L’isola di Cat Ba in Scooter – Capitolo 1 – Vietnam on the Road [SUB ENG]

L’isola di Cat Ba in Scooter – Capitolo 1 – Vietnam on the Road [SUB ENG]

I don’t konw if you can read it but On the top there’s written Viet Nam And what’s on the other side? Cambodia! How did we end up here? Good morning from Viet Nam We are waiting for the bus that will bring us to the city centre to go buying a scooter! 10 minutes later We are still waiting for the bus Will it come? Every bus came two times, but not our But it’s that one, I know it! There’s a 4, 14! And after paying 26 cents for the tickets we cross Ha Noi, the capital, to go buying our fireball This thing of buying the scooter is being so good! And in this trip by scooter in 3 and without helmet actually the only weird thing was Pietro’s beard Should I take off my glasses? oh, thank you Man, you’re so blind! When Brunello is ready we start our first two wheels trip to Cat Ba Island But, of course, a glitch is alway behind the corner so… After only 50 km Brunello decided not to feel good and after an emergency control unware that it would have been a usuall stop for all the rest of the trip with him we reached Ha Long Bay hungry and ready for the dinner And about this, Asia never disappoints you fried rice noodles with meat and vegetables for only €1 and some cents At sunrise we go waking Brunello up and after the typical champions’ breakfast we are ready to sail! we arrived at the hostel on Cat Ba Island €3.50 for this room and a private bathroom and breakfast included without knowing at all that in this amazing day we would have hike a mountain and a bit later put our feet in the sea But the Island had still much more to offer Buffalos that look at you as the older people in your small village Excuse me, may I pass? Look, you cannot occupy an entire lane! Oh God, how can you be so calm? Emh hello… Look the little one! Hello, go ahead, bye! And what’s the worthy conclusion of a so memorable day Isn’t it true that the most emotional moments are those that come suddenly like a sunset that amazes you after a curve that leaves you with a smile and lets you think I AM HAPPY.

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  1. Non so gli altri ma io ho già guardato questo video almeno 5 volte. Siete F A N T A S T I C I continuate a farci sognare! <3

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