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  1. I used to respect josh till he called boneless wings true wings when they’re just chicken nuggets in sauce

  2. At 7:20 i had to look up what boneless wings actually are, because i thought they where just "de-boned" chicken wings. (Coming from Germany i don't really have much experience with either of them) But seeing, that "boneless wings" are noteven wing-meat… That's a clear case of false advertisement. therefore they are ABSOLUTELY no wings. I rest my case.

  3. Calling a piece of chicken breast a "boneless wing" makes as much sense as calling a normal wing a "boned breast".

  4. Boneless wings are neither chicken wings nor popcorn chicken. They are chicken nuggets. I accept this truth and will continue to order boneless wings on the regular.

  5. I see where both sides are and I'm not gonna lie, I used to be on team 'boneless are not wings', but I think I am switching. I never liked wings because I hate when people comment about leaving too much meat on them and they're also just a mess and I hate feeling like a heathen. I think an easy solution which is what I do is to just refer to "boneless wings" as boneless. Like, Im gonna get an order of 24 boneless. Just leave wing out.
    Edit: After hearing the rest of both arguments I am FULL boneless wing is OKAY!!!!!! BIG (.) (.) CHiKeN

  6. I’ve got to go with boneless wings are NOT wings. If I’m getting wings it will be drums or flats (preferably flats) even if I have to get it in my beard.. worth it.

  7. boneless wings in my opinion are wings because they're too big to be any type of popcorn chicken or anything like that and the next thing you can categorize it in a size is a wink so it might as well as be a boneless wing oh man I know exactly what you're talkin about when we used to go to scissors used to get a bunch of dino nuggets and either put a bunch of french fries on top and then pork gravy all over it and just eat it like that or get some nacho cheese dip and just poured all over the nuggets for me Buffalo wild wings zinngy Asian is amazing

  8. Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets. No other discussion necessary. Chicken wing meat is far better tasting than any chicken breast every will be.

    And to answer your point about chicken nuggets needing to be mashed up chicken, I say what about catfish nuggets? Catfish nuggets are just pieces of catfish filet which are then breaded and deep fried. Therefore chicken nuggets can be pieces of chicken breast that are breaded and deep fried. Checkmate!

  9. "Boneless Wing" = chicken bite tossed in sauce. No sauce and its not a "wing". And while I believe agreeing with Josh is a path fraught with peril. "Wing" is now both an anatomical term AND a food preparation style. You can have regular wings, boneless wings, cauliflower wings, ect. Have you not seen Hot Ones?!

  10. Even though I prefer bone-in, I still think that when we use the term “wings” as a food it’s a name of a dish and not necessarily exclusive to the anatomy. And what matters more than the anatomy is how we understand that dish. It’s like saying “you want to go get ice cream?” And someone in the group saying yes! But they get sorbet. Yes technically they are different but they perform the same job and are accepted in the same setting.

  11. I’ve never had boneless wings before and had no idea it is actually chicken breast. I honestly thought it was just deboned wings.

  12. Nicole is showing some strength here. Hopefully the more she is around Josh, the better she will be in making bizarre foods and commenting about them on the main shows.


  14. i like boneless wings because i hate the texture of bone in wings and i like being able to eat wings with friends

  15. You guys should do cook-offs! Like two random Mythical staff or staff verses the chefs. I'd love to see Rhett and Link face-off to see who's the better cook!

  16. I just noticed the ice cubes in cereal 🥣 glad I’m not the only one. Been doing that since I was like 8 years old. 30 now. Lol. Something about a big bowl of cereal with the cold kick of the milk is satisfying 👍

  17. I don't want to agree with Josh because I do believe in the fact that they have to be anatomical a wing to be called a wing. But the again, I just have to agree with him because similar to how they have been using the term popcorn chicken, they literally do not contain any popcorn and the only similarity is in how it's presented an eaten. It's a cultural thing. It's called a popcorn chicken because it look like a popcorn but made out of chicken. So for me, as much as I don't really like it, I have to agree with Josh

  18. Actually if you twist the bones just right you can pull the bones out of the wing, and that makes it also a one bite…er

  19. I think wings are absolutely the biological wing. But I really do understand Josh’s arguments. I think there should be a new umbrella dish term like bar chicken or something that encompasses that cultural dish that is a piece of chicken slathered in sauce or dry rub, but may also come in a boneless variety.

  20. I'd like to extend an invitation to Josh to have a dinner with me. Ribeye cap is on the menu.
    I'm going to serve him beef tongue because now I know he's okay with calling cuts by the wrong name.

  21. boneless wings are the crispier version of chicken nuggets, and i wished places like mcdonalds made nuggets that way.

  22. Personally, I call "boneless chicken wingz" boneless chicken bites. I will never refer to them above in quotations, ""boneless chicken bites" only for me.

  23. Boneless Wings = Chicken Nuggets, they are more Nugget shaped than McDonalds Chicken Nuggets which = Chicken mini patties … BOOOOOM!!!! Mind Blown

  24. Is this man really trying to tell me that there is absolutely no boneless wings that contains wing meat? Love ya Josh but I have to call bullshit. I'm positive that boneless wings that actually contains wing meat exist. It's not the most common but I guarantee it exists somewhere.

  25. I dislike nicole so much that I side with josh… shes right that a boneless wing isnt a wing… but Im a convert, Josh is right….

  26. Let's just say a wing has some kind of flight of a bird, Buffalo come from Buffalo New York which thought they had Buffalo's, but didn't have Buffalo in new York state

  27. Josh is by far the worst thing to happen to Mythical Entertainment. He is not funny and comes off as a dbag while. Would have stopped watching GMM if you didn’t move him to this dumb channel from GMM episodes. Hopefully like you’re other failed channels i.e. Ten Feet Tall this gets cut. Josh makes me cringe.

  28. In my opinion Boneless wings should just be called big ol' nugs instead, and if they really want boneless wings they should use wing meat the same way they use breast meat to make boneless wings

  29. I didn't knew that boneless wings don't contain wings meat how the hell they can even be called wings when THE point is wings meat? I promise next time I'll see boneless wings in menu I will confront manager why they are lying to people. Boneless wings CAN'T be called wings that's nonsense.

  30. i think of boneless wings as the style of cooking. because if boneless wings are false advertising then so is buffalo wings.

  31. I agree with Nicole in a way. It doesn't need a bone to be a wing, but without wing meat, it shouldn't be called a wing. I've wondered the same thing about "hamburger". A burger can be a burger, (Veggie, Tofu, Turkey), but everyone considers the "hamburger" the basis for those recipes even though there is no ham in it.

  32. I'm a bit confused why Josh feels boneless wings are wings based on the ritual but a hot dog is a sandwich based on a technicality. Hot dogs and traditional deli sandwiches don't share a while lot of overlap in terms of how and when they're eaten.

  33. I like boneless wings.
    But they aren't wingz.
    They're half chicken strips.
    They're good, but not as good as a real wing.

  34. Me and my friends go out from pancakes but all that really means is going to ihop, cause we never actually order pancakes

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