Coronavirus and pets: Can my cat or dog spread coronavirus?

Coronavirus and pets: Can my cat or dog spread coronavirus?

There is no current evidence that Coronavirus
COVID-19 can be caught by dogs and cats and your pets. So your pets should be absolutely
safe. There is lots of stories in the paper that you will read that may well indicate
this could happen, but there is absolutely no evidence. But we do still need to think
about our pets at this time. With your pets, you do need to make sure that you do have
enough food in stock for them because often getting home deliveries for your pet food
is harder. Do make some plans just in case you are unwell, how are you going to make
sure that your animals are going to be kept fit?
Now when we say home-isolation, that often even recently we have had the Spanish President
saying that you have to home isolate, but if you do need to go out to walk your dog
that is okay. So look at your local rules and your local regulations, but we need to
look after our animals; we need to keep them fit and we need to make sure that they are
kept a part of the family. They are going to need that extra bit of reassurance, so
you can play with them and you can, you know, have some fun with your animals, but maybe
long walks out through the town and things like that, they are going to be out for a
while if you are into an isolation mode. But if you need any more advice with what to do
with your pets, have a look through the download area; we are going to keep that up to date
and also, have a look through on our Facebook group.

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