DIY custom cheetah print fanny pack | The Tall Tailor

DIY custom cheetah print fanny pack | The Tall Tailor

hey guys
Happy New Year my name is Chad, I’m your Tall Tailor and welcome to my first video
alright so today we’re gonna be making the fanny pack
but not just any fanny pack a custom cheetah print fanny pack so a couple of
months ago around Halloween time I made a chest read for my costume and long
story short I got a lot of people asking me to make them custom pieces and custom
bags after that so here we are so enough talking
i’ma head over to the fabric store and pick up some fabric and I’ll be right
back all right we’re in here let’s let’s go cashed out got all my fabric let’s
get to sewing so I got all of my materials let’s get started
all right so to start off I have some cheetah print fabric I’m not sure what
type of fabric it is I forgot honestly but whatever next up
we have the fabric for the interior and I believe it’s a safety twill and it’s a
great contrast to the cheetah print on the outside we have zippers to different
lengths a longer one and a short one for the two different pocket types that
might have on the back and we have these two sliders and I’ll use both of them to
adjust the length of the nylon strap of the bag we have thread I think I got too
much thread but 200 meters should be perfectly fine and next up we have our
nylon strap now I bought 5 meters of this which is way too long but I’m going
to be using the rest for something else alright so let’s get this fanny pack started I have the two
fabrics in one use right here I got the cheetah print best color in the
world for the exterior right here and the neon orange interior on the other
side so I’m gonna go stitch these together and make a fanny pack so I got
the exterior fabric laid out and what I’m going to go measure and cut
the form of the fanny pack in the exterior and replicate that with a neon
orange color you have the back panel cut out that’s basically what whole back of
the fanny pack is gonna look like so when I get onto the sewing machine sew it up
and get back to the cutting some more all right so the back panel is stitched
all I gotta do is just iron it all flat and then sew and cut the remainder of the
panel so I finished the top flap like where the zipper is gonna be, I attached the
zipper, I attached the lining as well that’s gonna stitch right here onto the
back I just need to add the middle part here and the panels and the big zipper
right there and now I’m just gonna go so just zipper onto this front pocket right
here and stitch it back to the main thing so the bag is almost complete all I need
to do is just put some bias binding where the unfinished ends on the inside
and cut off the loose threads on the sides here and we’re done now I did miss
filming a few things so this is less of a DIY and more of a hey watch me sew this
but the bag is finished and it looks great well the dimensions are 10 inches
by 6 inches by 3 inches so fairly compact but you can still fit quite a bit of stuff in
it so it’s got two pockets one main one for like you can put your phone in here
some keys a small camera and another phone has a smaller pocket on the front
you can fit like some blistex in here or the back and fit quite a bit of things
that’s I’m trying to say so that’s pretty much this of course isn’t my bag
so if you haven’t seen on body for it make sure to check out my Instagram page
I’ll be posting a picture of the person wearing it pretty soon thank you guys
for watching this is my first video so all your feedback is appreciated if you
liked it leave a like if you love it please subscribe I’ll be posting more
videos in the future hope everybody had a safe and happy years thank you again
for watching and hope everyone has a great 2019 bye

12 Comments on “DIY custom cheetah print fanny pack | The Tall Tailor”

  1. Don't know you and will probably never meet you lol Saw this on Bravo's story and decided to watch your video. I know how hard it is to create the videos, film and edit everything. Goodluck man.

  2. Bought fabric, made the video, designed and created a fanny pack in under 4 mins. Now that’s talent My friend ✨✨

  3. You are so talented Chaad! Amazing DIY, I tried to make my own fanny pack but I sewed the thread through my finger 🙁 hopefully your next video is on how to use a sewing machine without sewing through your fingers 😀

  4. Chaad!! You've grown so much since I last saw you! You're stylish and you're talented. I hope you keep this up and never let anything deter you from doing what's your passion

  5. Your work quality, especially your finishing, is excellent. Great to use both sides of your brain for academics and creativity. Keep creating Dr. Chaad. I'm very proud of you.

  6. okay so i think you're sooo amazing lol wish it was more of a diy though but great first video mine sucked

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