Konuşan Kediler 46 | Komik Kedi Videoları | En Komik Videolar 46

Konuşan Kediler 46 | Komik Kedi Videoları | En Komik Videolar 46

Is it the 46th episode of talking cats? Yes Yes 46th Episode . I cant believe i enjoyed it . this super thing we will laugh so much is such a joke done . what’s going on in my mind to tell you . but i won’t insult you. Rubbing my head on these bars is like therapy cotton , cotton ( CAT NAME ) let me make cute moves to those friends Are You Ok ? Cotton we cats have 9 lives . I am used to falling don’t worry i’m so good my friends . why did i get here why did i get here how did i get here who took me here I said I did not get out here Does anyone know how to get off here how will i get down from here Follow that car in front BRO HOW SO brother You’ve waited for this moment in your life, didn’t you? are you surprised HAHAHAHA what do you like about that girl If you are looking for a hug, I am hugging you too I in your chest too leave that girl immediately I swear you are like a joke you will feed me with chopsticks,that huge food won’t fit in my mouth I look like an ox look at your face I can’t find a word to say to you. johny is he our Yes johny is he our I will look , again look Why did you go there, what would you say Johny don’t tell me you’ll jump from there Don’t jump to the ambulance, I told the fire brigade ohhhhh my god he is jump, I cant believe you will die one day jump over there jump over here maniac You have a maximum of 9 lives, what will happen when you run out now i will tell you too, why did I get here, why did I get out, how did I get out you will be mad at me, I’m not saying it for her, I got out of here knowingly this is where I feel most comfortable because where are you girl ? Washington washington girls carcass carcass cass carr casss casss bla bla bla what does it mean to get into the car engine we are here until morning today until morning today here until morning today kitty can’t we trust you are you doing a job behind us no bro how will i do it behind you you put the bird in front of the air conditioner After that, this bird doesn’t fly, it doesn’t crow does not hold wings then don’t hold me responsible I look at myself in the mirror i disgusted myself let me pull this in oops I didn’t get it I’m one more year old police siren on the cleaning robot my belly name is danger Do you think I’m scared to die Even if I die, I resurrect, you know? I prefer this way even though I know it’s dangerous I say I love adrenaline I’ll come back the same way bring it open in my mouth bring it open in my mouth crazy woman now i will vomit I’m angry but look yellow girl, you made me tremble made me tramble. :))))) who does not accept the few, cannot find the many I said little things but since there are three If it is 5 dollars, how much is 15 dollars Since I accept the less, the more comes to me I recommend it to you too You said Fenerbahce Galatasaray match playstation match this oppps how playstation ? look at pixel pixel graphics how did i sleep, sleep came and sat on me If I sleep sweetly right here close the store and go don’t forget to turn off the lights believe me i will not be angry with you son get up and go to bed look, your back will be uncomfortable if you sleep here do we have to come here every month why do these nails grow longer that i never understood as if they take my life from me Actually, I’m not hurting, but I don’t want to go here dog sister you blame this yellow cat but he has no crime always the fault of march always because of march What is this? They put it like a trinket. Exactly the trinket you know, it never moves hit me on the head. look it move This means it’s not a trinket. I like it a little bit like a rabbit I have never dubbed this video because it’s a great funny video even if I don’t comment

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  1. Ne ara 46 oldu ya sizi izlerken hayat çok hızlı geçiyor. .kadikoyde Ne ara 20 yıl geçti rüzgar gibi geçti. .sariiiiiiiiiiiii

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