Google Spotlight Stories | Son of Jaguar VR at Annecy | Jorge Gutierrez

right! We are here at Annecy 2017 presenting
Google Spotlight Stories and they’re showcasing a lot of the shorts including
Son of Jaguar which is my short it’s going to be an eight minute story and
what we shown here is a two minute teaser to give people a taste of what
the story is Son of Jaguar is something that I always wanted to be aMexican wrestler and so I like the idea in VR that when you put the goggles on it’s like someone putting on a Lucha Libre mask and this idea that I can make
white people Mexican by putting on the goggles and so the story personal Son of Jaguar is about a ghost of a wrestler and you come on Day of the Dead to visit your family and you see that your son is a failure and so you’re going to follow him on his
journey and eventually he will redeem
himself but that’s that’s something that
I heard about VR where people would say it feels like you’re a ghost so I said well I’m gonna write a story about a ghost and so that’s Son of Jaguar well we are VR is a very complicated
medium it was way harder than I ever expected in cinema we are giving the gift of controlling time and frame here you don’t have a control of time or framing the audiences can look around anywhere
and so the way I approached it was either when you go to a theater and you watch a play the audience is all sitting in different places and they’re all
seeing a different version of the play and they can look around they can look
up and down and so that’s how we try to approach it it was very difficult at first I thought we are was a new technique but now I think it’s a new medium and I think the way we should approach stories is always with emotion first and
then the technical stuff early VR I thought a lot of the pieces were more about the technology and not enough about emotion

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