Angela Bassett Lets a Black Panther Sequel Tease Slip

-How is everything on set of
“Black Panther II” by the way? -[ Sighs ] Going along.
Coming along. -Amazing?
-Amazing. Absolutely.
-You were telling me backstage that they decided to change
the costume of Black Panther. -Jimmy, I was telling you that
in confidence. You are — You cannot. -I’m just joking, by the way. [ Laughter ] I just want to get you
in trouble. -I know.
And I bet I am in trouble. I know nothing about nothing. -You can’t talk about anything. You know nothing.
-I have nothing to talk about. -I know. We have guests on the
show from these Marvel movies, and they’re not allowed
to talk at all. So I’m like, “Alright.” -Red dot.
-But anyway, but I know it is gonna be —
Yeah, exactly. But, man, oh, man, everyone
cannot wait for the sequel. And I’m just so —
-I know. I can’t wait, either. -Alright, good.
I want you to come back so we can talk about this.
-Okay. -How’s your husband? Courtney B. Vance.
-He’s doing great. -One of my faves of all time. -He says hello to you. His birthday is tomorrow. -Oh, how old? -6-0. -Is he 60? -6-0.
-He looks fantastic. -Yeah.
-Are you doing anything big, anything giant for Courtney? -You know, he’s hard to top, because he’s such a planner,
and I’m so not. I’m more spontaneous. So, I got to come up
with something. Maybe you have
some ideas for me. -What did he do for you?
Did he — -Well, he gave me a party,
and wonderful people were there. Snoop was there.
I danced with him. He danced with everyone. -What?
-Among other things. -Oh, my gosh. He — Oh, yeah. [ Laughter ] Yeah, when you invite him, he
comes — He’s almost like — -Oh, he brought the love.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, seriously. -And the joy. And the joy. -And the joy, as well, yeah. -And the peace, right. John Legend surprised me. -What? This is unbelievable.
-Came and sang “Happy Birthday.” -He booked —
-So, yeah, Courtney does it. -Come on. He knows how to do it.
-He does. -We got to talk about this, ’cause I’m very excited
about this. You are going to be a wax figure
in Madame Tussauds wax museum. That is a giant deal.
[ Cheers and applause ] How do you feel?
How do you feel? -I’m thrilled.
I couldn’t believe it. I got a call,
and they said, you know, “We want to make —
turn you into a dummy. [ Laughter ] People want to see it.
-You go, “Finally.” -I said, “Great,” ’cause
I never thought about that. You know, of course you think
of, you know, an Oscar, an Emmy, that sort of thing.
But you never think, you know, I want to be turned
into a wax figure. But it was exciting. -And how was the —
What is the process? -It wasn’t as bad
as I thought it would be. I thought they were going
to encase me in something, you know, with straws
out of your nose to breathe, and that it was gonna be
very claustrophobic. So I was a little frightened
about that, because I’ve done that before
for movies. And it’s like, “Where are you? Where are you? Don’t leave me!
Don’t leave me!” -Yeah, except you can’t move
your lips, so you’re like — [ Murmuring indistinctly ] [ Laughter ] -“How long? This 15 minutes
feels like two days.” But it actually wasn’t that bad. You know, it was almost like
motion capture when they do, you know — -Oh, for CGI and all that? -They put the dots on your face. They measure from cheek to ear
and eye to eye and ear to ear and chin to this,
and they do your hands. They put you on sort of like a
lazy susan and turn you around. You have to hold your pose,
you know, as they turn you around and click, click,
click, click, click. -What pose did you go with?
‘Cause that’s a big deal. -I sort of went for
sort of like a — -Yeah. -“Oh, oh.”
[ Laughter ] -Oh, oh, yeah! Oh!
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s a beautiful —
Okay, that’s — [ Laughs ] -Something like that. You know, because people
are going to come up and do things to you, so — -They do.
-You know? You don’t want them
doing crazy things to you. -Yes, they’ll be
posing with you. No, you can’t do that. But you have to make sure
it looks just like you. And I know that — -It’s going to live forever,
so… -If you’ve ever gone — If you haven’t gone,
you should go. It’s amazing. Every single one is amazing. I remember just staring
at Gandhi for like 25 minutes. “Wow, that’s what Gandhi
behind his ear looks like.” You know, it’s like amazing. But the eyes are, like,
I don’t know, they’re made of, like, amazing
type of marbles or diamonds. -Marbles, yeah.
I remember doing — They said, “These were
Whitney Houston’s eyes.” I was like, “Really?” -Oh, my gosh.
Are you kidding me? It’s amazing, right,
what they do? ‘Cause you got to be careful,
because if they mess it up — -I gave them a directive. I was like, “Please,
please don’t mess me up.” -Let me just show you
a few wax figures that we’ve seen throughout our
show that are very interesting. You guys like Zac Efron? [ Cheers and applause ] Check out Zac’s wax figure.
There he is. That’s — -That — No, that’s him. -That’s Zac’s — -That’s a wax?
-That is just not even — I don’t know who that is.
But that’s supposed to be — -Whoever he is.
-You know Idris Elba? -I do.
-They made a — -Whoo!
-They made a doll. They made a doll. This is so — When you see this,
you’ll be like, “Oh, my God. Is that a photo of Idris?” -Eee!
[ Laughter ] -Looks like Montel Williams.
-Not good. Oh, yeah, it does.
-It does, right? Doesn’t look like Idris at all. Anyways, that’s why I’m saying
be careful. The last one…
-He’s so skinny. -…that made me laugh
was Lucille Ball. Legend. They made a bronze statue
of Lucille Ball, and she’s one of my heroes. -Absolutely.
-Yeah, and you don’t want to — Here it is. This is the statue
of Lucille Ball. -We’ve seen her for years.
-Yes. -And they got it so wrong. [ Laughter ] That is the worst.
-I know. They had to fix it. They had to fix it.
But, oh, my gosh. -It actually — Look at
the eyes. They’re bug-eyed. -The whole thing is insane.
-The teeth. [ Laughter ] I kept my mouth closed. I don’t
want them messing up teeth. -Madame Tussaud,
do not mess this… -They will mess up teeth.
-…beautiful face up, please.

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