Hello, today I want us to put makeup on profusely Today, we will put such a makeup on that You will say to me ”Şeyda, where are we going to use that makeup? ” I don’t know where you can use this makeup, but The makeup will be beautiful. Now Today we will bring ”the leopard” to our eyes. You know, leopard fashion still goes on. Especially in sports-wear combinations, such as, a little accessory or leopard that located as a single piece are still the issue of these days, still very fashionable I mean, in full sport clothes, a bag with a leopard figure, shoes with leopard figure, a crop top with a leopard figure, and under that, a sweatsuit… We see things like those a lot. I will take it and bring it to cosmetics Today, we will see leopard on eyes I don’t have that much idea about lips, we will do it improvised But today we will carry the leopard fashion to the eyes. Now, I will get closer to you because we will start to put makeup on with eyes And the eye makeup will be detailed. So, I want you to see clearer And we start putting the makeup on. How is this proximity? I think it is okay… I am getting closer. I am getting started with the makeup base. I will start with… Urban Decay Eyeshadow Prime Poison. This is a makeup base that I trust. So, on this makeup… I think it will not let me down. I am disseminating this with… Sephora’s Number 57 Pro-brush. By doing so … for aught I know… base, concealer, etc. … get beautiful to dimmense. I apply this on all of my eyelid. insomuch as, slightly… I will apply that under my eyes and bottom of my eyelashes. Because we’ll apply eyeshadow to that area too This will make my makeup more persistent. But, since I am going to remove my makeup after this video… I do not apply this product for persistance but for more pigmentation. And as you see, it is a base that makes the colour of my eyelids be on a par with each other. On Kat Von D’s ”Fetish” palette, There is this yellow colour. On this makeup, It will be our base. I will blend this with much more neon-yellow and more eyeshadows. At the below… I want to get a shiny yellow as much as possible but not that yellow… yellowish-orange. I want to get a shiny thing as much as possible. This will give us the yellowness on a leopard’s skin. On the gap area, I apply a neon-yellow eyeshadow And I blend them all. By the way, it is not necessary to blend perfectly on this makeup. Because on this makeup, we will do a leopard figure It may be sometimes shady, sometimes dark and light I apply those as wide and messy as possible. Because, afterwards… We will make the makeup clean anyway. I mean, with concealer. So, we have created our base. all in a tumble. Then, I take a brush with a thin end. It is Inglot’s Eyeliner Brush. It is an angular eyeliner brush. And with the black eyeshadow here… I start creating the leopard figure. This part is important. At first, I create it as a draft. I create my draft in this way. Afterwards, I pass to a thicker brush And, I will make this more shadowy I will make their size wider. Don’t focus too much on the margins. Because those areas, like I said, will be cleaned with the help of concealer. With a clean brush later on, I make the sides of this black eyeshadow by not messing its shape a little more misted over. In the cooperation palette that Morphe begeted with Jaclyn Hill, there are colours… Red eyeshadows… They will be useful to us. With that… I will continue to give colour to my eyes I need a brush. Such as… No this can’t be it… Where is that brush? It may be okay It is okay. This palette hasn’t got a mirror. It is too bad that this palette hasn’t got a mirror. I take the red colours that I showed you earlier and By not erasing those yellow parts, under the black parts and on them near some of those, in some of them I continue shadowing. I take a black gel eyeliner but it is not gel anymore . I don’t know the reason but unfortunately eyeliners become like this. I take a little amount of that on my brush and… It really has dried so much. Anyhow… It won’t look streaky but… it will give this a little bit contour look I apply this on the black ones. I apply that under my eye too. Because we will joint them… as an up-and-down figure On the one hand I deploy it, on the other hand, I clean it To the places that I want them to stay yellow I will add… a little bit yellow. With patience, I continue to make it shadowy I make slight brown touches As if they are the shadows of the black parts. Yes… I think if we clean this up… It is like it is at the enough level. As I want to add a line I will make it long… from this part to that part. Yes… I think it is time to clean. I take some from my Tarte Shape Tape to my hand. After that, I take my painting-brush. This brush is the one to create cut crease etc. or to clean eyeshadow. Now, I have to be too cautious. Because… If I touch the eyeshadow by mistake… the part that I do not want to touch… My makeup … might be deteriorated and it might make us sad. Here I go. I cannot talk in this part. Because I have to be too heedful. Now we have come to the inner part. There is too little left. Now… Now that this part has become a little too much black And now that eyeshadow particles has fallen to there I clean the concealer from there to a degree. Okay. This time it is okay. It really happed. Excellent. Now we have an option ahead of us. I wish you could answer me right now but… Should I add lashes to this makeup or not? I think I should add lashes which are not too big. I won’t add so big lashes because we have done too much to the eyelid I will find little lashes. For my makeup to be undisguised I have decided to add those single lashes to the end point. Not only will look my eyes slant-eyes , thanks to the long lashes at the end point, but also they won’t disguise the makeup that I have done. At first, let’s curl the lashes without touching the eyeshadow. I will curl just a little. By the way they are not single. They are triple I clean the residuary sticky part. So it wont look too black. Because the glue is black too. Enough. To the end, I put it. But even this… might look bad because it is long. At least it is more appropriate than classical additional lashes. I hope I won’t make my mascara touch to my eyeshadow. The thing that hampers me is not to put this makeup on but not to spoil it. I will either cut the lashes’ tips or I will do something else. I will apply the mascara in abundance I want a look that more COMPLEX Yes, Now let’s finish this eye. Then I’ll go and come as my other eye’s makeup is done I take Loreal Paris Paradise Brow Pomade and with this, I will fill my brows. With Farmasi – Transparent Brow Gel I comb my brows up. up and up I add it more I feel like it is more pleasant for me to my makeup look wetter. In this contour palette, there is a little shiny powder. Let our browbones shine And officially We have finished one eye’s makeup. Now, I am going, Wish me luck. I hope I will apply the same makeup to my other eye and come. If I cannot come back, This video won’t come into being.Either you will see me in 2 seconds or you won’t see this video at all. I ate some food because it took too long and I was hungry. So I put my makeup on and I ate something and I have come back. My two eyes’ makeup is finished. My face’s other parts left to put makeup on. So that my eye makeup is too heavy, The redness etc. on my face comes out. So I want to start to my face makeup. So my makeup will look more pleasant. Loreal Infaillable Magic Essence Drop base. It has a strange formula Its most different feature is its being colourful Except for that, It is a well moisturizing base. It hasn’t got that much oily-result. After that, I use Becca’s Foundation. Now, I have to be careful on the eye part. I wish I had filled my brows after applying foundation. Little technical issues like that might happen. To the marks on my face I will apply concealer a little bit. By the way I tussle my face too much. I couldn’t get rid of this bad habit of mine. There is always something on my face and I squeeze it. And even if it is not a blemish, it becomes one somehow. Now, on the screen, It looks so beautiful To the under my eyes, I will apply the concealer by getting closer. The eye makeup is too challenging But I think it is worth the result. I mean… A concept. While going to somewhere Or I do not know… in one day that you want to be crazier and going some places or while I going some places I do this makeup. It has a strange atmosphere The figure thing on the eye the cut crease and its sharpness etc. With Kiko’s palette, I will make contour. How could I dare to remove this eye makeup? I really don’t know. Because I really worked on it. Again Loreal Paris I will use its Melon Dollar Baby named blush. What did I forget? I forgot to bring highlighter. From Wet n Wild’s Megaglow Collection A highlighter named You Glow Girl. I ruined it and all the product accumulated to the hatch. But I will use the accumulated product. It is an excellent highlighter. And it is powder. I take some of it to my brush. If you seek an affordable and strong highlihter, This is a good option. There are different colours of this This is the pinkish one There are bronze and etc. versions of it If you want to check, it has a package like loose powders. After applying the highlighter, I take my blush brush without taking a product on it. Generally, I combine my highlighter and my blush. As for lips, On my lips, I use a pencil from NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner Collection – Free Spirit In this makeup, I want to let my lips be I filled my inner lips with the pencil. And again, with my hand To avoid a streaky look, I dispense it a little. Should I add gloss? or is it a little more pink for me? Let’s add some gloss. MAC has a little shinier gloss. I do not leave my lips alone. I put a little product in the middle of my lips Really, my decision changing duration is 18 seconds. But I think it looks more beautiful. No no. The problem is not the gloss It is a little more pink for me. Wait. From Flormar’s Kiss Me More Lipsticks What is the number? I take number 02. Because it is a little more nude brown. It won’t make my lips darker but I didn’t like the rosiness of the previous lipstick. I mean it being peachy. I put this with my hand. Do I like it right now? I need to think. I think I like it right now. I like it. I like it. That is enough I have put so much lipstick so many times. It is done and this is the last step. Flormar’s Wedding Day Make Up Fix Spray It is a fixing spray It has a wet-feeling. I like wet-feeling fixing sprays. I like Its diffusing to the makeup. But if you spray more than needed It might make your makeup run. Except for that, it has parfum in its ingredients. If you don’t like perfume, products with perfume, It has scent You really feel the scent So, If you are allergic, stay away from this. But is is a good spray. If you do not have allergies, And you seek for a wet-feeling spray, This spray from Flormar is a good option. As you see, it makes your face look wetter. I take a thing like this to my hand, It is from the palette, I dry the spray. Now, it is time to strike a pose! Let’s do something with music. I mean, we did a lot of makeup. We have finished the makeup. I really liked this makeup. I hope in a short time, I will go to a place that it is worth my doing this makeup. I hope there will be an event. And I , with this makeup, with the same look… I harmonized the bandana and the earrings with this makeup. I hope there is an event and I will join. I am getting sad because I will have to remove this makeup. Because the time is 3:43 A.M. If you liked my makeup, If you liked me, If you liked the video, If you liked anything else, Don’t forget to press like button via the buttons below. If you watch the video and do not press the like button, you will really make me sad. And if you are not subscribed to my channel, you could subscribe And I think you like crazy makeup tutorials like this Because I really love them so much When I wear a makeup like this If I do it well, I get very happy. For example, to put the exact makeup on my eyes, maybe there are some irregularities but it makes me happy. I forgot what to say I forgot how I started to the sentence. I hope you like makeup tutorials like this. Because I like putting a makeup like this very much. Lİke I said there may be concepts or you may love putting a make up like this on It could be an inspiration for you. At east if you like to watch. I like to watch makeup tutorials that I do not do, though. Anyways, it is time to say goodbye I hope you had a great time. Take care of yourselves. Goodbye.


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