i was forced to leave MIT due to the coronavirus

i was forced to leave MIT due to the coronavirus

Two weeks ago, coronavirus was a concern,
but MIT students’ biggest worries were whether or not we would be able to have senior ball
or senior week activities. Events and classes that had over 150 people
were cancelled, and panic and worry set in because of the prospects of missing annual
dance shows, concerts, and other larger occasions. But then it got much worse. Then on Tuesday, March 10th, after Harvard received
their news, we received word that MIT will be moving all classes online and that we’d
have to leave MIT campus by noon the following Tuesday. We thought we’d have two more months to say
goodbye. But now those goodbyes had to be hurried into
this 6 and a half day timeframe. Then on Thursday night, things got even worse. Massachusetts had gone into a state of emergency
and we were now told to pack up all of our things, say our goodbyes, and leave MIT campus
by Sunday. Two months of good byes turned to 6 days turned
to just 4. There was increasing worry that coronavirus
will cause the US to go into a state of national emergency. This meant that students may not be able to
go home if they left after Sunday. Despite the feelings of sadness and disbelief,
we all knew that we had to go. It’s one thing to have to say goodbye in an
unexpected and expedited manner. But it’s a lot sadder when you cannot go out
and go to a club or party or even have larger get-togethers. Because of social distancing, we had to say
goodbye from a distance. We could not shake hands with or hug the professors
that helped us get into graduate school, and we had to say bye to smaller groups of friends
at a time. It was honestly a surreal experience that
I still have not fully grasped. But in that time of crisis and intense pressure
to leave, there wasn’t any time to dwell on what was happening, and it was heartwarming
to see everyone, especially the graduating seniors, come together during this time. We all knew that this was going to be it. We knew that we would probably not be walking
down the aisle to receive our diplomas, and we probably will not be able to do graduation
pictures either. So some of my friends and I bought some graduation
caps, and on the day before we were supposed to leave Boston for the foreseeable future,
we got dressed up and took graduation photos in the spot where we would have been graduating
in about two months. This all just felt so surreal. Since then, all classes shifted online and
will resume at the end of this month. Timmy and I road-tripped down to Alabama while
dropping off some of my fraternity brothers along the way. We will be starting at the startup I mentioned
in my last video, and will actually start getting to work now that we’re already off
campus. We are now both living in this very nice apartment,
and have just gotten settled in. I have also just officially committed to Stanford,
and will be attending Stanford to start my graduate school career starting this fall. This was one heck of a way to end my time
at MIT, but I’m still very excited for what the future holds. During my quarantining, I have had plenty
of time to think and reflect on my time at MIT, and want the rest of this video to be
an open letter to MIT because if I were to decide where I was to spend my undergraduate
career, I would choose MIT every single time. Dear MIT, You were the best decision of my life. Yes you were challenging at times, and yes
I did have low points where I thought I wasn’t good enough to succeed; but through the adversity
and challenges that you presented me, I developed into the confident and resilient man that
I am today. You made me work with my hands and work in
teams on some very challenging problems. You made me become comfortable talking in
front of larger groups of people. You enabled me to think outside of the box
to find new ways of solving familiar challenges. Now matter how insurmountable a challenge
may seem, you have taught me how to take things a step at a time to ultimately navigate and
tackle any challenge that comes my way. Thank you for being the home to some of the
people I will cherish the most in my life. Because of you, I have made connections that
will hopefully last a lifetime. On your campus, almost 4 years ago, when I
was convinced that I’d just want to live alone, I met Sebastian, who has been my roommate
and best friend ever since. Thanks to your AeroAstro department, I have
made great friends in Sam, Kevin and Timmy, who have been there through many of the academic
and personal challenges I have encountered over the years. Because of Nu Delta, I now have a second family
of brothers that I know I’d be able to go to for absolutely anything. They’re a great group of highly-motivated
and intelligent young men who never fail to shower me with love and support. And most recently, it was on your campus where
I have developed a strong relationship with my girlfriend Michelle, who always seems to
keep a smile on my face. Thank you for also opening doors and instilling
a level of confidence in me to walk right through those doors and take on new challenges. You allowed me to get my hands dirty in various
research areas and you allowed me to secure internship positions at a large aerospace
corporation. But most of all, you allowed me to be me. Through all of these challenges and opportunities,
you still allowed me to continue to play basketball and lift and stay healthy. You allowed me to cultivate these relationships
that I mentioned before. And you allowed me to continue to tell my
story and continue to inspire others around the world through this YouTube channel. Heck, because of you, I am now on the founding
team of an up and coming tech startup Deuce Drone. And frankly, I could not have asked for anything
more. Dear MIT, unfortunately my time with you has
come to an end. I will continue online classes for the next
two months, but we both know that it won’t be the same. Know that even when I decided to go to you
four years ago, I could not have imagined the magnitude of the positive impact you have
had on my life. I definitely hated you at moments, but honestly
didn’t know how much I loved you until you were ripped away from me so suddenly. Thank you for everything and hopefully our
paths cross some time in the future. Best,
KJ Hardrict MIT AeroAstro Class of 2020 Hey everyone, as you all know, there’s just
a lot going on right now. I hope you all are doing well and are safe. Right now, I’m in quarantine here in Mobile,
AL, so it will be safe to assume that I will be able to post
more videos from here. Let me know in the comments what types of
videos you want to see. I have been posting a lot more on my Instagram
stories, so make sure to follow me on there and Twitter to see what I’m up. As for this channel, subscribe and have the
notification bell clicked to stay up to date on my latest videos. As always, thanks for watching, and I will
see you in the next video.

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  1. I’m sorry man. As a senior at Georgetown, I also felt the pain of having to expedite my goodbyes and give up some of my plans for my last semester. It really felt like having the rug pulled out from under my feet.

  2. Stay safe out there everybody! If you haven’t already, make sure to follow me on insta at kjhardrict to see what I’m up to!

  3. Bro, i cant believe this…. its unreal… ive been following your journey from the beginning …. i hope everything goes well …. All the best KJ!

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  5. Okay, can I please say that I'm glad I found your channel and you're no doubt my motivation. I know how hard it is to leave places and people that you love and used to, but it's even tougher when you can't say proper goodbye. Don't be upset even though it might be hard and stay safe ❤

  6. I've been waiting for ages for this video, thanks KJ for your regular updates! Stay safe and my my regards to Tim.

  7. As an engineering college student like you, this video nearly brought me to tears. Stay safe!
    Also you do you have the links to the background music?

  8. Here in Pakistan, Also All academic activities has been suspended for three weeks..so, sad..May Allah protect humanity from this harmful disease..Ameen

  9. Damn this was really emotional. Amazing pieces of music too. I hope you'll reunite with all of your friends soon 🙂

  10. Man I feel so bad for you and all the other seniors whose time was cut short… I’m only a freshman and it sucks that I won’t get to make any more first-year memories, but it would suck 10x more to not make final memories with people I’ve spent the past 4 years with. It’s unreal to me how much this pandemic has affected everyone. Best wishes to you, and I hope you’re feeling all right.

  11. Your MIT vlogs were amazing and I am sad they are finished so instantly. However bes of luck to you in the future. Also I want to thank to you because you really have inspired me to push my boundries. Now MIT Aerospace Engineering is my dream place to study. I hope I will get in thank you again:) Stay safe

  12. Ik it’s not as important but I’m a hs senior and it sucks too but what sucks most is my sister is a college senior as well.

  13. I hope this crisis will be over soon.
    I'm in my final semester too but heh no online classes
    I'm going to miss these MIT videos. I'll probably never go here as I've always wanted to but these videos are really (how do I say this; makes me feel there)

  14. I followed your whole journey, even I'm a 2020 batch student and nowhere near to what you are but you keep pushing me KJ , you helped alot. Thanks bud.

  15. Damn man. Really sorry bout all this. I can kinda relate since I’m class of 2020 but it’s highschool not college. I think it’s pretty cool u guys took ur grad pictures before u left.

  16. It sucks not being able to cross paths at CPW or any other visit I'll be taking to the campus before the fall. You inspired me to apply, and now you've inspired me to take the leap and attend MIT for Aerospace Engineering in the class of 2024. Thank you for all the work that you have done, and keep it up at Stanford! Can't wait to hear about your experiences!

  17. Jesus can heal, Jesus is the one who can save us from all of this CHAOS…Go to Jesus by Looking at this church recent video….Go to FGHT on Youtube

  18. You must feel lucky for having something that's really hard to say goodbye to, KJ. I wish you all the amazing things in life. Keep on going and stay safe😄

  19. Your videos are very inspiring. What is your family background? You seem like you come from a diverse family. How do you identify?

  20. Loving the editing in this video. Really conveys the emotions the students have been going through at this time. Good luck with everything man. I'm sure I'll see you again. Hope everyone's doing well!

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  22. You've made a sad ending into a happy and inspiring one. You've always kept that high standard as the great icon you are. Congratulations and can't wait for your next video!

  23. I’m so sorry man. Give my regards to you and your friends and the best college in the world (MIT). I really hope that this never happens again and I deeply regret that it happened and hurt so many people already.

    Please! For the sake of your personal health and for the sake of others, please take care of yourselves.

    KJ, I really looked forward to your video on the graduation day at MIT and I am so sorry that it had to come this soon. I wish you all the best man with Stanford and your new startup. Just know that your future is bright and you are probably going to be a huge person in our society one day.

    Stay safe everyone.

  24. Love your videos, i'd appreciate it if you list the titles of the wonder music you use in them in the description. Thank you🙂

  25. wish you all the best kj 😔
    stay safe
    you made me cry man 😪
    You inspire me with all your videos keep going ❤
    mit is my dreeaaam
    it's hard but i'll try to get it anyways✌✌love your videos from tunisia🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳

  26. Man, as a Sloan Fellow, I really feel for everyone at MIT, but especially seniors like you. I just want to thank you for your videos over the past several years, which inspired me to study at MIT in the first place and reminded me again and again how special MIT is and how fortunate I've been to be a part of it. Thank you.

  27. Dear KJ Hadrict,

    Though I do not know you personally, I really wanted to thank you for providing the content that you provide, and for highly motivating me as a person. I don't think I'll ever forget the time where you posted your video about dealing with impostor syndrome, as it was something I struggled with throughout high school. Thanks to that video, you've made me reinforce the fact that everyone has potential, and everyone has an important niche they can play in their own lives.

    I also appreciated that video where you admitted that your happy, bright, and productive videos aren't always as they seem. You've admitted your struggles at MIT, and that's made me shift my mindset of MIT people from "Oh, they're the best of the best. They're always successful in their pursuits and they have no struggles." to "Wow. Their struggles are hard. Really hard." It allowed me to better empathize with you as a person, and you became a much more relatable person to me. I truly thank you for that.

    Your videos, overall, have inspired me to continue pursuing my passions, and that no matter who may look more intelligent than me, no matter who seems to have more potential than me, I have to keep a strong mindset and keep pushing onward with life. Maybe I don't understand my current struggles at the moment, but when I look back, I'll look at my struggles fondly.

    I hope you're doing alright, KJ. This coronaviral situation has been totally crazy, and I'm saddened by the fact that you won't get to end your MIT undergraduate career as you would have hoped. I can relate as I see I (probably) can't end high school the way I would have liked to either. I hope you, your friends, your family, and your community are doing well, safe and sound.

    As for video recommendations, I do not have any (at the moment.) But, like you say in your videos, just be yourself in whatever videos you decide to make.

    Joseph Lee, a high school senior

  28. Such a great video. As a high school senior, we got told that schools were closing at 2:00 pm in class, and school let out at 2:40 pm. I didn't get to tell all my friends goodbye. Still looking forward to the future though. You have a great attitude, and I'm sorry that you and everyone else had to expedite their goodbyes. Stay safe, and best of luck.

  29. I'm so sorry and I feel you, stay strong man, loved every single one of your MIT vlogs and I will continue to do so with your following experience 🙂
    Shoutout from an engineering student from Belgium

  30. KJ, I just needed to tell you that you are such a huge inspiration for me. I am looking to pursue my career in Aerospace Engineering as well, and I look up to you in various aspects. The positivity you have towards life, the honesty, the humility – it's refreshing. Thank you so much for sharing your journey at MIT with us. I just wish you all the luck for your future endeavours, and may you find happiness and peace wherever you are.

  31. This video was too much I definitely shed a tear. I am also a senior and these last couple of weeks have hurt me. No commencement, no senior activities, no final goodbyes. But we have to remember the good times and the great years. Lets end this year strong and lets persevere! Stay safe KJ and congratulations to us, class of 2020!

  32. It was a very nice video, the daily videos as an MIT student, those were my favorites, congratulations from Mexico.

  33. There's something I still don't understand. I know nobody foresees this but if private institutes force students to evacuate from campuses, especially for those staying on campus, do you guys get a portion of your tuition fee back? Obviously you can't use the school facilities and other benefits while studying online.

  34. Bro even if I'm still in 4th semester and not living at there, but all students who relate this feel you and I also feel that, I hope this circumstances will be okay/done soon😢 Amen🙏

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  36. Hii KJ.. may all of you in a very good condition.. stay safe and healthy out there.. 🙂 it was sadly to leave MIT but as you said that was a bitter sweet.. so just keep smiling..

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