100 Comments on “Leopard Mother Rescues Cub from Wild Dogs | BBC Earth”

  1. The grip that the leopards claws give to be able to climb a tree with the added weight of an entire carcass of another medium sized animal is insane, especially at that speed.

  2. Am I the only cruel person that wanted the wild dogs to get the cub? Since they were hungry as hell, The leopard already got food :>

  3. Everyone who screamed Those are wild dogs not hyenas ; You all need to listen carefully. Maybe play the video again before complaining ? 😂

  4. I love that wild dogs and hyenas can’t climb trees.
    Love leopards
    It’s amazing how leopards climb up vertical hoisting a prey it almost look effortlessly.
    I can’t even do a ladder

  5. African wild dogs need to be killed in a mass shooting.
    the places where leopards live. I don't care about the rest of the Savannah.

  6. wow impresses by the agility of this leopard climbing the tree when wild dogs are stealing, but is surprised when the feline leopard climbed the tree with ease

  7. The dogs are clearly sick of these cats leaving dead bodies hanging out of trees all over the neighbourhood. It's very uncouth.

  8. DOG 1:hey is that juvie leopard?
    Dog 2:yeah lets steal its food
    Juvie leopard:NO THIS IS MINE YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!*climbs tree*
    Dog 1:awww come on man
    2:come down here so we can steal your food

  9. the title isn't misleading, many of you just aren't smart enough to realize the leopard cub would have been caught on the ground and would have tried to defend the carcass and the wild dogs would have killed him in the process and taken the food, and there wouldn't have been much the mother could do that's why she just took the carcass back up the tree. Smh

  10. so much for the clickbait title.
    the mother did not rescue the junior, she just salvaged the carcase

    BBC EARTH you should know better than to engage in this clickbait rubbish

  11. Leopard climbing skilss is just amazing💜 cats are worlds strongets beutuful and loved animals and king of the house too ❤

  12. A bit of a misleading title click bait? the mother rescued dinner, the cub scampered up the tree in time with no need for his mother to rescue him. Still a good short vid showing the amazing speed and strength of Leopards, they say pound for pound Jaguars, and Leopards are the strongest Big Cats.

  13. people say the title is clickbait but she did rescuce the cub and the food by taking it up the tree as you can see the cub follow her saving the cub and the food

  14. Who in Hell would click this video see what the title says, then give it a thumbs down???? What Trolls!!!!

  15. These dogs are so small so it's so scary and horrifying to see hoards of squeaking and just 1 animal that had bad luck

  16. King of Savannah- Lion
    King of Jungle- Tiger
    King of Speed – Cheetah
    King of Climbing – Leopard
    King of my heart – my Cat 😍

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