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  1. My vet wants to see my cat for a bi annual rectal swab. Why is twice a yr necessary for this procedure Dr.? Some sites say this is an annual test to test for worms etc. My cat is an inside cat except for being on our screened lanai. I am caring for additional family members now in light of the virus and time is short for me right now. Thank you!

  2. "Just don't panic". Maybe all those morons who started a fight about friggin toiletpaper yesterday when I was in the store should watch this!! I'm a high risk due to illness, but you won't see me making sure the shelves are empty for everyone else.
    Thank you Dr. Yuri for this very useful information – brought sincerely and soberly! Now I'm off squishing my cats 😉🥰.

  3. As a new veterinarian in her first year in practice, your videos serve as a sort of mentorship for me. Thank you for all that you do!

  4. Thank you so much for clearifying! here in germany theys told us it is dangerous for animals and I was very worried…

  5. This very good information to know.Thankyou.I have had cats alot of my life.Its good to know as much about our furry feline friends as a non veterinarian person can.There is something I feel needs mentioning…Not to do with pet and COVID 19,but I did see a vet hold a full grown cat by the scruff of the neck.I would think people are not supposed to do that,but no 100% sure about that one..Still,I couldn't.What should I do if I see a vet do that again?Report the vet to who,if necessary?

  6. Oh a disaster is happening here in Iran! So many people have abandoned their cats and dogs, and it just breaks my heart. I keep postig stories about this and notifying people of the recent WHO tweets, but not everyone sees my stories. It is just horrible and sad.

  7. But I have to say, wearing any kind of mask would help to prevent the transmission, the point should be “surgery masks are not necessary for everyone”, that would be a better suggestion. IMHO.

  8. Thank you for this video! Its been 1 month that I became a cat momma and your videos have been helping me so much. I feel I have been able to slowly take better care of her after learning from you.

  9. ugh I see people putting more hand sanitizer than they need on their hands it even drips off as they lazily rub it once on heir hands…just wasteful

  10. I thought we're in danger because we have 5 cats. Now I know they can't infected or transmit COVID-19. Thank you very much for this video!

  11. Dr Uri, I would like to say thanks for your advice. We became unintentional cats owners fairly recently, and your advice has been great. Our young neighbours moved out and left "Chilli" (his new name" behind. We had to get him chipped and all the other stuff, but he has been so great for the family. It's been an adjustment for him, but I think he is fairly spoilt and loving life now. Thanks for the knowledge mate. Rob from Australia.

  12. Great info. Though my neighbors are criminals. Please be mindful not to rely on hand sanitizers too much as they also kill the good germs. Great for out and but at home, hand soap is best.

  13. Thank you so much for this informative video. I'm so relieved that my cat is ok from COVID-19. I wasn't worried but hadn't even thought about the fact that I shouldn't avoid taking my furbaby to the vet during this time. She's not due for her annual vaccination for another month and I'll make sure she'll get it on time!

  14. I’d like to know why the 22 people who gave this a thumbs-down did so? Just for kicks? We should practice social isolation on them until they start to grow brain cells! This is terrific content.

  15. Here there are no more vets working..because of that, my cat will die in about 2 days because he can’t pee by himself and I have to go to the vet everyday. From Monday on, no vets will be working anymore and I’m so scared. I’ll be spending as much time with him as possible..

  16. Is it true you are not supposed to have pet with you during self quarantine?
    I don’t know how to take my cat to the veterinary hospital if I need to be self quarantine. My cat need weekly blood test & darpotein injection from hospital.

  17. taking your cat to the vet if they're ill is also a good idea because you don't want to catch any of the actually transmittable problems off them while you're also dealing with the coronavirus.

  18. Thank you Dr. Uri for the info, makes me feel much better. I have been staying away from people and indoors because of experiencing symptoms of either Covid 19 or Flu the last few days and was worried about touching my cat. Stay healthy and thanks again for putting me at ease 😻

  19. A dog in Hong Kong tested positive for coronavirus, although the dog did not manifest any signs of illness. The dog was being cared for by owners who were sick with the virus. The WHO has revised it's stance on this matter. It has acknowledged that pets can contract the virus but there is no evidence that an animal such as a dog can spread the disease or that the virus may cause the animal to fall ill. The WHO advises that pet owners who may be infected or susceptible to infection should avoid contact with their pets. If possible have another family member look after the pet, or if not possible then maintain good hygiene and wear a mask if possible.

  20. About the mask, I lived in asia and when SARS happened and people was told to put on mask, research did find that it lessen the possibility of infecting someone, plus this covid19 it takes days for symptoms to show when its already in your system which means you have no idea that you have it then you accidentally sneeze on someone, so there it goes, I think mask helps.

  21. “People who are sick with infectious diseases are careful to avoid transmitting that disease to other people, and they use common-sense measures to do so," Dr. Gail Golab, chief veterinary officer of the American Veterinary Medical Association, told NJ Advance Media in an email. “These common-sense measures include minimizing contact, washing their hands and using hand sanitizer, and coughing or sneezing into their elbow or sleeve rather than directly at another person.

    "The same precautions apply to preventing the spread of COVID-19 to people and, out of an abundance of caution, we’re recommending they take the same common sense approach when interacting with their pets.”

    Not recommended: sharing food with dogs and pets as well as snuggling, petting, or other close contact, like letting dogs lick you.

    “If you were to become ill with COVID-19, you should have someone else take care of walking, feeding, and playing with your pets,” Golab said. “If you must care for them, then wear a face mask; don’t share food, kiss, or hug them; and wash your hands before and after any contact with your pet.”

    She said those who are in quarantine should stay in a room away from other people and pets and use a separate bathroom, if possible.

    What else can you do for your pet to prepare for the coronavirus?

    Golab recommends having an emergency kit prepared with at least two weeks’ worth of food and medication for your pet, in case pet owners must enter self-isolation or quarantine.

    “If possible, you should have another member of your household care for your pet in your home in a separate area,” she says.


  22. Related question. I've noticed my cat is a LOT more attentive than usual. Pretty much won't leave my side. Do you think they're sensing our stress? 90% of the furry owners I've asked on other sites have said yes. Could you share your thoughts on this? Thank you.

  23. Dr Uri, i was wondering what kind of vet help would be available to a little island in africa, that has no shelter or clinic? Is there a way to get help to a single man helping as many animals as he can out of his own pocket with no medicine..
    If you can check out his channel A kitten is a Life. <3

  24. How have I been watching your videos for months and never clewed in that you were from the same City as me! smacks forehead Thanks for the videos!

  25. Thank you so much for the drop-off plan! I have a cat with FIV so I was very worried about him getting sick at the same time as me.

  26. I understand that my cats can’t carry the virus directly, but say they go next door and someone infected says hello to them: Strokes them, accidentally sneezes on them etc? Won’t the virus be alive on their coats for some time? It can survive on surfaces for an indeterminate amount of time right? Then I have a cuddle with them, they sleep on my bed, all those normal things, can I not pick it up that way ? I guess what I’m really going towards is, should I keep my outdoor cats in, in order to keep the humans in the house protected?

  27. Thanks being rational in a time of irrationality and insanity, how many are dumping their animals in fear of this virus?

  28. Thank you 🌼, very reassuring and sensible! Our cat is due for a medication checkup on Wednesday. She’s definitely going. I do wish you were our Prime Minister!

  29. Thank you!!! During this crisis, I love seeing people use their expertise to help in ingenious ways. I just saw a food channel put out vids to use those foods long buried in your basements & encouraging people to listen to the medical experts.

    Keep calm, practice social distancing whenever possible and watch for fever or respiratory symptoms.

  30. Dr Uri… Can one pet infect another pet either with flu like symptoms or gum disease? If one pet is ill or has problems and needs to heal should we keep other pets away from them?

  31. I sneeze uncontrollably during allergy season. Often it happens so quickly I can't cover the sneeze in time so I DO wear a mask outside to protect others & I DO NOT think there is anything wrong with it.

  32. I have enough puss cat food for Mia to last a long time..I even have enough for one puss cat that someone has abandoned.. Bella. She prefers to be outside and I’m the only human who can give her cuddles

  33. “Pet taxis” – I’m suddenly imagining my cats hailing a cab by lifting an elegant paw, and then tipping the driver with purrs.

  34. Serious question: what if they pick it up on their feet and transfer it to surfaces in your home? Or if an infected person gets virus on the pet and you then stroke it?

  35. My worry is, what if I need to be admitted to a hospital and what if I never make it home? I assume boarding is going to be hit just as hard as other services so if I am stuck what do I do?

  36. Trying to write and getting cut off. Have a big concern that affects many. Want to be sure I am heard. To a compassionate intelligent one such as you who has put yourse

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