Korean Guys React To Doja Cat | ft. Dating app

Korean Guys React To Doja Cat | ft. Dating app

She picked up the whip. Yeah i feel familiar What the fuck? So the doctors were watching porn instead of doing research? What do you mean porn? No. No. Curious,’NUGUNA’ YO, What’s up guys Hi guys! We’re channel ‘NUGUNA’ Yes! Today….. Oh! Today, ‘Kiyeol’ has been craving cyber sex a lot. So today, we prepared the ‘Cyber Sex’ of ‘Doja Cat’! (Can i kill him?) (Teasing)Cyber SEEEEEEEEEEX~~~~~~ Now, let’s listen to Doja Cat’s music again! The title is ‘Cyber sex’ Oh, cybersex.com! The ID is ‘wankerjohn’. Oh my god! (Stopped as soon as it started) She picked up the whip. Yeah i feel familiar What the fuck? It’s like a live streaming site. Ah, porn sites are all live broadcasting these days. You know it well. Pornstar Oh, it’s erotic. Uh, what is that? She’s here. She’s here. Top rated~ Top rated Doja Cat~ Look at how the number of viewers are increasing. Oh, see that viewers! 1600 already. What’s wrong with the screen? What’s wrong with the screen? What is this? Doctor, Doctor. Yeah, It’s doctor Instagram~~~ She made something right? Oh! Samsung! There is ‘SAMSUNG’ in the lyrics It’s just good because ‘Samsung’ came out, right? What was it about ‘Samsung’? I already know. That’s not good meaning. Oh, what are you talking about? Don’t pretend you understand. Oh, I already know It happened a few years ago, and I am satirizing the Issue,where the battery of Samsung’s device exploded. Oh, you are good at English. I can understand when listening but I can’t speak. Oh really? Yeah, sure. Keep going~ Okay~ Wait, wait, wait, wait! Hey,’Jung Hwan’!( Our ‘NUGUNA’ member) He’s definitely our member When did you meet the ‘Doja Cat’? His face looks so similar. But his…. Seriously?! Keep going~ Wow, he got an amazing body like me! Oh? Why? ‘Tinder’! You are the frequent user of ‘Tinder’. What are you talking about? Oh, ‘Tinder.’ The dating app you used? No, what you do all the time. Was that lyrics about ‘Tinder’? Yes, ‘Tinder’. I guess you only can hear that stuff well. No, the pronunciation is… What application is ‘Tinder’ for? It’s an application where men look for women and women look for men. Have you done that a lot? I’ve done it. I found it by chance recently. ‘Tinder’ is good, but I tried ‘Eastmeeteast’ with live streaming that connects only Asians. Is it like a tinder? A little different You want to know? Yeah. I’ll let you know later. Let’s keep watching it. Oh, He has nice muscle. She was struck down! ‘I wish you were in my room.’ Is that what it means? The melody is addictive! I’m sure this is what all the Doja Cat’s songs are like. What is it? It must be a computer. Internet. Internet. Internet. Huh? Isn’t it in the internet network? It’s a chip. (computer chip) Don’t pretend to understand! (Kill him?) Oh, what? She has become a robot. This outfit is awesome. She is rapping as well, right? That’s right. Oh It’s an AI You know, she’s both rapping and singing. Oh, lovely cat! There will be a world where all the animals will be raised with AI, right? I want to raise an animal that feels warm and feels alive when I touches the skin of puppy and kitty. The melody hook is consistent, but it’s very addictive. I think I know it already. Erotic Let’s cut the crap. When did ‘Junghwan’ ever do that? I envy ‘JungHwan’. What is this? The doctors… The doctors were watching. So the doctors were watching porn instead of doing research? What do you mean porn? No. No. What’s that Eastmeetest app you mentioned earlier? Oh my god …You’ve been thinking about that all the time. Let me try it on. I ran Eastmeetest app. See? These people in live now are live people. These are the people who turned on the broadcast before that. These are the people you can meet on this app.(A lot of pretty people) Let’s talk about it. Go in. Any chat room. Are Koreans also registered? They’re in, too. Can we talk face to face? We can do it, but the streamer has to pick it for us. Look, I’m going in. Who is there? Any? Amy? Hi Amy~ She’s the same age as us. She’s 30. Hi there~ (Real korean!) Are you Korean? Let’s try Join Hi guys~ Oh, it’s connected. Hi~~ Oh, you live in Korea? Yes, we are in Korea. Wow, this is amazing. I have never connected with a Korean resident in Korea. Oh, right? I think foreigners use it a lot. It’s our first time using this app. Really? I think foreigners use it a lot. That’s right We’re filming a YouTube video. Oh really? Yes, we are YouTubers. Oh really? What is the channel name? Oh, wait a minute! We are channel ‘Nuguna’. We’re running a ‘NUGUNA’ channel. Yes, I’ll press subscribe now.~ Thank you so much!! Yeah, well, if you want to talk to a variety of people online, I think you can try Eastmeetest. Maybe we’re here. Thanks for watching our video! Subscribe our channel! A video letter to my sister, Doja Cat! Sister!, I am watching you on the screen right now, but let’s meet someday. You have to speak in English. Here’s the subtitles.

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  1. Every single time I listen to the part where the computer chip/ internet Doja Cat lyrics show up I ALWAYS without fail do that jerky motion the computer chip/internet character did

  2. Its "Is you into that? Into that" XD then let's break the internet lol shes basically asking are into getting freaky on camera

  3. Well now I want to try East meet East since you say a lot of foreigners are there 👀😬 but I would love to learn korean

  4. This reaction had me laughing, glad I’m not the only one that does the “internet internet” thing when I listen to this song 🤣 please react to Morning by Teyana Taylor ft Kehlani

  5. This is is my 2nd reaction on you guys. Both are so funny. DoJo is cool,sexy female entertainer. Keep up with good work

  6. The EastMeetsEast chat was so cute lol. Please react to FKA Twigs, especially Cellophane, Home With You, or holy terrain. She's very creative and puts a lot into her videos. 🖤

  7. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 dead he said let's cut the crap

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