Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L Magnaflow Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust Sound Clip & Review

Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L Magnaflow Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust Sound Clip & Review

Hey, guys, so today I’m here with the Magnaflow
Street Series cat-back exhaust system, fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers with the 2.0-liter
engine. Now, cat-back can offer you a number of different
benefits and this option by Magnaflow is going to do just that. Now, this will do a really good job at opening
up a lot of airflow, getting rid of a lot of restriction, which will essentially boost
your horsepower and torque numbers in those higher RPM ranges and create a more aggressive
tone out of your 2.0 liter. As far as volume and loudness goes, I’m gonna
give this a two out of five on the loudness meter with one being completely stopped and
five being incredibly loud. Now, this is Magnaflow Street Series and that
is their more quiet option and that’s exactly what you’re gonna get from this. It is gonna do a really good job at creating
a more aggressive tone or a deeper tone out of the 2.0, however, you’re not getting a
lot of volume with this system. Now, that’s gonna make it perfect for that
daily driver who does not wanna hear their exhaust all the time or doesn’t want something
that’s incredibly loud. Wants to keep it comfortable inside the cab
area with no drone, thanks to the resonator mounted upfront, making it a perfect entry-level
exhaust system, like I mentioned before. This is also just gonna be great for the Jeep
owner who’s in search of a good looking exhaust considering that this feature is a 4-inch
polish tip, a dual outlet, and even a polished muffler, giving a very clean look to the back
end of the Jeep. Now, with all that being said, this is gonna
cost you roughly $900. And in my opinion, I think you’re getting
what you pay for with the quality construction as well as the high-quality materials that
are included in this kit. Comparing it to other exhaust systems on the
page, this is set at a pretty average price point. Now, some less expensive choices are usually
just going to be either made of aluminized steel instead of a high-quality stainless
steel option like this. Or they usually will be for those high touch
choices, more for the offroader and more for somebody who’s really concerned about their
departure angles and not necessarily concerned about looks. Again, in my opinion, I think if you’re looking
for a good looking exhaust system as well as something that’s going to make your 2.0-liter
sound a little bit more aggressive and not bother you on your day to day drives, then
this option is gonna be a great one to take a look at it. Install is gonna be a two out of three wrenches
on the difficulty meter, taking you about two hours to get the job done with some pretty
basic hand tools. So, speaking of the install, let’s jump into
that now. Tools that I used for my install were a pry
bar, a 10-inch extension, 3/8 inch drive, and quarter-inch drive ratchet, an impact
wrench, a hanger removal tool, and a socket set ranging from 18-millimeter down to 10-millimeter. So, our first step to this install is to start
by taking off our muffler, I’m gonna start with the hangers and I find it a little bit
easier to take off the hangers themselves just because there’s not a lot of room on
the side of our muffler to fit a hanger removal tool. So, you’re gonna need a 13-millimeter socket
as well as a 13-millimeter ratcheting wrench in order to remove those two bolts that are
holding the hanger on. I’m also using a 10-inch extension to reach
the top bolt that’s up on top of the hanger and just because it is a little bit hard to
reach. Then we can remove the bolt on the side, just
because there’s not a lot of room I’m gonna use a 13-millimeter ratcheting wrench. And then this hanger will stay hooked onto
that frame and then we can do the same thing on the other side. Next, we can loosen up the clamp on the over
axle pipe, I’m gonna be using a 15-millimeter deep socket. Then we can wiggle off our exhaust. Next, we can loosen up the clamp up at the
cat-back piping. I’m going to be using a 13-millimeter ratcheting
wrench. Now that that’s loosened up and able to be
disconnected what we can do is remove the exhaust itself from the hanger. So, right behind your driver’s side spring,
you will have a hanger here and an isolator. This is not removable, it’s welded to the
frame. So, what we’re gonna have to do is use a hanger
removal tool and go ahead and push the exhaust out of the isolator. All right, so once it’s removed, now we can
wiggle out our exhaust piping. So, the exhaust is hitting our spring and
the subframe is in the way. So, what I’m gonna do is just to loosen up
the bolts on either side of the subframe as well as the back. And then it is connected to this bracket here,
so I’m just gonna remove the two 10-millimeter bolts that are holding it in, so we’ll be
able to drop the subframe and wiggle our exhaust out. So, first I’m gonna use an 18-millimeter socket
and loosen up the four bolts that are holding on our subframe. Next, I’m gonna take a 10-millimeter socket
and remove the 2 bolts that are holding on the backside of this bracket. Once those are out, we’ll be able to drop
the subframe down, now we can remove this bolt over here on the side and wiggle our
exhaust out. So, now that our subframe is kind of out of
the way, what we do is wiggle our exhaust out. Before we open to the install I wanted to
a stop down and tell you guys a little bit more about this Magnaflow Street Series exhaust
system and what benefits that you’re gonna see out of this over our factory setup. Now, this is gonna be a big step up in construction,
as well as materials being made of a stainless steel material with mandrel-bent tubing, and
that’s going to be a lot more rust-resistant and hold up for a longer period of time in
comparison to our factory steel material. Is also gonna have factory style hangers on
it to ensure a good fit as well as high-quality weld to ensure again that this is going to
hold up for a long period of time and look good while doing it. Now, as you can tell on the factory piping
that over axle pipe is pinched which does cause a lot of restriction and the factory
style muffler and resonator are baffled as well and also cause a lot of restriction. But when moving over to this system, you’re
getting straight mandrel-bent piping, you’re also getting a high flow muffler as well as
a straight-through style resonator again, freeing up a lot airflow. And that’s gonna help you out in the performance
department with some better horsepower and torque gains because of that better airflow,
but it’s also going to help you out in the sound department as well with a more aggressive
tone to your Wrangler. Now, not only is it just going to be very
functional, but it’s also gonna give you a good look to your Wrangler as well with the
large four-inch polished tips and the dual outlet in comparison to our single outlet
that we see on our factory exhaust system. This is gonna give you a very polished look
to the back of your Wrangler and bump up your styling, especially for you guys out there
that are a fan of that dual tip. What I also really like about this new exhaust
system is that it is a lot more compact. Now, that is going to be a good look as far
as just making the exhaust system look a lot sleeker than our factory one, but it is going
to save you a little bit of room for you guys that are going out on the trail. Now, this is also going to come with everything
that you need in order to install it, all the clamps and again those factory style hangers
for a good fit. So, let’s go ahead and install our new exhaust
system. So, first what we’re gonna do is take off
our clamp. This is the clamp on the resonator piping,
there is a little tab here that you might have to bend out of the way. What we can do is just add that to our new
exhaust system, then we can head over to the Jeep. What we can do first is attach our resonator
piping with our factory clamp. We’re just going to attach this here, wiggle
it into place, make sure that the clamp is sitting over both pipes. And then what I’m gonna do is just tighten
it up with a 13-millimeter socket. Now, we’ll be able to adjust this just a little
bit later but I wanna make sure that this is staying in place. So, now that that’s on there, what we can
do it our subframe back up and just reattach it with the 2 bolts on the side and the two
10-millimeter bolts on this. Then tighten up the two back that we loosened
as well, then we can just reattach those two 10-millimeter bolts on the bracket. What we can do next is attach our over axle
pipe, I’m going to take our provided clamp, back on here, wiggle this over our resonator
piping. What we wanna do is line this up to get into
the hanger. What we can do now is transfer over our factory
hangers on to our new muffler there. I’m going to use a hanger removal tool in
order to take these off. Put a little PB blaster on there just to help
the hanger come off. Same thing for the other one. What we can do now is grab our new muffler,
making sure that the clamp that’s provided is on the end, line that up with our over
axle pipe. And then what I’m gonna do is actually hook
these hangers onto the frame, making sure that everything lines up correctly. What I’m gonna do just to hold this in place
is take one of the factory bolts and thread that into the frame, and same for the other
side. Now, while this is mounted up, we can install
our other bolt on our hanger. It might be a little helpful to push up on
the exhaust, just to align everything up. Great. Now, we can tighten everything down. We can start by tightening down our hangers,
I’m gonna be using a 13-millimeter socket for both the side and top bolt. Same for the other side. Then we can tighten up our clamp, making sure
that it’s sitting over both of the pipes of the 15-millimeter socket. Next we can tighten down the clamp that’s
holding on our resonator piping to our over axle piping with the same 15-millimeter socket. And last but not least, we can head up to
our first clamp up here, a factory-style clamp, tighten that down with a 13-millimeter socket. After everything’s tightened up, then we’re
all set to go. That’s gonna wrap it up for my review and
install. Make sure like and subscribe, and for more
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