Kittens are in quarantine. Curfew. My cat island.

Kittens are in quarantine. Curfew. My cat island.

Curfew will be applied. Nobody can prevent me from going out on the street. The government enforced the curfew. Not my camera. Mate. Is what I hear right? I’m so angry. My hand and foot are shaking. Would you turn that camera off? I had warned you to turn off the camera. A friend who still does not hear the curfew. Very happy. Persian kitten: Why am I in the same house with these maniacs? My sister. You should watch the news. There is a curfew. Curfew? I will destroy all my nerves by breaking your camera. I have a very good idea. I will make a lot of noise. And we will be fired from this apartment and thrown into the street. I will distract him with the camera. Look for a place to escape. My brother. If you can open the drawer, we can grab the key and escape. Pirate! Why are you hitting me? Pirate: I’m sorry. Since I have one eye, I cannot match the target. Very easy. Here’s how. You can even do it with one eye. Pirate: I want to try again. You’re so clumsy Pirate. Pirate: Although you have two eyes, you couldn’t meet the target. Watch me. I will knock it down with one eye. I managed to fly with one eye. I watched the news. I’m still in shock. Be quick. We must find a place to escape before he comes. I found the way to escape. I’ll hide in the sand. My brother. Your ideas are ridiculous. I want to beat you. He will come soon. We will not be able to escape from here. Come. Pirate. Come here. My agent is Pirate. What’s going on Pirate? Can you tell me? Almond. I trust you. Pirate: Secretly listen to me. They plan to escape from here. They will try to get the key in the closet to escape. We need to make a plan urgently and escape from here. I want to go to the street. Pirate: I will help you. I’m an agent. Don’t forget your promises to me. Pirate:Because I am blind, they underestimate me. I smell his hand. In this way, I will learn the location of the key. Pirate: This brother is making all the plans. You have to be careful with him. Pirate: Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of the Persian cat. She always stands next to the toilet. Trying to dig tunnel. Hey. Persian. Do you think he understands that we are traitors? Persian: I am so sweet. He doesn’t suspect me. But you look like a criminal. Pirate: Mate. I confessed everything. You said you’d give me wet cat food. I hope you keep your promise. They don’t suspect me that I am one-eyed. I increased my requests. I want you to have my eye operated. If you don’t accept, I’ll be with them. I draw his attention to another side. Please somebody get that damn key. Persian: Let the operation begin. I will hypnotize him with my beauty. I’m about to get the key. We will escape from here. I hope the Persian cat is doing its job properly. I got caught. Damn it. I will not trust that Persian cat again. I will do my own work. Persian: I didn’t understand why we got caught. There may be an agent among us. Pirate:I am not an agent. I did the right thing. It’s dangerous for us outside. Filth agent. I will beat you. If we go out onto the street, we can get a virus. He strives for our health. Stupid pirate. We are cats. The virus does not harm us. Persian: Cat tail. I like it very much. I have an idea. I will eat this and be sick. When I go to the vet, I will escape from there. I’m so angry. You fooled my brother and made him an agent. I hope you bought a lot of cat food. I’ll eat the pirate if I’m hungry. Hey. Persian cat. Can we escape from here? I do not trust you. But I have no other choice. Persian: This is a heater. We can raise our fire by sitting on it. We can go to the vet and escape from there. Silly Persian cat. Heater does not work. The streets are very dangerous for us and people. We approve the curfew. Please don’t leave your house.

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  1. This mother cat was thrown from the shopping center. On a cold winter day. Customers did not want this cat. They were uncomfortable with the cat. Months ago. Mr. Onur adopted this cat. He took it to the office. The mother cat gave birth to 7 kittens. 4 of them died as a result of viral illness and became angels. Mr. Onur and his wife Mrs. Cansu could not sleep at night. They worked hard so that these cats could be healthy. They went to the clinic for weeks. It was a long process. The pirate lost one eye. But his other eye was saved. Now is; mother is very happy with her kittens. Because they have a warm home. What about the shopping malls? It's all closed now. Who is polluting our world? People or Animals? Thank you, Onur and Cansu. God bless you.

  2. На карантин собак выгуливать тоже запрещено? Как же люди выходят из этого положения?

  3. Hi Onur all your kitty cats seem to be fairing okay during this quarantine it’s so nice to see them at play thank you for sharing this video ❤️🐈😺

  4. Greetings from Spain, we are also in quarentine, solidarity with Turkey, I hope we are united to defeat this virus❤🇪🇸🐱

  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 troppo forte Onur …i sottotitoli sono epici 🤣🤣🤣👍da dove ti vengono queste idee non lo so, ma sei un 🧞‍♂️ genio 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Bonjour 👋 ils sont tous très adorables 🤗🤗😻😻 très belle vidéo 👍👍❤❤🐈🐈🍀🍀🇲🇫

  7. Adorablepaws, nosotros tendríamos que tener un corazoncito rojo ♥️ como el tuyo para ponértelo una y millones de veces.

  8. Well if I had these darlings to be quarantined with, I don't think it would be as bad. Love these babies and mama too. Be well Onur & Cansu.

  9. Vai Acabar Sim esta Pandemias terríveis,em Breve amigo,o Trump já tem essa Vacina,tudo só uma Questão de dias ok🙌👍

  10. Ils ont beaucoup de talents les chats. Vraiment à un moment on imagine que c' est eux qui parlent que dieu tout puissant les protégent 👍👍👍👍👍👍😻😻😻😻😻😻💞💞💞😍😍😍💛💚💛💚💛💚

  11. Спасибо за позитивное видео. Всем пожелания крепкого здоровья.

  12. Babies are teenagers now and no wonder way they wants go outside .They are happy and they don't know anything about virus like humans .Now humans life is look like so many animals who live in fear from abusers and being killed every single moment .Now we are looked up like animals in cages and I believe Korona is Karma .I hope we will became better people after all this horror .Thank you for being kind to animals .Stay safe .

  13. !!!!!!!!!!!! 🐱😸😹😻💖 Paradox: this is the most fun video in the most difficult times for you! 👍💞🐾

  14. God bless the husband and wife team for doing so much. Even the govt of India has imposed a total lockdown, and its increasingly difficult for us to feed our strays. But as with emergencies, some kind people are always there to come up with supplies, whatever they have. We are grateful to our fellow countrymen and all the people across the world, who are united in their desire to help others. 🤍🤍

  15. Much love to you, Cansu, your family and the cats. Stay safe and be extremely cautious. These are uncertain times but we will come through this crisis victorious. We will.

  16. Thank you for taking such good care of them. It might be nice if they had some cat toys to play with. Just a suggestion.

  17. I understand you, cats that used to go out can't stay too long in the house, but sometimes they have to 👍 Be careful and stay safe my friend😊

  18. Dear Onur and dear Cancu,
    thank you so much for this wonderful video and for love for all these lovely and beautiful kitties!!!!
    Much love and health!!!🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  19. they're so cute. we just adopted another shelter kitty, now we have two Ruby and Tilly, figuring each other out from behind closed doors lol.

  20. Какие умные!лезут в камеру,ха,хааа смешно,такие милые,красивые,лапочки

  21. São sempre curiosos estes meninos…Estão entediados na minha cidade eles se senti livres os da rua…Assim nem machuca eles 😍Gratidão sempre a vocês paz e luz paciência e muita saúde 🤗🤗🤗💚

  22. 🌹🐾😃 Beautiful story Onur! Thanks for all you do for your indoor furry family and all the homeless outside on 4 paws! Please don't let the growing kittens play with your hands, because when you let them, they will consider your hands as toys and this wrong behavior will bring them in trouble with being adopted by their future new family. Stay safe Onur and Cansu and of course all the supporters of your channel 🙏🕯🍀🐾❤🕯🌹😘

  23. you're really their savior..they're all grown up healthy and adorable…thank you for the love of innocent animals…

  24. It's the best playing with them and watching them fooling around during this hard time. Bless you and your family be safe and sound.

  25. Hellow cats! stay inside ur house use facemask practise social distancing atleast 1 meter away frm other cats🥰🥰🥰,love from asia♥️👍

  26. Чок гузал мишукла яхши гураман хайвони жоним шуларга 👄👄😻😻👍👍💋💋

  27. Скучно малышам, внимания человека нужно и много.СПАСИБО.

  28. Robert- Koch- Institute in Germany
    gives daily updates on Corona virus. The professor in charge, Dr. Wieler, is a vet, too. At todays vid- comments/ZDF heute (ca. 10.00 a.m) I asked, if they could give a general information, that cats and dogs don't transmit the virus to humans. Could subs, who understand or speak German, please support me there? Thanks!

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