Impala Miraculously Escapes Jaws Of Leopard | The Hunt | BBC Earth

Impala Miraculously Escapes Jaws Of Leopard | The Hunt | BBC Earth

leopards are the most versatile of all the big cats adept at finding cover in the most on promising places [Music] the steep walls of the gulley are now her cover for an ambush the male puku is close enough but he’s too big to tackle she needs to sleep past him without being seen if he sponsor he’ll blow her cover [Music] slowly does it to succeed here she needs to find prey grazing close to the edge or better still in the curry itself [Music] frustration success would have staved off hunger for a week but while there’s prey around this hope peeking over the top is a risk but it’s the quickest way to find a new target [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] a burst of speed of 65 kilometers an hour and it’s all over in less than six seconds except it isn’t [Music] dazed and disorientated the Impala makes a miraculous escape [Music]

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  1. These beautiful innocent animals are in danger of losing their lives every minute of every day! They live in FEAR of their lives from birth till some damn monster carves them up alive!
    Intelligent design at work!

    Intelligent design! Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha!!

  2. Legends say the impala killed the leopard, 3:23–3:36 the other impalas already thought: well that leopard is doomed, messed with the wrong impala!

  3. Wait so y’all know the mimic octopus right? What if there was an animal like that but bigger. Like a chameleon but it could change its shape and color and it’s the size of a leopard.

  4. I've just started to watch this documentary last night. And I LOVE the camera quality and cinematography. It looks SO glorious!!

  5. I’m always like “There’s so many impalas common just pluck one off their out in the open” but obviously I know that’s impractical it’s still frustrating though

  6. shame there wasn't a camera in the pit to see what happened! How did the antelope escape and why didn't the leopard give chase? We will never know!

  7. The video did not show how the impala escaped. It just showed an impala popping out of the hole. You missed the most amazing part if in fact the escaped took place. I doubt it. It may be a different impala. Note even a stronger prey would have escaped once it was grabbed the way this leopard did it. Plus, it makes no sense for the camera man to continue filming outside the hole once the leopard dragged the prey inside the hole.

  8. There is one big ass leo and the other imapalas are chilling as if it were their cousin. Everything is fucking staged. I am leaving this planet.

  9. What poor 'disney' story is this.if they can film the leopard in the gully before the capture,then why not after the escape so we can know what grim injuries the leopard must have suffered to allow the impala to get away without chase.this is poor.most of us want to know what happened or we wouldnt be watching the leopard.send this to the bbc.i cant b botherd signing into the social media options given for commentary

  10. Leopard: It's just a Prank!! There's a camera.
    Impala: haha! I thought you'd kill me for real, bye see yaa.
    Leopard: Take care pal!

  11. Haviam 02 empalás próximo da ribanceira, um deles foge cá abaixo que não foi mostrado no vídeo. O que tornou- se a presa do leopardo foi morto de fato. O que surge na câmera se trata de outro empala que fugiu pro corrego e ao perceber o leopardo com a presa, descendo a ribanceira, ele retorna pra cima instinto, causando uma dupla cena que confunde a filmagem. Tanto é que não se vê mais o leopardo saindo do corrego em busca da presa que se realmente tivesse escapado, haveria uma segunda tentativa.lógico que ele foi almoçar.

  12. none of the other impala moved, some where chewing their food and im mad that the leopard is missing a meal tho.

  13. Leapord:- Ha..ha..i m gonna kill you
    and make you as my lunch

    Impala:- I am affected by CORONA VIRUS 😷

    Leapord:- Run for your life 😨

  14. Actually, I think it's a different impala altogether. There are no bite marks on it's neck. Remember earlier in the video there were other impala down there. Also, if you've ever seen a leopard ambush a wild boar you know that they would never just give up chasing their prey without a huge follow-up struggle. Different impala, was probably napping or something. Also, this video is a composite of shots from different times. The impala present when the leopard first jumps out, is different than the one they show getting caught.

  15. This is like in shows where they jump a guy, pull him into a closet, then come out wearing his clothes. I suspect that may actually be the leopard emerging 🤔

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