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welcome back to a new video and we are doing a spring haul you guys with boo
boo boo you guys already know how much I love boo thank you so much to them for
sponsoring at this video there’s so much color here you guys like I normally
don’t wear color except for like a spring and summer but I’m already
getting like those color vibes coming through I’m obsessed with pink right now
and I really like baby blue but there’s like a bunch of cute pieces in here that
I’m kind of trying out so if you guys don’t know how about boo hoo y’all are
missing L make sure you guys check them out because they have every single thing
that you need they’re super trendy extremely extremely affordable they
always have a ton of sales on their website you guys but everything I show
you guys in today’s video you already know it’ll be listed down below in my
description box so that you guys can shop everything and I also put the
sizing right beside it to make it super easy why you guys are shopping with them
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watches though no my watch itself still sounds good so yeah good I think
watch yourself yeah it’s so good if you’re new to this channel you are going
to hear a lot of watch yourself because that’s just something that I say it’s
just a little saying of mine you know I’m saying I’m a little bit extra if you
guys are not following me on my IG account make sure you guys do as well it
is at chef G Macedo you guys will see a bunch of fashion inspo on there I post a
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and I also post on my ieg story and there’s just a ton of things I share
with you buddy so let’s get started with this haul because it’s cute y’all
watches though so the top I was wearing my intro is from them obviously I love
this chop and I actually have been seeing it on IG and I’m like I want to
talk to so badly just like that so what’s so cool about this one is I
pulled it up so it shows a little bit of tummy and makes it kind of a crop top
and has this ruched detail the way I had it in the intro I had it lower just so
that it could be more of like a top I’m actually wearing it with a pair of jeans
I got from business I’m going to show you guys that as well I love this whole
like off the shoulder kind of look as well and it’s just very like loungy I
love this neckline that’s really deep V and still not showing like a crazy
amount of cleavage that’s just how uncomfortable but I love it and it pairs
so nicely with these jeans that I would consider for me mama jeans because they
are looser on the top for me and then they kind of grow in my legs not crazy
tight but they’re more fitted on my legs so this top you guys I have any size
small just to mention but if I forget to mention any sizing it will definitely be
down below in the description box but I have these jeans in a size 10 you guys
which I’m normally a 6 but for some reason in this style I had to go up to
sizes they are really nice and plain and they’re more for like what I want a
comfortable thing because I do have some room here at the front so again for me
they’re more of a mom Jean but I really like them if I want like a nice simple
comfy kind of look and I don’t want jeans that really grabbed me I
definitely could use these guys and I feel like this is really a nice 4 crop
tops too because it doesn’t really grab you by your waist over here but it looks
so super cute with this chopped and I feel like the overall look looks really
kind of nice paired together these are my tones I love these tones so much and
I can wear these day and day out color is only like a sometimes thing for
me I still have like some room on my arms just so you guys know what the
small is like on me even on the front area and everything it’s definitely a
more loose flowy top this top over here brings in a little bit of color this
really like mossy green sort of color it is so cute it can wear this top off the
shoulder or you guys can also bring it up a little skirt both ways also has
it’s very elastic back so this part does stretch
then it has these little bell sleeves at the bottom it’s such a cute peasant talk
and these are really great for spring again with jeans and some sandals or
wedges I’m still wearing it with the jeans just to show you guys how the
cream actually looks really nice with it it’s a very very innocent gel so if you
want to look very innocent this is your top if you’re not innocent this probably
ain’t for you no I’m just joking it’s like in a linen fabric you guys can
see from the close-up but it’s really nice I actually have this one in a size
6 it gives me a nice room on my wrist over here it’s not tight or anything but
it’s just a really cute kind of accent top for spring and just brings a little
bit of color yeah this is a cream crop top so this one I have any u.s. six I’m
still wearing it with me jeans just to show you by its really super cute really
nice and plain on the back has like a very fine like ribbed detail but also
has the same kind of thing as the first hope I showed you guys with the knit so
you can bring this up and bring it down so I can make it even shorter if I want
to but this is kind of how long it goes but it’s gonna show a little bit of
tummy if you wear anything more high-waisted it’ll probably hide your
tummy like any jogger or something again I love that it doesn’t give you like a
crazy amount of cleavage it’s a really nice fresh top for spring and this six
fits me or really nicely without being like crazy fitted I still have a little
bit of room and also over here it’s not crazy tight either because you’re
looking for like a really cute crop top for spring in summer I feel like this is
definitely a must and this over here is a super cozy a longline cardigan it’s
super long as you guys can see it’s so warm and comfortable really nice and
plain and I felt like I kind of finished this look so this is like an all-over
white look I have this in a size six so I got my regular size over here it’s
kind of fitted on my arms but if you want I’m kind of more loose and make
sure you guys order one to two sizes larger he’s so warm you guys it’s fuzzy
on the inside and fuzzy on the outside but just really great to kind of throw
on top of anything really and like I need
of crop-top any long-sleeved top that you’re wearing or just to kind of cozy
up at home this is gonna be so so so warm
can’t even wear it like there’s a little bit kind of off the shoulder sometimes I
like to wear my cartoons like this too you’re like this look looks very angelic
something I’m not I’m just drinking I am an angel guys oh and just for reference
you guys I just remembered I am 5 foot 1 so I do still have a room at the bottom
it does not touch the floor so this is an oversized white blazer I have nothing
underneath right now this is exactly how I would wear it I would just grab like a
little safety pin there is a button on the inside holding it this way and then
obviously I have this buttoned up over here or you guys can wear it open but I
do want to show you guys how I would wear it this is just a really cute white
pinstripe with black I would normally put like a black trouser underneath I’m
just wearing these jeans to try on everything else with it
I love how it bounces off with my hair and my tan these are really great for
even day outfits if you guys want to put a crop top underneath keep it open tank
top body suits anything or you guys can wear it like this and then just kind of
like put a little extra safety pin over there then don’t get any surprises
during the day although they might like it I got this one in a size us four
because I knew it was oversight normally when things say oversized I will just go
down a size so normally I would get this like a six or an eight this is how long
it goes on me and these are so super trendy right now by really super cute
look for like dinner time or something body suits always make me feel like
they’re like tattoos almost all over your body
so this one is so gorgeous and kind of romantic you guys it has a bunch of
flowers all over it blues greens and it also has angels all
over it it’s like the most prettiest table do I have a nude bra underneath
which you can barely see I mean I couldn’t really see it inside of the
bathroom I have this one in a size us6 typically from boohoo I get us six in my
body suits anyways this is a stretchy material you guys
you also want these to kind of look kind of skin tight but not crazy
uncomfortable obviously and I just put it with a pair of blue jeans I feel like
this is really great to kind of wear it to dinner wouldn’t it be
so funny event with us for my birthday but it is a really nice and cute but I
love that it’s nice and fitted this is how the black looks it’s really
comfortable you guys like very kind of very just I don’t know it’s just like a
very comfortable soft mesh fabric it’s not rough or anything it’s really just
kind of like naked that’s what it feels like on you teal top it’s not a bodysuit
is a top and it is ribbed to have like this chunky ripped kind of detail all
over it so super soft you guys like this is such a comfortable fabric I can’t
even and online I knew I was going to be a small on this just because I’m pretty
familiar with my fabrics and I knew that this fabric would have really nice
stretch to it so I did get it as small and it does have some really good
stretch and it’s really nice and comfortable gives me like a fitted feel
without being super tight this is how much room I have like it still has some
more stretch it’s really nice and plain it’s funny because I’m so comfortable
with this collar that I almost consider it to be like closer to my neutral tones
because it’s just so wearable I feel like it can suit a lot of different
people I’ve worn this color a couple of times but even in the past like I’ve
always loved this color on me and it’s like not too green not too blue it’s
like in-between you guys can see my jeans are like a lot more blue but I
love love love this teal color it’s perfect like for spring obviously this
is really great to kind of like dress up for dinner
putting a trouser or anything like a skirt or something or you guys can wear
like this it’s like an everyday of it even with joggers if you put like the
same color driver over top and you like a monotone kind of look I definitely
would suggest if you’ve never really worn color or don’t work color much like
me to kind of stick with me me these tones okay this bodysuit is so cute this
very pink romantic bodysuit like oh my god it’s like a really dusty pink color
if it’s coming off on camera I think it is this bodysuit is again in a size six
this is how it looks on the back really nice and plain I love the one arm
because I feel like it’s really sexy without showing too too much and it just
has like this little puff sleeve I feel like the side sticks fits me perfectly
in these particularly when there’s nothing on this I
and like when they fit really nice and fitted so that I know my chest is
securely in there but this site is really nice and fitted too so that’s
something to look for when you guys are choosing these one-shoulder kind of tops
make sure they’re fitted and if they are comfortable stretchy fabric then you
guys will feel really good in it if I can’t stop staring at it
like I love this detail this crossover detail I love kind of like the ruching
that happens on the chest area how we’ll make a bodysuit in this really really
kind of new color I would say it is so pretty it comes with these chains on the
sides here for your straps which kind of dresses it up a little bit I have this
in a size six and right now I’m not wearing a bra you guys I’m just wearing
nipple covers I feel like that’s what I would recommend if you’re wearing tops
like these and at the back this is what it looks like it kind of goes really
nice and low in the back but this is like my favorite neckline when it comes
to like dresses I love a cowl-neck and I love this pearly satin kind of vibe
going on it is really nice and dressy this is really great if it’s your
birthday coming up pisces season but yeah it’s just a really pretty kind of
gorgeous bodysuit that I would wear if I was dressing up the bottom portion of
the bodysuit it is a very stretchy cotton fabric but really really stretchy
guys so it’s so comfortable putting it on please super cute with these jeans as
well so I also got this blazer you guys and I’m putting it over top of this
because I feel like look how gorgeous that looks like makes it look really
really expensive so this is what I would kind of wear for dinner this blazer I
have in a size 6 and it comes with the two buttons over here I’ll show you guys
a close-up this is how long the Blazer goes on me I like what Blazers go a
little bit longer because I am short it’s kind of another fashion tip that I
have if you were my kind of height I feel like short Blazers on us kind of
make us look even shorter because it cuts us off right over here whereas
these spoons go a lot longer and it kind of gives the illusion that you are
longer when you’re not plus they are trendy anyways the shorter Blazers are
not as trendy and my arms it gives me a just enough room to kind of wear a very
thin top or a top like this obviously that’s sleeveless but if you guys want
to have more room arms go up one side plus they can also
still button this up and wear by itself oh look how cute that looks especially
for spring you guys Blazers are something you’re gonna want to stock up
on because they’re really hot right now you’re gonna see them everywhere you
probably already are on IG so you know what I’m talking about
but they’re really great to even pair with t-shirt they can be dressed down
they can be dressed up for dinner so they’re basically everything this is a
really cute accent bodysuit oh my god it looks so cute on camera so it comes with
these bell sleeves over here of a leopard pattern kind of going on they
actually have a few of these they also have a polka dot one but it’s a really
kind of fun that bodysuit comes with the button closure and I’m wearing a size
six for it now you guys which I feel like is really nice with body suits I
like to be nice and fitted I like to really be in them I don’t like when they
lose because then you tend to like tug on them and stuff like that so and also
you guys let me know what you guys like that I wear the pieces in front of the
camera like this instead of in front of my mirror but I kind of like that while
I’m wearing it I sometimes think about something that I might miss if I do it
the other way and I feel like you guys can really get to see it on me but let
me know your thoughts down below because I’m curious this is how it looks on the
back it has a very I’m not wearing a bra right now again just nipple covers and
this is also velvet just let you guys know cuz I’m really big on my feels and
textures this corn eggs some of you guys might recognize it from my latest
wedding today if you guys have not checked that out make sure you guys do
but this tub is really super cute and this part over here with the writing you
guys it is fuzzy it is pervy so what was super cute I wanted this to be really
super comfortable so I ended up getting this in a size large so that it can be
really nice and baggy this is how it fits on me this crew neck and particular
fits really true to size it’s not oversized it’s just really regular so
that’s how it looks if I were to put it all the way down it’s kind of a really
fun top to even lounge around in a few guys are kind of into a lot of pink
tones like I am then you might want to check this out
they have so many different sweatshirts you guys that are so so cute it’s a
really cute honey I’m wearing it with my jeans which it looks really cute with
and I have this one in a size medium and I love the contrast with the peach plus
I just love house like a little bit of pink too but I just love like these
graphic hoodie sometimes you can find me a lot like in hoodies and croon eggs
especially in spring and summer why don’t one of the groceries for the
medium fits me really well I feel like this is the fit that I exactly wanted
gives me some room over here so I love it comes with your typical two pockets
at the front and this at the bottom is stretchy to so it’s not really stiff or
anything but it’s just a really basic hoodie that you can pair but pretty much
anything if you guys live in your hoodies and your crew necks sometimes I
have weeks and weeks on weeks that’s all I use hey this is so cute you guys I
love this bubblegum pink it definitely has like that purpley
undertone it’s not like it’s more of the cool pink not the warm pink but it’s so
cute I got this one on a size aus-8 make sure you guys are shopping on the
appropriate country by the way when you guys are shopping and it says Callie
it’s kind of like stitched on and I love wearing it with a pair of jeans and I
love how the blue and the pink kind of pop out together I also got the same
exact sweater in baby blue which I’m gonna try on for you guys I feel like it
really kind of suits me I feel like pink the baby blue suits me – I feel like
pink suits me a little bit more like really good to kind of just lounge
around in – and again just go to the grocery store this is the blue one so
let me know what is your choice is it pink is it blue one thing I want to
mention about these cornets is it’s definitely not your typical like stick
crewneck it’s more on the like thinner side I would say not crazy not as thin
as like a t-shirt but not as thick as a typical crew neck so this one you guys I
got in a size 6 I wanted to see how it was gonna fit I thought it would fit a
little bit more fitted but this is how I would like it to fit anyway so I’m not
playing Calabasas California it says Anya which is really super cute and I
love this great color I don’t wear it too often
but sometimes I’m in the mood for it so I decided to get the gray I think it
comes in black and white but I already have one this is how it overall kind of
fits on me it gives me still enough room as you guys know I’m obsessed with Kelly
so I love that it says Calabasas California these guys again I just throw
on super quickly and just go outside the house with joggers leggings jeans so
this is in a size and medium so the medium gives me a good amount of room it
is not oversized or anything so gives me room on my arms not too fitted but not
too big either but it’s just very kind of a washed out charcoal gray crewneck
again this is really super cute with blue jeans I love how the blue is really
fresh but I like to have a lot of my neutral tones at my crew necks too
because not all the time I feel like wearing color it work great it’s
definitely your color I would say to check this one out and this is basically
the left piece you guys of this haul so make sure you guys let me know all of
your thoughts down below and leave some feedback on what you guys loved
hopefully you guys enjoyed don’t forget that you guys can shop everything it
down below in my description box and I will put this sizing right next to us
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beautiful babes in my next video


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