Live PD: Crazy Cat Guy (Season 4) | A&E

Live PD: Crazy Cat Guy (Season 4) | A&E

Central, it’s
going to be a 124. I’m gonna pull up with him. He’s over here in Lakeshore. Deputy McComb got
out with this vehicle and smelled a little odor
of marijuana in there. What’s up, partner?
– Hi. Hi. You live out here? I was dropping my friend off. You got anything
in the car that’s not supposed to be in the car? No. No marijuana
tonight or anything? No. When was the last time
you smoked marijuana? I got you. What’s in that? I guess nothing. Just a cigarette. So you smoked just
before you came to work? Is that why I smell
it a little bit? Yeah. You smoke it in this car? Yeah. Why don’t you just
step back here with me? He’s just going to
look real quick. Yeah, it is. You could have
told me you had it. ROBERT FURGAL: What did he find? Hm? Oh, so you do have a
little weed in there. Yeah.
I didn’t– Man. I mean, I didn’t
know it was in there. Of course, you know, he’s
going to find it if I knew it was in there, you know? How did you not know? You probably smoked it earlier. Yeah. ROBERT FURGAL: What’s
up with the coffee containers in the back? Oh, cat food in there? So you’re, like, an
animal kind of guy? Yeah, I’m a cat– a crazy cat guy. A crazy cat guy? How many cats do
you have at home? I only have two at my house. Well, that’s not
a crazy cat guy. Well, yeah. Crazy cat guys got, like, 12. That’s what everyone calls
me, just crazy cat guy. Crazy cat guy. So you don’t have any weapons
or guns or anything anywhere, do you?
– No. You don’t have guns? No, I don’t. ROBERT FURGAL: You’re
afraid of guns? Yeah. ROBERT FURGAL: Lyrica? Why don’t you have them in
the prescription bottle? Are you prescribed Lyrica? Lyrica doesn’t usually
go with tooth pain. It’s usually for chronic pain. I know. I used to take Lyrica. Did you just forget you had it? Or did you just
forget to tell me? You forgot a lot of
things in this car, man. You got anything in your trunk? Garbage? You know, we’re going to– we’re just going to give
him a summons ticket to come to court, and maybe
be able to work with him, help him make some
better decisions, and get him on his
way in a minute here. All right. I think we’re going to
cut you a break tonight. We’re going to help
you out a little bit. You know, we’re not going
to let you keep your weed and not going to let
you keep your pills. I figured. Well, take this as an
educational moment for you. Don’t get pills from people. Because especially– it
might not even be Lyrica. All right? Maybe they’re giving you
something else that– who knows what the heck it is? We’re going to take the drugs. As far as the prescription
pills go that we located, it is illegal to have
prescription drugs not prescribed to you and not
in the prescription bottle to be in your possession in
the state of South Carolina. So like I said, we took this as
an educational moment for that. And hopefully, he
learns from it. And that’s it. We’re done with
this for the night.

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  1. I never understand why people with stuff in their cars allow a voluntary search. Also, I'm glad that my state no longer considers the scent of cannabis alone to be probable cause

  2. How can legally search based on smell, when there is no order distinction between CBD and THC?! Its 2020 why are we still using that as probable cause.

    At least here in NWFL the sheriffs made a press release that they will not be using the odor of marijuana as reason to search

  3. "How did you not know it was in there? You probably smoked it earlier."

    You just answered your own question.

  4. I know the cops gave him a break but still…The smell of weed shouldn’t be enough for a probable cause search.

  5. "Help him make better decisions" by stealing his drugs and making him lose money and time off work? That's a "better decision"?

  6. Not supporting the forgetfulness but Lyrica side affect is memory loss, cognitive function and weight gain. Dont take it for extended times.

  7. Lmfaoo thats crazy i love michigan after seeing live pd….. got pulled over about a couple months with a little over 2 ounces of weed in my car and was told to go on with my day and drive a little safer i was also stoned to the boned :)))

  8. You saved so many lives taking the weed off the street. Y'all some geniuses. Have 10-20 beers and have a good time driving later. Serious morons in control.

  9. If he was black he would be arrested. But white cop with a white guy, that was dishonest and "forgot" about drugs in the car? Yeah we'll just cut you a break.

  10. PA's supreme court ruled cops can't use the excuse of smelling cannabis to search people's cars a few months ago. 💖

  11. At first I thought about how some states make the "smell of weed" no longer Probable Cause to search, then I realized this state is South Carolina, the same state that had the cop that called the K9 after the guy didn't consent to a search, walked the dog around it, obviously had no alert on camera on the driver side door(they showed the dog on camera just walking past the driver door) then the K9 officer said "He alerted on the driver side"
    South Carolina seems to have some corrupt cops.

  12. Cop: "who knows what those pills are?"
    …so it could be Oxy and its an educational moment? Sounds about white to me! 🤭

  13. i dont wanna make it a race-thing BUT watching this as a priviliged white dude who grew up in the US from age 5 to 24 and lived in philly/nyc, NJ 3rd ward new brunz in bad areas/had housemates murdered/illegally stopped and searched cuz i was white in a mostly black/latino area etc – anyway, i watch live PD ALL the time, ive seen hundreds of hours and usually if you lie, even if ur nice and genuine, SOMETIMES they'll let u go if its bud BUT this guy was clearly high and i didnt even hear mention of a DWI and THEN he had prescription pills that have (limited, but legit) recreational value either alone or to potentiate other drugs – i cant think of one single instance where a person of color etc has:
    A.)LIED two times, weed and pills
    B.)IS HIGH at that time most likely
    C.)He has prescription pills in a sketchy bottle HE ADMITTED ARENT HIS

    Im sorry as i dont wanna make it racial etc but i watched the end and could only think 'i havent seen, and cant imagine seeing this scenario play out with a black/latino/homeless looking person – they'd get the old, 'sorry man ur nice but what am i supposed to do when u lie/have TWO sched.1 narcotics and were operating a vehicle etc….am i crazy/oversensitive here?

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