Jaguar S-Type Restoration [21] Exhaust Removal (3) Fully Detaching both Manifolds [2020-03-13]

Jaguar S-Type Restoration [21] Exhaust Removal (3) Fully Detaching both Manifolds [2020-03-13]

Me and the exhaust, part 3 – stay tuned… Hello everybody,
this is already day 21 of my S-Type rebuild.
I will now unscrew the remaining nut that holds the exhaust manifold in place
on driver´s side and afterwards try to remove the whole exhaust system from the car. To receive updates on this project, consider subscribing to my channel, and if doing so, please also activate the notification bell. While the exhaust pipes are attached to the car at the rear, there is no such connection at the
front, and to prevent the system dropping down as soon as I have unscrewed the last nut of the exhaust manifold, I placed jack stands here underneath. Luckily the one nut that was
covered by the heat shield when it was working underneath the car can be quite
easily accessed from the engine bay, but to place my ratchet there, I first have
to get the oil dip stick out of the way. After having unscrewed the nut, I wasn’t able to remove the bracket from
the stud because of the quite rigid dipstick tube that couldn’t be moved
upwards at all. I then supposed a U-notch being hidden underneath the little splash
shield that is wrapped around the holding bracket on both sides, and
detached it, but this also ended in a disappointment. At the end all this
effort was useless – like on passenger side, the first stud was broken already and could be removed easily by hand. Back underneath the car, I
tried to unscrew the one stud that didn’t come out together with the nut
last time. That was quite a pain because of the heat shield still in the way.
The socket required here is an “E7”, that’s some kind of an inverted torx bit. Just realized that I missed out the two nuts that are only accessible from the front part of the wheel well –
hopefully on this side they are too… In fact the lower of the two nuts – the
one I could just catch for you on camera – was quite easy to access and also detach because the angle allowed me using a straight extension only… …quite contrary
to the upper one that can hardly be spotted and nearly impossible be accessed from the wheel well. As you can see, I used duct tape to stiffen the joint
I had to install between the extension and the socket at its end. Since there’s
no space to stick a hand inside, that´s the only way to place a socket onto the nut and get it loose. Finally I was able to unscrew the nut together with the stud, but they dropped into the heat shield that was positioned right underneath. Later I removed both, the heat shield and also the stud/ nut assembly, from the engine bay. Unfortunately this wasn´t caught on camera. On passenger side, I’m now gonna detach the starter motor. The big one here is 12 mm hex… …and the smaller one 8 (mm hex). There´s one electrical connection directly
to the starter motor… Okay, maybe this bolt sticks all the way through and holds this connector at the top – let’s try this… This is 14 (mm) hex. One nut and a washer… Yeah, but removing these
didn’t have any effect on the cable attached to the starter motor on the
upper side. If somebody has an idea, please leave a comment below. Once underneath there, I now decided to fully detach the last nut I had left on
passenger side to prevent the exhaust manifold from dropping down. Both manifolds are now detached, but not
the exhaust system as a whole. Nevertheless, not to die from sepsis
instead the corona virus, I stop for now and continue another day. If you liked
this video, please give the thumbs up. See you back next time, goodbye.

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