Le jaguar a disparu | Episode 2 | Saison 2 | Film playmobil

We are back at the Equestrian Centre Lady Reg. Tessa and Enzo have been gone a long time. Constance and Mrs. Reg watching the Cheyenne Little Pony Christmas. Constance looks like Cheyenne is proud of his protégé! Yes they are so cute! Your foal should get used to the environment, like you my Cheyenne when you were very small! Go Cheyenne, shows at Christmas as this enclosure is a nice place. In four years this enclosure became his classroom. Here, fine, gentle … Yes ! Great ! He remains calm and seems confident. Oceane very good job! And that kitten is now in your hands. Be careful, it is our most precious animal. I hope you quickly discover the strange disease. You confirm your jaguar, er pardon “Kitten” has not eaten anything special lately? Absolutely not. As I said, Kitten has become very lonely, she can not stand any other animal with him. And she sleeps a lot. This morning she even refused to enter the marquee. Well, listen, we made him a blood test, we’ll see the results. Meanwhile, you have made the right choice by separating it from other animals in your circus. Kitten? What a strange name for a jaguar. In any case I will not let him hug me “Kitten” … Well, I leave you, the circus awaits me for the new representation. I’ll come back later to see how Kitten door. Yes, do not worry! Listen John, for me that Jaguar is definitely tired, which makes it very upset. I injected him a tranquilizer, let her rest a little few hours. This is my beloved, you have worked, Now eat. There you go, I’m happy for Christmas who spent a wonderful day in the pen. I should perhaps ask Tessa and Enzo take their laptops. I’m really starting to worry me with that wild story. But a wild animal, it can not open a cage by himself. Nonnnnnnn! But, but how is it possible? Susanne! Susanne! Quick ! Come ! Mrs. Reg was a strange feeling … She felt that some share in the mountain, and Tessa Enzo ran a great danger. John could not believe his eyes, his cage was completely broken by the power of the feline. He now knows that the Jaguar is in the valley and all the inhabitants, like animals, are at great risk … Why is this beast left alone in the mountains? What is he looking for? To be continued…

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