Ich habe den billigsten Jaguar V12 gekauft! Zwischenfazit nach 2 Jahren im puren Luxus

Dear friends of the cultivated lifestyle, I greet you from Dithmarschen on this long overdue video. This video is about a decision I made two years ago. I’m refering to my ’96 Daimler Do uble Six. For many an old Jaguar is the high point of the classic automobile. However, this one specifically? I’m not so sure. Let’s do a test drive and I’ll explain why this car is anything else but the high point of whatever. Let’s go! Blue chips, blue chips, ok, I’m in! Aren’t those the ones with the violet potatoes? Welcome aboard my 5.15 m yacht. There are many positive aspects to report. When I bought this car two years ago, it was the cheapest Jaguar XJ from the X300 range with a V12 engine and road permit in Germany. Furthermore, just look at it! it’s just spectacular! Spruce green on the outside and Sahara Tan on the inside. Just an elegant and classic spec. Unfortunately, that’s where the positive aspects end. You should know, this car was imported from Salerno. A city in the very south of Italy. To be honest, a Jaguar V12 isn’t a typical car for that region. The previous owner had an exquisite taste. And I’m not just refering to the specification. This is the long wheel base variant and it also features individual rear seats with power adjustments and heating which doesn’t work but that’s a different story. These are very rare options. Yet the previous owner wasn’t satisfied. He wanted more. For that reason he disassembled the vehicle and went through it part by part For instance he added a powerdome to the bonnet, a rear spoiler, low side skirts, larger twin exhausts and much more. He also modified the interior by adding a flip-down TFT on top of this Motorola car phone. He literally screwed it to the headliner. There are even a few additional feautres I still haven’t quite figured out. Like this switch next to the gear selector. First you have to flip up this fake carbon fibre lid with a switch below. But nothing happens. Or maybe it does? Who knows? Unfortunatelly, the Italian didn’t put as much effort into the maintenance as he did into his modifications. For that reason, there are some issues with the transmission. It’s a four speed but only the second gear works when the transmission is cold. After a while until it’ll shift into third and fourth. Finally, we can’t dismiss the fact it’s an old Jaguar, which means things will inevitably go wrong. My major problem right now is the sunroof which doesn’t shut all the way and a much more immediate problem is that it currently rains outside. It’s not too leaky but as you might hear from the ongoing wind noise, it’s really annoying. But wait – there’s more! The memory seats have stopped working. I guess it’s just the buttons. the rear seat heaters don’t work, the height adjustment for one of the headlights is broken, Well, it’s a 24 year old Jaguar. What do you expect? It’s still good for this! The sum of all these small issues is what worries me most. The airbag warning light is lit up, the volume control knob has a mind of it’s own The lovely lambswool carpet has been glued to some sort of rubber mats It’s as much a project car as project cars can be. On the other hand, it removes the respect I’d have working on this car and offers the possibility to add my own style. But that’s a different story. The next step is trying to get this thing back to it’s original mechanical condition. Let’s see where we can go from there. Overall, I have to admit this is a purchase I don’t regret so far. Driving this car always cheers me up. Who cares whether this was a stupid decision. Isn’t it important to focus on the joy rather than the economic viability from time to time? I guess that’s enough philosophy for the day. Thank you for watching! See you soon in antother video! Ciao!

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