire me <3 ill support you with anything you do!

  60. I'm over in the UK and it's the same here, 2 months away from my final year fine art degree show and everything is cancelled. Hard not to think of it as a lot of wasted effort

  61. No matter where your road might take you, I wish you nothing but the best – thank you for all the good times, for this wonderful, colourful journey you took us all on…I really hope your gonna continue blessing our lives with being a part of it through your videos. Thank you for everything Annabelle, really – stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy – we're gonna be here once you've figured everything out. Take your time.
    Lots of love from Germany

  62. Okay but can we talk about how genius the title is?

    Also, regardless of where you are in life, I always enjoy watching your videos because I am here to watch the person you are and the person you will be. I am not here just watching this stage of your life. Saying this makes me feel like we are friends rather than strangers haha. Always stay true to yourself <3 Lots of love

  63. I started watching your videos in my first year of university it was such a relief to going to bed after a long day of studying and working knowing that I have your video to watch before sleeping, even though I accidentally sleep sometimes I still watched it in the morning it is the best way to start/end my day. You’re just the most genuine, humble, inspiring artist. I love you an thank you for all the good memories. Hope you stay safe and healthy and end your last semester on a good note 💗😊

  64. I have watched your videos for probably three years now and I love them so much ! I would hate hate to see you go, so I am glad that making videos is still something that you are passionate about. Know that all of us out here are here to support you along your journey 🙂

  65. you’re so cute. i’d watch you do ANYTHING. you are such an amazing human being. i can always feel the effort and the deep intentions you put into your videos and all you do. i aspire to be like that. seeing you grow motivates me. i hope you do stick around and always make youtube videos.

  66. I have enjoyed watching you entire journey at risd, and I am so sorry that it came to an abrupt end for you. While I will miss your art school content, I know I will still have a place to come where I feel a sense of an old friend greeting me. Your channel has brought so much light to my life, and I'm so grateful that I have a space to come and grasp a different perspective on life that always makes me feel a little bit better about the world. Thank you for giving me this space, and I know, regardless of content, that your work will always bring art into my life because your videos are true mastery that very few on this platform are able to create. Good luck with your future! I will be gladly and supportively watching your new journey in life and on youtube! Much love.

  67. I’ve watched you for a couple years now (wow, it feels like I’ve just recently started tuning in!), and I love seeing you post different content and content that I can tell you just enjoyed making. I never peg you as a this or that kind of a channel. Literally everything you make is lovey and beautiful, from your studio time, to your regular at home work days, cooking, look books, discussing monthly favorites you had when you have them, just talking. You hold a very special part in our hearts here on the internet. You’re special and unique and no one can be quite like you. Keep doing you always, even if it means you have to go at some point. We support you and all of the art, you do, not just your drawing, painting, and textile work. Just letting you know how special we all think you are. 💫

  68. I am in my last semester of senior year at Rhode Island College, it does suck how it ended. I can imagine it's only worse at RISD with your work being so hands on there 🙁 my thoughts are with you!! Stay Safe <3

  69. I think I speak for most people when I say that we are happy to watch whatever you upload! Your personality is what keeps us watching – even if you're doing the most mundane things (not just studio/art vlogs). You are such a comfort to watch and whatever you decide to do we fully support <333

  70. I just started school in February in a foreign country and it's messy now because travelling and flying is restricted everywhere now and my school is still trying to figure out how classes can be online and there was just too much to process, my mind just shut off. I'm so glad you made this video to help me think through my own emotions and realise that there's gonna be changes and we have to accept them and make the most out of it. I've been watching your videos ever since you moved to RISD and it's the very reason why I decided to do my masters programme overseas, moving into a dorm and exploring the place. I came for the art school vlogs but definitely stayed because of the wonderful energy you ooze. I love how you stay true to your style and your talking videos are always so calming. I watch your videos to unwind and I just feel blessed to be part of this little yet beautiful, supportive and strong community. Haha nobody will read this chunk of unstructured nonsense but whoever's reading, here's wishing you a beautiful day and let us all stay resilient in difficult times <3

  71. Hey Annabelle,
    I just wanted to leave you a comment here to let you know how much I enjoy seeing your face and watching your videos, whatever kind of video type they may be, art vlogs, travel vlogs, everyday vlogs, chit chat, makeup & clothes, life updates etc. I’ve loved seeing you grow and change over the past few years that I’ve been watching this channel & I think that’s because I’ve felt myself grow and change with you, though in different ways, it’s still a comfort. Whatever you plan on doing next, I’m in full support. Life has a funny way of changing & change is good! Sending you love & encouragement for your final uni work and the uncertainty, wishing you the best! 💛

  72. i have been watching your videos since you moved into RISD :,). I always loved your personality and you are always so calming to watch, even if one of your videos was playing in the background. you always have a way of distracting me from whatever is going on in life, and when you mentioned possibly leaving youtube, i did start to get very sad at the thought of you not being on my subscriptions list. i have loved seeing your art and yourself progress throughout the years. it is truly amazing the skill that some artists have, and you have made me consider declaring an art major, when i see how happy and passionate you are. i will watch you through any time in your life, art school or no art school 🙂

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