Blind Cat Wants To See A Rescuer’s Eyes To Say Thanks For Taking Her Home | Animal in Crisis EP125

Blind Cat Wants To See A Rescuer’s Eyes To Say Thanks For Taking Her Home | Animal in Crisis EP125

Hello A kitten was crying alone, without a mother around her So I took her to the office The kitten is this one I named her ‘Yang’ Full of charms, Kitten ‘Yang’ I was planning to send her away after feeding her if she was normal Since she doesn’t have eyes.. I couldn’t let her go So I’m raising her instead No matter how much he shakes his hand in her face The kitten has no clue where the hand goes The eye holes are empty She cries when there’s no sound, looking for me PD : Looking for you? / Yes The kitten relies on a sound and a smell If the mister doesn’t make a sound The kitten sets out to look for him The mister became the eyes for the kitten Wife : He’s been feeding her milk for a month in the office He couldn’t come home as he had to feed her once in 2-3 hours I was a bit upset about it But now I understand because she would’ve starved if he didn’t Thanks to the mister’s affection, The kitten has grown lovely But While playing joyfully, The kitten suddenly becomes anxious Thumping into things, the kitten goes to.. ..the mister! As if she recognized the mister’s kind heart of raising her, the kitten follows the mister all day And the mister always have her by his side Since she’s been tagged along with me, only looks for me Seeing her following him so well, I feel like fate has brought them together From A to Z.. The mister nurses him ardently.. PD : Do you put eye drops into her eyes every day? / Yes The doctor said that she needs to be examined for an exact result But she’s still too young for anesthesia It’s not easy to nurse a blind kitten.. I found her underneath here, on the grass Three months ago, in the corner of a parking lot The kitten was found alone When I saw her in the office with a bright light Found that her pupils were strange I thought she won’t survive outside alone So I decided to raise her The mister couldn’t ignore the kitten’s misery Yang, who has become a family now is in charge of being cute in the office Yang~ She grew so much She was really tiny She wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for him The mister wants to send time with her But he has to work now During working hours, he put her to sleep and has to sneak out secretly Yang fell into a sleep so deeply to the point where she doesn’t recognize that he left for work A few hours later The kitten who was sleeping silently is awake As soon as she wakes up Looks for the mister first Daddy, where are you? Don’t worry, daddy will come soon Wait for a bit Instead of the mister The wife goes to her The kitten rejects the others’ touch From the moment she realized that the mister is gone As if a child who missed a mother’s hand The kitten became so anxious Decides to look fro the mister alone But she keeps bumping into things.. As she couldn’t see Being unable to go outside of the office Sitting in the entrance of the office and waiting for the mister After a while Perhaps she heard something The kitten runs to where the sound came from The kitten heads to the place where the mister is Though she’s blind She can hear the mister’s footsteps faster than anyone else He has no choice but to proceed his work with the kitten next to him Is there any way to fix her eyes? Before it’s too late, visit the hospital Hope she’s able to see Hope she can see through one eye if possible, but she’s completely blind.. Only if she could see enough to perceive the obstacles.. How’s the result? Vet : Her eyeballs fell out in a serious degree and are covered with an eyelid She completely lost sights in both eyes She’s not able to see with her both eyes She was born with an end-stage eye which is genetic There’s no way to fix it since it’s a birth defect An end-eye stage keeps causing stimuli on her eys Eye droppers won’t help Her eyes need to be extracted Is it impossible for her to see? She’s highly likely to develop infections if this condition continues The eyeballs are harmful to her So it’s better to remove anything that would harm her Since infections could spread inside the eyeballs Her eyes should be removed.. In general, a mother cat abandons its kitten who’s born with such condition She might have been alone because her mom abandoned her She was lucky enough to be rescued and be able to live so far To the kitten who was abandoned by her mom and left alone The mister came to her like a miracle Now They can’t live without each other anymore Vet : The surgery is over PD : Did it go well? / Yes She’ll feel at ease more She had so much pus inside her eyes and infections as well Fortunately, those are all removed Now that she won’t be sick anymore The mister is relieved Does it hurt? All he can do is wait for the wounds to be healed.. A few days later Despite the pain from the surgery that still remains Yang is bubbly as always She never whins or scratches the part where she had surgery She’s doing so well Until she’s healed for the kitten to rest in a safe spot the mister gave her a space in the office Hope she grows healthily without getting sick The mister has become sunshine to this little creature who was left alone Hope they rely on each other and be happy on every path they take 🙂

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  1. What a great guy! He works in a very kind office to, that the staff embraced him taking the kitten! Blind indoor cats can do very well, esp with such loving care.

  2. 저는 카자흐스탄 출신입니다. 그런 사람들이 있다는 사실에 놀랐습니다. 눈물 비디오. 그것을 버리지 않은 사람들에게 건강과 건강의 새끼 고양이. 당신은 멋진 사람입니다.

  3. I was trying not to cry watching this when my cat jumped in my lap and cuddled up to me to make me feel better … and I lost it 😭. This is truly beautiful.

  4. Aww such a sweet loving man to take care of such a cute helpless little kitten🐱 I herd tho completely blind cats and dogs that suffer severe anxiety when there owners are gone like she did an bump into things real bad can sometimes find comfort an guidness in another cat or dog that can see so mayb that could help the kitten when the mister is gone sense she not so close to the wife that way the kitten doesn’t get so distressed an possibly injure her slef an the mister can relax more while he’s working an not worried about the kitten so much while he’s away from her. If not it ok just an idea to help them both was all. Hope they live happily ever after togeather tho💕🐱🐱

  5. Lindo anjiho que amor ❤️🐈 saludos desde Brazil 🇧🇷amor de papai coloca uma caminha para a bebê. Vídeo 2,3❤️Dr e equipe amor. Yang linda ❤️ precisa de sua casa e mais l aconchegante para a bebê.

  6. She is so precious love and affection makes all the difference in the world.. This is how all living things should be treated…

  7. O senhor e um anjo;sua morada no céu esta garantida.fico feliz em saber que existe pessoas assim.❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

  8. Can’t understand what you’re saying will the kitten ever be able to see with a surgery ? I’m a cat lover I have an orange tabby cat Angelo

  9. Nada é por acaso,ele foi escolhido por Deus a dedo, é merecedor desse amor fiel, que ela tem por ele 🙏🙏🙏😢😍

  10. I love how he takes care of his furry baby. And furry baby calls out to Daddy when she/he wakes from her/his nap! This is so loving. Bless this man. He is a gentle man!🕊💝👄🙏😇

  11. Thanks to save and care the innocent creature in this planet, anyway they just have a short life in the world so give then a happiness..

  12. Aweeeee omgosh my heart broke!!! But this AMAZING man saved her!!!😍😍😍 I love cats sooo much!! All animals!!

  13. До слез.. Мужчина большой молодец,что не бросил котёнка…👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  14. Waw. TRUE human hero.and a human Angel. God BLESS them both with good HEALTH WEALTH HAPPINESS AND lifetime companionship. AAMEEN. And long long long life for both. Aameen

  15. Gracias Dios por Darle un Corazón tan lleno de Bondad a este hombre. Gracias a usted Señor por criar a ese Indefenso gatito y además cieguito, Dios lo Bendecirá Grandemente, Gracias. No entiendo porque apartecio sin ojos.

  16. Ya alloh sembuh kan lah mata kucing itu.. Kasi lah keajaipan mu ya alloh sak ne…. Semoga yg mau urus kucing itu di kasi rejeki sehat panjang umur amin

  17. La verdad esta bien que ese gatito no salga ya que por su ceguera corre mucho peligro incluso con sus hermanos gatos,,,, ya ve son animales y temo lo vayan a morder o y lastimar.

  18. Vidio ini dh beberapa kali diaplod tp aku pasti mnonton dan sllu bkin ak terharu😢Sehat,bahagia selalu y Mpus dan Tuan yg super baik,AAMIIN.

  19. Thanks so much everyone that Helps and Loves animals. This is such an Awesome Love and Makes me feel so Happy for Baby animals and Great Loving human.

  20. I have taken in many kitties thru my life I had a kitten who had to have surgery on her eye and it taken out The other eye was blind. So she could not see either. Out of all cats i have had she was the best most playful kitty i had ever had. Always running, sliding and knocking things on the floor. Never stop playing. She is gone but i had her for many yrs before she passed. Her name was Honey. I would sing to her all the time and she loved it. Get her some balls with bells in it. Things that make noise.

  21. Бедная зайка ты моя. Солнышко ты хорошее. Вот же не повезло родненькая. Но котёнок не огорчается. Ведь его теперь не бросят. Живи, малыш, долго и счастливо. Больше не болей никогда! Удачи тебе и всем вам ребята! Спасибо!

  22. This is so SWEET!! I like this re-editted version which gives more detail about the kitten's discovery, subsequent care by the compassionate Mister and even the introduction of his wife. This is such a heartwarming video. Thank you producers, vets, and everyone who is responsible for making this beautiful story available. May the kitty, the Mister and his wife have many happy years together. 🙏❤😊

  23. The tenderness of this story is tremendous. These happy ending stories of love between people and animals is so soothing at this time of desperation from coronavirus. Thank you.

  24. The facts that this disease is from genetic make me feel more sad😢what if the mother abandonded her because she is blind too? What happen to the mother? Is she safe? 😖😭Fortunately, yang has her father to take care of her❤❤❤

  25. Admiro a personas como este hombre. Se merece el cielo y mucho más. Ojalá el gatito algún día pueda ver y agradecer cara a cara a quien lo ha cuidado sin recibir nada a cambio.

  26. Hi there, this guy is indeed a good samaritan..I did rescued a blind cat.. and actually they are as smart as a normal cat.. they can sense the surrounding very accurately.. as though they have eyes behind their head.. unfortunately while I’m not around.. few dogs surrounded my blind cat.. and attacked her.. I cried so hard.. heart broken, guilty and sorrow.. but I feel proud because I gave her a little chance to live comfortably during her short life… peace ✌️

  27. es la historia mas hermosa que he visto, estoy llorando de la gran persona que es el señor, espero vivan juntos por siempre, adopten animalitos que no se imaginan la alegria tan inmensa que les traerán a los animalitos como a ustedes ♡

  28. Deus me ajuda eu não consigo parar de chorar c esse vídeo 😍😍😍 coisa mais linda e pura do mundo ❤

  29. This is blessing,the owner is an angel.God send him to rescue this kitten,the kitten wilk have a good life😢🙏

  30. Sir, you are everything to this lovely cat!! Please accept the fact that she adopted you based on your good heart. Please accept also that she will give you unconditional love all of her life! You are great to having brought her the happy life she deserves!! Bless the hearts ❤️ of this couple who saved this cat'' life!

  31. Thank you Kritter Klub for these enourmously touching stories! My heart is actually getting healed by the faith in humanity you are bringing into it!

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