English Tutor Nick P Noun Phrase (161) A Dead Cat Bounce

English Tutor Nick P Noun Phrase (161) A Dead Cat Bounce

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun
Phrase 160. The noun phrase today is a dead cat bounce. Okay. Let’s take a look
at the note here. A dead cat bounce is usually a temporary or brief recovery
after a great fall. It is used with individual stocks. So it could be you know,
just a particular stock, where the price fell a lot and then they just had a
little jump up again. This is sometimes done because you know sometimes
investors want to get back into the stock and they may think what’s a good
buying opportunity, but sometimes they get into it too soon and they buy up and
then suddenly it falls again even more. Even more than before. So they end up
losing money that way. So it could be for an individual individual stocks, the
stock market as a whole. Sometimes we could say that if you’re
talking about you know ,all the numbers of the Dow Jones or or the Nasdaq or
whatever. If it’s going up or down you know, sometimes they say that it could be
just a dead cat bounce. Meaning it went up now but it could go down further
again in the near future. Okay. Or any investment or the value of any
investment in general. If it follows the same sort of pattern. Where it fell a lot
then there was a little bit of a jump up and then it starts to fall again a lot.
Okay. Okay good, it can even be used in politics in regard to the resurgence
approval, approval after a great fall. You know, like of a candidate. With the
anticipation that the approval will fall again. Let’s continue. The origin of the
phrase comes directly from Wall Street the earliest known citation dates back
to December 1985. Journalist Horace Bragg and Wang Sulong from the Financial
Times were quoted as using this term in response to the Singaporean and
Malaysian stock market , when the stock market had a short recovery after a big
fall during the recession that. Yeah and I think they said that you know, this
is the way they commonly refer to a situation like that. So so that I don’t
think they coined it. They just were repeating the what was the way it was
commonly said at that time. But this was the first time it actually seemed to get
into the media or into the newspapers. They said you know, on Wall Street this
is how we call it , when you have a situation like this. Let’s continue.
All right. The phrase alludes to the idea that even a dead cat will bounce off the
ground from a great fall. So if he fell by accident or somebody threw him off
the ground, when it hits the ground it will bounce a little bit. Not bounce a
lot. All the way back up but there will be a slight recovery. The phrase really
caught on after that. So after this you know, interview. All right. And let’s just
look at we have a couple of examples here. Example number one. Somebody might
say I would wait before getting back into the market. This may just be a dead
cat bounce. Okay. Or number two, if you want to buy back
that stock wait for the price to settle that’s the way they might say it. Yes. first
you don’t want to end up being the victim of a dead cat bounce. It sometimes
you get back in too soon as it’s going back up and then it fall and may fall a
lot again. Maybe it’ll fall just as much as it fell the first time. Okay. Anyway, I
hope you got it. I hope it was a informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

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  1. Out tutir, there is a word or expression in english that describe the short recovery period of sb before he dies. Do you know what does that calls?

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