3 Comments on “Harvard University, MIT moving to remote learning over coronavirus concerns”

  1. There is almost no effect of Korona in India and nearby countries. The probable reason is the traditional food which consists of different kind of herbs (like cumin, turmeric, mangraila, cinnamon, kind of peppers and many more).
    It's very very hard to taste 01 teaspoonful of any of these herbs but every Indian eat many of these herbs when it is mixed in a reasonable amount into the food. Not only eat but he enjoy the taste of these herbs and feel tasteless if these herbs are not mixed into the food. A question comes that how these herbs create a taste when mixed into the food, whereas one can not taste it individually due to their bitter taste.
    The most probable answer is that they developed the habit of these food by generations. And this knowledge came from their old Vadic literature which contains a lot of basic science of that era when we were at forest. It says about these all herbs which if anyone takes then their immunity will be strong to fight against different viruses. The fast food being popular now days reduce the immunity, as I think.

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