Battle of jaws | Lions vs Crocodiles | Big Cat Diary | BBC Earth

Battle of jaws | Lions vs Crocodiles |  Big Cat Diary | BBC Earth

the Mara River marks the edge of the rich prides territory right now it looks peaceful enough but believe me it can be a deathtrap I can’t remember the last time I saw something like this lions hardly ever attack crocodiles but normally they give each other a wide berth with these lines almost anything can happen the message is don’t mess with the ridge pride

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  1. THAT croc is just an inexperienced animal.. For its SIZE and BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE it could have easily mauled atleast one of those 3 biatches 😂😂

    That dude has 2 absolute killing weapons on both the edges of its armoured bod and still it used NONE 😒

  2. Jaguar can easily kill that croc! Lions are powerful too but never know how use it against the croc, while jaguar can bite in the crocs neck and its done.. Easy food.

  3. Croc is no match for a pride of lions on dry land. croc was like okaay muthafuckaz! let's go for a swim and I will show you the death roll.

  4. jaguars kill them aswell. but lions don't. it's because tigers and even jaguars have stronger bite force than lions…. they can bite through the tough shell

  5. badass my ass. it was 3 lions and they didnt do shit at the end. a lion is not a king, its a weasel that kills children on its own kind. the elephant is the true king of all animals. the elephant stops fights like a king should, keeps the peace of an area, as a king should and nothing fucks with an elephant.

  6. if we could choose an animal to be reincarnated into, I would choose a nile or a saltwater crocodile. Elusive, cant die of old age, top of the food chain.. almost an indestructible animal.. they where even at the top of the food chain during their coexistence with Tyrannosaurus rex.. ridiculous.

  7. The Crocs brainsize ( reptilians brain size ) is small compared to Lions ( mammalians larger brain size ) , so clearly no competitions

  8. 0:54 I'm pretty confident having your face bitten by a pissed off crocodile doesn't feel too well… judging by how fast that lioness scrammed after her pride helped free her.

  9. Cheetah

    Age: 12Years
    Length: 1.5Meters
    Gender: Male
    Strength: 33
    Defense: 18
    Agility: 555

    African Lion

    Age: 15Years
    Length: 2.6Meters
    Gender: Male
    Strength: 85
    Defense: 40
    Agility: 180

    Nile Crocodile

    Age: 60Years
    Length: 6.4Meters
    Gender: Male
    Strength: 350
    Defense: 120
    Agility: 35

    Bengal Tiger

    Age: 20Years
    Length: 3.1Meters
    Gender: Male
    Strength: 155
    Defense: 50
    Agility: 157

    Saltwater Crocodile

    Age: 80Years
    Length: 7.2Meters
    Gender: Male
    Strength: 320
    Defense: 173
    Agility: 40


    Age: 15Years
    Length: 1.8Meters
    Gender: Male
    Strength: 60
    Defense: 22
    Agility: 179

    Polar Bear

    Age: 30Years
    Length: 3.4Meters
    Gender: Male
    Strength: 180
    Defense: 65
    Agility: 90

    Great White Shark

    Age: 70Years
    Length: 6.5Meters
    Gender: Female
    Strength: 200
    Defense: 161
    Agility: 80

    Killer Whale

    Age: 100Years
    Length: 9.7Meters
    Gender: Female
    Strength: 285
    Defense: 250
    Agility: 120

  10. There's no way a fully LION could kill a fully grown CROC be it on land, air , volcano , ocean, treetops or on moon.. shit doesn't make sense

  11. Luckily for the giant Crock, the terrain was in it's favor. Otherwise it's check mate by only two lions.

  12. May be it's an act of showing power 🤔 becoz lions often need to drink water, also they cross the river.
    If it is not then why pack of lions waste ther time on crocodile ? Rather going for big hunt so everyone get good share of meat.

  13. Lioness has more awareness about crocodile jaw power . so they aviod to approach the crocodile blindly . Experience makes a man perfect

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