Kim Possible Characters: Good to Evil

Kim Possible Characters: Good to Evil

Kim Possible the crime-fighting heroine
played a big action-packed role in many of our childhoods though the series has
been finished for well over a decade it still has some memorable moments that
have fans reminiscing about it today it also had a big cast full of characters
that ranged from heroes to villains and today we’ll be breaking down where these
characters fall on the morality spectrum I’m Teresa with wicked binge and this is
good too evil Kim Possible as usual we’ll be starting with the most good and
first on our list is Ron stoppable ‘he’s much-loved and non furry sidekick rufus
the naked mole rat although many characters like people in real life show
discussed at the rodents admittedly saggy and furless exterior Rufus has a
heart of gold underneath even though sleeping 20 hours a day
doesn’t leave much time for heroic deeds it is essential for mole rats to get at
least 20 hours of sleep he’s quick to jump to action when he’s needed in
battle he shows a strange aptitude for ninja training considering his small
size and wealth species sure he’s picked up some of his owners bad habits along
the way such as gluttony and laziness but ultimately no one could claim that
Rufus has any capability for evil even as much more assuming future self
Kim Possible herself is next up on our list as our primary heroin and the
epitomize character of the series it’s no surprise that she ranks pretty high
on the good scale she’s a highly competent hero and when it comes to the
important life-or-death matters she has an OnPoint moral compass it’s the least
I can do after you saved me in that hurricane of course Kim has her flaws
she can be bossy and the perfectionist okay team that
should be about enough and is also prone to bouts of self-depreciation that can
cause her to lash out at friends and family mom reassure me I just had a
fight with Ron but that comes at the territory of being a teenage girl and
the moral of each episode is her overcoming any obstacle in her way to
come out triumphant doing the right thing
it would be hard to fault her for anything she struggles with on the way
there and Kim is quite literally a hero in every sense of the word brave
courageous and loyal she deserves her spots so high on the good list closely
followed is Kim’s loyal best friend and sidekick Ron stoppable
similarly to Kim as one of our main protagonists and moral epicenters for
the series you’d be hard-pressed to class him anywhere near the evil side of
the spectrum it’s hard to even class him lower than Kim as they’re as tied for
morally good as two well-rounded main characters can be and after all being a
bit lazy doesn’t make you evil however his tendency towards obsessions have
landed him and his friends in some rough spots from time to time his obsession
with his haircut led him to thoughtlessly make a whole outfit change
that didn’t have a pocket for Rufus but worse his junk food diet regimen in one
episode actually turned him into a rampaging giant still ron is a pure soul
without question next up is Ron and Kim’s best friend Monique part of
Monique’s placement has to be attributed to the fact that she’s a rather minor
character she goes through the series without us even learning her last name
I’m Monique let alone having any sort of moral crisis she’s simply a good friend
responsible and highly loyal to Kim and Ron and mostly works to be the voice of
reason in their own personal dilemma and interpersonal conflicts Monique you were
totally right I know though she can be quite blunt
about it sometimes such as losing her patience with Ron’s laziness it’s
generally the kicker friends need to get back to their a-game making any sort of
jab benevolent in the long run and possible is next on
our list and fundamentally her role is as Kim’s mother she doesn’t play a huge
or active role in the series the matter Kimi school or villains but as a
parental figure her impact on Kim is paramount no but I might work in and I
told you so she’s shown to have a cheerful disposition and be a generally
compassionate parent even if she’s embarrassed Kim on occasion mom you
don’t have me on speaker again do you mom to her daughter’s mortification
she’s shown to have a fiery temper too and many characters have almost ended up
on the opposing end of her wrath I’ll show him danger clue however as far as
morality goes she’s a pretty solid bet for the good scale the tweeds Jim and
Tim possible meanwhile are antagonistic but with no bite anyone who has siblings
knows that they’re hard to deal with at times when you’re a teenager dealing
with all those normal teenage problems and you’re trying to serve the world
every day your annoying little brothers can definitely be a nuisance when you’d
arrived to the mall can’t Jim and Tim like any younger siblings often make it
their mission to be as irritating as they possibly can to Kim but considering
their kids for a large part of the series and it’s really exactly their
place to be as bothersome as possible we’re playing with stone technology oh
no one can really blame them for it they’re not bad kids they’re just well
kids James possible is next up a few down
from the wife he’s so devoted to while as Kim’s father he plays an important
role of steering her in the right direction and offering support alongside
her mother when she’s down he’s done one particularly morally questionable thing
if you guessed how he acted after Kim lost her memory then you would be right
after his daughter experienced a bout of amnesia he played a rather mean-spirited
joke on her by tricking her into watching his favorite television show
something his wife admonished him for hey T first time around while it may
seem kind of harmless in theory his daughter having extensive memory loss is
kind of a big deal and not a joking matter not cool dad Wade is another
important member of the main cast considered Kim and Iran’s communication
guru Kim we’ve got trouble he’s a genius kid who completed college
in eight months as a ten-year-old although he rarely leaves the house he’s
highly useful in battle and has provided the duo with most of their much-needed
tak imaging sunglasses such as the communicator however he’s also provided
them with less wanted tat there’s a running joke through the series that
Wade has at some point microchipped Iran drop me microchipped or something oh
that’s not important now a fact he never confirms or denies but highly implies
nonetheless this is only one of the unethical things Wade has done he also
invented a love ray so he could make Monique like him oh I don’t know you
just invented love ray that would make Monique fall in love with you something
that is undeniably a moral problem while he may be the hero and get some passes
for having the brain of a genius and morality of a kid he’s still easily the
most unethical member of the team next up is the one we all love to hate
Bonnie Rock Waller well by no means a major villain of the series Bonnie as a
character all fans can relate to having in their lives
what’s the matter Kay – rough out there for you her and Kim are constantly at
odds in the cheerleading team and she’s known to have quite a mean streak
such as giving Kim a seemingly impossible routine to complete for
cheerleading tryouts just because she didn’t like her tin teeth I gave her
routine no girl can do she’s shown to be rude and snobby with a higher penchant
for being self-centered than your average teenager has however as Kim
learned when she was stuck to Bonnie’s hip for a short period of time not all
was rosy in her home life either Bonnie’s sisters are shown to be just as
nasty to her as she is to other people I got all the brains
and Bonnie got the rest perpetuating a cycle of mean comments and bad attitudes
despite her cold uncaring attitude it’s easy to see where Bonnie gets it from
and how it created her own personality problems send your senior junior is a
peculiar sort of a villain in many ways seeing as he doesn’t really want to be
one at all he shows very little interest in his
father’s villainous schemes and even less in following in his footsteps
ultimately sin your senior Junior is just a vain young man with far more
important things on his mind such as maintaining a nice tan and becoming the
next big pop star I’m sure all his fans remember his classic hit quit playing
games with my head well it’s very obvious that he doesn’t want to be a
complex boy however morally speaking he does get rather complex he does after
all participate in enough villainous schemes to get landed in prison so his
preference for more appealing activities really doesn’t count for much in the
long run but if senior senior jr. was an unorthodox villain DNA me was more so
after all she didn’t even see herself as the villain while her profession and
hobbies would lead one to classify her as a mad scientist world domination or
major destruction was never on the cards for her at all she never actually wanted
to rule the world but her experiments on live unwilling human subjects were
unethical at best and downright insane at worst her dream was to create living
cuddle buddies every cuddle buddy ever made which while sounding childish and a
bit silly is actually kind of creepy when it boils down to it I collected
them all but it wasn’t enough regardless of what her intentions were along the
way DNA me proves that you don’t have to want all-consuming power to be a villain
in this series and we’re onto everyone’s favourite
villainous shego when it comes to villains
shego is easily the most sympathetic one despite not having a particularly
heartbreaking backstory to speak of possibly this is because despite being
on the side of evil and enjoying being a supervillain she actually has a strong
moral compass and her least raised from her set principles she’s more competent
at evil than Dracon yet in many ways she’s more morally sound no no you’re
not gonna jack some kids wheelchair for example she was against stealing Felix’s
wheelchair for an evil plot and resented being dragged into it she also shows
concern for animals the fish the fish in the water that were taking out of the
lake what happens to them showing concern for the fish of the Great Lakes
when they were drained and scolding Dracon about his dog on two occasions
she’s dumped into a tank of dangerous animals and refuses to use her powers on
them to free herself furthermore she even admonishes Kim for lying to Ron and
her parents on one occasion for a villain
she sure does have some lines that can’t be crossed
following is Duff Gilligan a Scottish golfer with a crooked twist his
signature move is his exploding golf balls which he has no qualms with firing
at adversaries he’s a sporadically occurring villain with several
harebrained and evil schemes his main crimes include theft kidnapped
violent outbursts and other incidents of petty villainy however the most evil of
all perhaps was a making Ron and Rufus eat haggis when they snuck into his
castle in my castle nobody grabs yes that’s a crime that no punishment is
harsh enough for Dracon is next and is typically considered to be the primary
villain of the series alongside shego when it comes to evil he’s pretty much
the real deal he’s an evil megalomaniac fueled by petty jealousy and a lust for
power it’s pretty much as a calling card of evil he embarked on a life of crime
after being mocked at a presentation sometime in college while admittedly
this is not a pleasant experience one might be able to argue this is a touch
overdramatic it seems his own bumbling and confidence is the only thing
stopping him from world domination much of the time I’m here as the evil intent
is definitely there one of his worst crimes however perhaps was the
mind-control chip he placed on shego which overrode her personality and
decision-making skills however she notably and off-screen gave him a
suitable Just Desserts considering he remained scared of her for all the
following seasons professor Dementor is up next simply because he’s how evil
Dragan could be if only he were a little more good at it he has complex plots and
schemes that actually have something of a success rate and his team of henchmen
are much more competent than dragans he’s also simply a better scientist
while he’s not above stealing machines for his plans he is also fully capable
of inventing any himself if need be I take my invention back don’t mind if
potential for evil makes you a little more evil then professor Dementor is on
the right place here if not then the gloating and maniacal rambling spiel he
did with every starring episode definitely would be enough next unlike
his son send your senior senior actually has somewhat of a penchant for evil
however what makes it somewhat worse in our opinion is how it’s little more than
a game to him life of villanies most exciting is it
not my son as a very wealthy man with few other hobbies he simply turned to a
life of crime just spice up his life a little bit I have an active retirement
he never holds a grudge when his plots fail and even outright refuses to kill
his competitors such as Kim as that wouldn’t allow the game to continue my
feisty teen nemesis you complete me this coupled with his complete ignorance to
how the other half lives CA jr. how awful it is to be poor leads
him to be an unnerving sort of character who comes off much worse than some of
the villains who commit technically worse crimes in our opinion after all
evil megalomania is one stretch of the imagination and rich men turning to
crime and world domination for kicks is another moving swiftly along we have
possibly one of the most evil villains in the series Monkey Fist well this may
come as a surprise to some fans considering his villainous plots often
revolve around the ass and I need to gain some sort of monkey power to become
Lord of the monkeys what makes the Monkey Fist truly evil is the lengths
he’s willing to go to see his schemes to their fruition
while most villains show reluctance to outright kill their enemies or at least
use secondhand deathtraps to do their dirty work
Monkey Fist shows from the get-go that he’s willing to kill Kim and Ron with
his bare hands to get what he wants that coupled with his deranged ape-like
behavior definitely makes him one of the most scary villains
Kim Possible has to offer and yet Monkey Fist is not the last on our list that’s
because our final spot goes to possibly the biggest backstabber of the series
Erik fans of the movie will remember Erik as Kim’s short-term boyfriend who
turned out to be one of Drake ins infiltrating syntho-drone actually here
I’ve known as syntho-drone number nine oh one program to mimic human nature
almost perfectly he’s capable of faking empathy and is able to woo Kim long
enough to distract her from Dracon schemes you want to know
my mission is okay what to take you to the prom
Eric’s reveal as an evil infiltrator with a twist not too unlike that of Hans
from frozen leaving fans alike feeling as backstabbed as Kim was and in our
opinion this makes him a much more personal kind of villain but do you
agree that Eric is the most evil character in Kim Possible or do you have
a sordid theory about the wrongdoings of a much more innocent seeming character
be sure to binge watch our full good to evil playlists and most importantly stay

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  5. #2? I disagree. Kim is selfish, and shallow, and lets her best friend get bullied when its clear that Ron is mistreated in school alot, hell when she body switches she's genuinly surprised when Bullies try to pick on Ron (her), she never considered her unpopular friend to have bullies? And lets not forget she once left Ron locked in a broom closet… That she threw him in because her date showed up, and allllllllll the times she got pissy when it turns out that Ron is better at her in well… anything!
    Ron made the show for me, Kim steadily annoyed me more and more as the show went on.

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  10. Not shocking Rufus beats Kim as most good of the show. Honestly Ron would loose some good points convincing Senior Senior Senior to go evil and advised the guy on how to use the fact he's among the most wealthiest people in the world (even without knowing it) to buy everything a supervillain needs to turn a private island resort into a secret lair. I'm not going to bring Junior onto ihis father's evil corruption because honestly he just seemed to start off as just a selfish rich kid who daddy has to force him to see things his way way before the seniors turned evil

    The Kim Possible series should be grateful Wade is on the side of good. If he was evil with his genius mind, he most likely have the world under his control through technology and internet before any of the other Super Villians know what happen, including Shego who I feel is more evil than Drakken. I mean she did come up with a successful plan to take over the world using the time traveling Monkey before kim and Ron were allowed to go into the future which was more than what Monkey Fist, Killigan, and Drakken could accomplish with the Time Monkey. and manage to get those that didn't join the resistance or moved to the moon under her mind control so they won't do anything to defy her command. Heck if she had more time in tutoring Junior to be evil Junior might of ended up more evil than his father since Shego had a better understanding of what it means to be evil than Senior, who thought the first important thing for a super villain wasn't a scheme or plan as Shego told Junior but an evil laugh. AN EVIL LAUGH

    honestly, what's the point of adding that Synthodrone guy? You had plenty of other characters to choose from that appeared in more than one episode. Heck you could of picked that teacher Mr. Barton just because his actions in every episode he appears in impacts everything Kim and Ron does jut as Bonnie's does. He even was important enough to be used in that latest Kim Possible Movie.

    Also, you forgot to mention that DNAmy was the original reason Monkey Fist hands and feet were genetically altered to ones of a monkey.

  11. Warmonga easily the most evil literally going to enslave the the human race and destroy the world and would have too defeated both kim and shego if not for the chosen one the monkey master Ron stopable

  12. Senior Senior Senior was voiced by Ricardo Montalban wich is the Actor of Khan Noonien Singh the Archenemy of James T. Kirk in Star Trek

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  15. Honestly, Kim Possible had the agent-normal life balance down pat. And she didn't even hide it. She was freaking awesome.

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  18. Quarter-thousandth

    Kim Possible Characters: Good to Evil scene selection

    01. Intro (0:00–0:35)

    02. Rufus the Naked Mole Rat (0:36–1:23)

    03. Kim Possible (1:24–2:27)

    04. Ron Stoppable (2:28–3:20)

    05. Monique (aka Cartoon Raven-Symone, but in a partially different way than a future character in Rusty because she’s a bit more stylized) (3:21–4:05)

    06. Ann Possible (4:06–4:49)

    07. Jim and Tim Possible (4:50–5:33)

    08. James Possible (5:34–6:19)

    09. Wade (6:20–7:28)

    10. Bonnie Rockwaller (could be higher on the evil list) (7:29–8:33)

    11. Señor Senior Junior (Hey, speaking of Quit Playin’ Games With My Head, Oh Boyz! could have been added on the good half of this list before it became too late!) (8:34–9:30)

    12. DNAmy (aka Amy Hill) (9:31–10:21)

    13. Shego (10:22–11:34)

    14. Diff Killigan (11:35–12:16)

    15. Dr. Drakken (12:17–13:23)

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  19. I like Shego and Ron.
    Shego is cool, smart and pretty, she can even get fired her boss, Dr. Drakken.

    Ron is a potential fighter, though many people seem him a loser, he is stronger than Kim and Shego when he is angry.
    He is always making me think of Ron Weasley, they both have the rats and escaping from the friend zones, nice jobs!👍

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