Leopard Mother Hunts for her Cub | BBC Earth

Leopard Mother Hunts for her Cub | BBC Earth

[Music] [Music] one mother’s loss is another’s gain and she seems to have forgotten about her son’s earlier blunder it’s just what he needs to improve his handling skills [Music] he grabs the caucus and pounces on its and rolls with it and tries to kill it in close [Music] [Applause] living out his fantasy of what he wanted to be when he grew up he’s really quite a comical character to watch [Music] having seen his mother take the carcass up the tree you really made an effort to do the same there’s no shame in trying and at least he’s got the right idea if he can stay out of trouble his enthusiastic spirit should serve him well

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  1. the luckiest of all the animals. having sharp teeth. sharp claws. speed. camouflage. huge body. can climb… against herbivores which do not even have sharp teeth to defend itself.

  2. Even in the animals the same behavior exist.

    Mom: dinners ready

    Son: playing with food

    Mom: stop playing with your food and eat it

  3. Such laws of wildlife :
    no more , no less !
    Helpful video….
    Thanks dear BBC Earth for Your unique video and for Your decent job for us !
    I appreciate it !

  4. for those of you who are still looking for the song

  5. Seeing the cub play with the food all I could think was that kids will be kids. Never understand what it takes for the parents to bring food to the table.

  6. The way the leopard played with the dead gazelle was like a 9 year old doing ‘take the L’ on ur dead body

  7. The offering of mother is most precious gifts you could ever get
    See it even on the nature
    She hunted but not eat
    She gave it to her beloved one
    If she eats will be the left over
    She is just a proud mother.

  8. So interesting movie but short, why don’t we see if he took it up on the tree or not man. But this is one of the best channels out here, no doubt thanks for sharing guys.

  9. Не вольно малыш вызвал улыбку. Странное ощущение. Когда убивают животные что-бы продлить свою жизнь или накормить детей, как то не чувствуешь эту боль. А когда люди браконьеры убивают, то очень тяжело на сердце.

  10. I love that little cub, it's so cute💕 i know this is really sad for those impalas or what ever they are… And i really want to help them but nature is just nature, wildcats must eat something.

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