100 Comments on “Billie Lourd Explores ASMR | W Magazine”

  1. I need a Billie in my life… 🙄
    It's been five years that I know her and I love her more and more everytime I see her

  2. I kinda miss how they used to do asmr :// like an interview about their career, and they’d have an object to represent each milestone

  3. I feel like she is that girl you just wanna be friends with just because she just attracts you with her energy. She legit had like royal Hollywood blood and yet she's just cool and acts like a normal millennial. A little wild and weird, but in a charming way. I love her crackhead energy.

  4. i like this one

    i think i would die however if they convinced Henry Cavill to do this like lord honestly just having him say hmmm on repeat

  5. That is the late Carrie Fisher's daughter. When will there be an ASMR W Magazine singing video with Brie Larson?

  6. Almost had her confused with Billie Eilish, lol. First names are exactly the same.

    Her eyes remind me of her mother's. It's uncanny. RIP Carrie Fisher!

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