English Story Read-Aloud! “Piccolo, the Monster Cat” Chapter 2 (Level: Primary 3-6)

English Story Read-Aloud! “Piccolo, the Monster Cat” Chapter 2 (Level: Primary 3-6)

Yeah, but I think Paw Patrol is so much better than Peppa Pig! Oops, sorry, gotta go! Hello, and welcome to Storytime with Me! My name is Natalie. How are you today? Are you tired? Are you excited? Are you bored? Well, whatever you are today, I hope you are ready for a story! But before that I have two tips for you. Number one, if you would like to read the words as I tell you the story, click on the CC button here. Number two, if you think I talk a little bit too fast, click on the Settings button here and change the Playback Speed. Today, we’re going to read Chapter Two of this book – Piccolo, the Monster Cat. And I have four key phrases or vocabulary words that I would like to share with you today. Number one, is the phrase “trotted off”. Number two, is the word “ridiculous”. Number three, is the word, “recommend”. And number four, is the word, “relief”. See if you can spot these words as I tell the story and try to figure out what they mean. Okay, are we ready? Chapter two! Pew pew pew! Chapter Two. Before Piccy could become a train driver, he had to see a doctor who would give him an examination. Now Piccy was just a tiny bit worried as he trotted off for his examination, but that was because he knew he was a little overweight. Actually, he was extremely fat, but he had heard people say he was overweight and he thought that sounded better. So, it came as quite a shock to Piccolo when the doctor got up from behind his desk after the examination and said to him: “I’m afraid I will be unable to recommend you for the job.” “Why?” Piccy replied, already getting a bit angry. “I don’t know how to put this kindly,” the doctor answered, shifting his weight from leg to leg, not looking at his patient. “Well, go on. Spit it out!” demanded Piccy. “You’re – you’re – you’re a monster.” “What?!!” “You’re not a cat, you’re a monster,” the doctor went on, as calmly as he could. “I’ve never met a case like it, no, not in 30 years. And I’m afraid I cannot put you forward for an interview.” “Why not?” Piccy broke in. “I’ve never heard anything so monstrous in all my life.” “… I mean, anything so ridiculous,” he added quickly. “Because,” the doctor explained, “this vacancy is only open to cats. I’m very sorry, but I won’t be able to pass you fit.” “I’m p-p-perfectly fit,” stuttered Piccy, now in quite a rage. “Only the other day I flipped over three times in a row and got up every time.” “Well, I didn’t exactly mean that you are unfit … um … physically, rather that you don’t fit the job. “You see, they are looking for cats and you don’t – er, how shall I put this? – you don’t qualify.” “Whaaaat?!!” Piccy squeamed (that’s a cross between a scream and a squeak). “Don’t qualify? If I’m not a cat then you’re a doctor … I mean, not a doctor.” Piccolo was now so upset that he wasn’t quite sure what he was saying. “Look, don’t take it personally, but I’ve got my job to do and if I pass you fit as a cat, they may strike me off the register.” Piccolo didn’t know what this meant, but it sounded serious. So Piccolo went home and told Cello about the terrible news. Now, I’ve told you that Cello always had the right words for every situation, but this time even he was lost for words. Of course, he knew Piccy better than anyone and had realised long ago that his little friend was different. But a monster. That really was different! Being a practical cat, Cello rang the doctor. (“We’re sorry, the number you have dialled is…”) But all to no effect. The doctor was so shocked by what he had discovered that morning that he had taken the rest of the day off. Actually, he was far more shocked by it all than Piccolo himself was. Cello thought about things for some time and, being a clever cat, waited until the time was right to talk to Piccy about it. “Er, Picc,” he said during one of those times when you’ve just had dinner and are letting it go down, “you don’t seem particularly upset.” “Upset? Why should I be? Tunafish is one of my favourites. Perfect with some crunchy biscuits on the side.” “Well, actually, I meant upset by this … um … how shall we say … this unfortunate news.” “Oh, that,” Piccy yawned. “Nothing to talk about really.” “No, of course not,” Cello agreed with some relief. “Well, how about a spot of hunting? It’s really dark and I saw a couple of mice scurrying around in the park.” Piccy wasn’t too sure about this. On the one hand, he was very tired (it was nearly ten o’clock), but on the other, he thought this would provide him with the perfect opportunity to put the record straight. For Piccolo had decided to prove to Cello, the world and himself that he was a cat, not a monster. First, he would prove it to those mice. So that was Chapter Two, I hope you enjoyed that. Now remember, the four key words or phrases we talked about in the beginning? So, number one, was the phrase “trotted off”, which is past tense, and it means to leave or to go somewhere. So rather than saying “dad has gone to the supermarket”, you can say “dad has trotted off to the supermarket”. Number two, was the word “ridiculous”! We use the word “ridiculous” to describe something or someone that is totally stupid or crazy! For example, “hello? How are you doing today?” Natalie! Are you talking to a carrot?! That is ridiculous! Number three, is the word “recommend”. When you love something very very much and you want to share it with everybody else, you can “recommend” it to people. For example, “the new How To Train Your Dragon movie was amazing! I really recommend it!” And finally number four, is the word “relief”. “Relief” is what you feel when something very difficult or tiring is over. So a sample sentence would be: “Oh! I’ve finally finished my twelve pieces of online homework. What a relief!” And that’s it for Chapter Two and our vocabulary words. If you want to make some sample sentences with these words, write them in the comments section below and I will come and read them and give you a comment. Okay, have a good day! Bye bye!

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  1. Today, i trotted off to kowloon city, n saw this Vietnamese place… there is ridiculously few people in there, but I could really use some pho. 🍜 Luckily – I can recommend almost all the dishes on their menu! What a relief!

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