Maddam Sir – Ep 16 – Full Episode – 16th March 2020

Maddam Sir – Ep 16 – Full Episode – 16th March 2020

‘What comes before ‘J’?’ ‘I’.. ‘I am a reputed man
from a decent family.’ ‘Even I have self-respect.’ ‘It has become difficult for me
to get out of the house’ ‘because of my wife, ma’am.’ ‘Your wife has sent a message
for you.’ ‘Ask him to just
come home, rather’ ‘than being jealous
of my success.’ ‘This is his last chance.
Otherwise I’ll divorce him.’ ‘If I am not with
him, then no one’ ‘will value him. Last chance.’ Hey! It’s the hand
of a labourer that melts the iron
and shape it. No. You don’t sound like
Govinda at all. – Hey! It’s Sunny.. Sunny? You should’ve told me, right?
How would I know? Get up. Just get up. What happened?
– Get up. – Hey.. Get up.. – Tea.
– Tea. Put it back! Come on! – Why..
– You don’t deserve tea. Nothing..
– Let me eat something. You’re just worthless! Get out! You’re unnecessarily
being angry. Just hear me out. What?
– Listen to my offer first. Offer? What?
– Yes. Go to police station. Bring Chulbuli’s unique
reaction. I’ll give you Rs. 500. Rs. 500? Really?
– Yes. Cash. I don’t trust.
Swear it. Here. Swear it in the name
of your coloured hairs. Okay, here. I swear. Oh, sir.
Sit.. I am sorry. Hey, give him
nice tea. I’ll bring it right away.
Chulbuli’s expression. Have tea.
Just keep Rs. 500 ready. Go.. Bring the reaction
and earn Rs. 500. Hey, give me tea. What comes after ‘H’?
– ‘I’.. What happened? Hey.
– What happened? Someone pinched and ran away. Who?
– I was awake. Stay awake keeping your
eyes open. All right? Someone came to
the police station and did this. How dare he! As you can see, I am in Lucknow
Lady Police Station and you guys are
watching the live and exclusive report
of City News. I have come here to
meet Mr. Chulbuli and to know about his pain. Mr. Chulbuli will be with us
after a while and he’ll express his feelings. Are you guys ready? Come
on, let’s meet Mr. Chulbuli. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I can.. Sir, please listen.. Sir, I don’t know how and where
he has gone. We’re trying our
best to find him and we’re watching everywhere. I.. What! Okay, sir. If we do not find Mr. Pandey
within 48 hours then I’ll resign. That’s my promise. ‘Jai Hind!’ Hello and welcome
to our channel, City News. And I am your.. Badnaam, what are you doing?
Why are you moving? You’re very lucky because I am
shooting your video. If you shoot like that,
then I won’t give you credit. Sorry, sir. I made a mistake
and I won’t repeat. Stand properly!
– Sorry, sir. A bit lower. Yes. There’s a new twist
in the story. Chulbuli is missing
from the cage. Where is Chulbuli? Has he run away by getting
disappointed by the system or has someone
kidnapped Chulbuli to take money from his wife? What is going on here? What is Lucknow police doing
about this? And what is going on inside this
women’s police station? Stay tuned to find out
about all of this. You’ll get every information
about this story. Because I am Sunny Chadha. When can we see ourselves on TV? What are you all doing here?
Get back to your work. Such useless people.
– Get out. Hello, this is women’s police
station at Janpath, Lucknow. We are always ready to help you.
Please tell us your problem? You feel very happy,
don’t you? You’re happy about the fact
that someone went missing from our prison? I am telling you, son,
stop troubling me. Else, I’ll make you
vanish somewhere just like Chulbuli
and you’ll never be found. What? I sound like Amrish
Puri when I’m angry.. Hang up the phone! Else, I’ll teach you a lesson
that you’ll never forget. I’ve to face the repercussions
of others’ mistakes. I don’t know
where Chulbuli went. And he insulted Ms. Karishma
while leaving. She brought embarrassment
to me and herself. Before leaving, he proved how irresponsible, lazy
and jobless Ms. Karishma is. Why are you bringing me up
in between this, Ms. Pushpa? You’re not in between.
You’re rather in the centre. You’re my senior. So whatever
happens at the police station it’s your responsibility
to handle it. Nothing happened
when I was here. The moment I left,
Chulbuli vanished. I have a family, ma’am. I go home after duty. I go home as well. I don’t go on a death ride,
Mother.. I mean, Ms. Pushpa. What happened? I was thinking how Ms. Karishma
would look on a death ride
and collecting 10 rupee notes. Sorry, I mean you’ll be
collecting 100 rupee notes. Yes, so.. Hey What difference
does it make once you go home? I have to do everything
at the end of the day. Had I not been there my son would’ve
fled from your cage long back. Cage? You are a cage. Your grumpy attitude
and the tantrums you throw. I am on duty that’s why
I am quiet or else.. Or else what?
– Let it be. Or what? – Shall I send
a transfer request for you? To Chhatarpur police station. There is a serial killer who picks up grumpy
mother-in-laws and kills them. Tell me, shall I send you? My dear daughter-in-law. I was just joking. What will
you have? Juice or tea? Come on, sit down.
– Okay. Sit down. I’ll switch on
the fan.. There is no fan. I’ll fan you
with my hand – No, it’s okay. I just remembered. Yesterday
Cheetah was on duty after me. Isn’t it, Cheetah? God is my witness. God is my witness. I fulfil
my duty with integrity. I don’t even blink
for a single moment. How would you blink? To blink, your eyes
should be open. How can you blink
while sleeping? Insult me as much
as you want. Anyways it doesn’t feel
like an insult but love. Long live India!
– Long live India! What happened, ma’am?
Did you find Chulbuli? No. Ma’am..
– I have no idea where Mr. Kamlesh Pandey went. So, ma’am, will you have to
resign if he is not found? Yes. I am the in charge of this
police station. So, I’ll have to pay
for this mistake as well. ‘Stop!’ ‘Stop right there.’ ‘Or I will shoot you.’ ‘Did you think I was sleeping?’ ‘Did you think there is nobody’ ‘to take care of the
police station?’ ‘Just leave or I’ll put
so many holes in your body’ ‘that your soul
will get confused’ ‘as to where it should
get out from?’ By the way,
what do you all think? Where would Mr. Pandey be? He must have
locked himself in some room just like how we kept him
locked up in this cage. No.. If he had to hide he could’ve stayed hidden here. I shouldn’t say it but he must have
committed suicide, ma’am. There’s a railway track behind. Oh, I didn’t think
about this track but why did he go
so far to commit suicide? He could have committed suicide
at the nearby office. But that office consists
of a single floor. How will someone die
by jumping off the first floor? If he had tried multiple times,
then it would’ve been possible. Your innocence is adorable. You are an absurd person. Don’t you know the difference between innocence
and mental illness? I didn’t understand, ma’am.
– Don’t try hard. It’s not right to put pressure on something that is weak. Otherwise,
it’ll become damaged forever. I’m telling you, don’t think
much about it. Let her blabber. Don’t think.
– Okay. Wow, the atmosphere is..
– Excuse me! What’s wrong? This is my habit. Let it be a news or perfume as long as the fragrance
is there, I’m always available. For such a news, a person
can enter a lion’s den. This is still my in-laws house. I dare you to meet me outside!
– It’s about earning and I need to ask few questions.
Can I? – No! Thank you.
Is Chulbuli really missing? Where did he go? Why isn’t
the police taking any action? Why does the police
seem clueless? Why isn’t the police
doing anything? Leave from here.. Or else, I will force him out.
Go out.. – Wait, listen to me! I had a deal with Ms. Haseena that she will share
all the news with me. Why aren’t you stopping them?
They are forcing me out. Sunny, listen to me carefully. By frying you in oil,
and by grinding by filtering you, if I don’t
toss you in the air then my name
isn’t Cheetah Chaturvedi. Get out.. – No, ma’am..
– Cheetah Chaturvedi! All of you calm down. Now will you also explain him
via your emotions? What else? The responsible
people of the police station aren’t understanding the same then how will he understand?
Am I right, Ms. Karishma? Will you ever give me
the chance to speak? Yes, ma’am. Go ahead. Thank you. Sunny, Chadha and all of you,
look at this. ‘So, now is the time
for some fun time.’ ‘Today’s video is only for you.’ You came in our Tok Tok video and there is..
– Jolliness.. Sunny, here’s your tea. Hold it quickly!
I don’t have time. Make a special tea for me. Mr. Sunny, how are you? You turned out to be
an influential reporter. Do something for me as well. Look at my new hairstyle. Listen. – Yeah.
– Come here. Look here. The other side.. Down.. Up..
Show your teeth. No.. Something’s missing.
– Why? What happened? Nothing much.
I have a friend named, Raju. He produces movies
like ‘Munna Bhai’ so.. Raju Hirani! He’s a very
influential director. He would be one for me. but he’s my childhood friend.
I call him Raju. He’s producing a new movie,
so he needs a hero. Hero.. – But the hero
needs to be smart. I’m smart. – Smartness is fine
but one should be handsome.. I’m handsome as well.
– Yeah, for now it will work but he should be
knowing mimicry. – Oh, no! Mr. Sunny.. The person you are looking for
is standing in front of you. But you aren’t handsome!
– Yeah. Shut up! Sometimes I feel
that I’m a great God. I mean, a great actor. Mr. Sunny, give me a chance. I swear on my parents,
I will become a great actor. Mr. Sunny, you’re a rookie. I am so good
that I fit to be in Hollywood. Mr. Sunny, you are getting
a chance to launch a star. Don’t lose this chance.
– No. I am not impressed.
I am not getting that feel. Right. You need to work hard.
Have some tea. Better luck next time. Mr. Sunny.. Please do something.
Help me with this. I will serve you tea for free
throughout the year. Please do something.
– You are not getting it. I can recommend you. But if someone
does something for me only then I can help him
in return. Look, this is
the police station. I have no idea
as to what is happening inside. Moreover,
I’m prohibited from entering. If I had a friend here then he would have
gone inside collected all the information. Then he would’ve come and shared
all the information with me. I would have aired it
on my news channel. Then I would have
made him a star. I can’t make any random
person a star. Never! Mr. Sunny, consider it done.
– What! Give me a minute. You need information,
right? You will get it soon. Sunny, he sells
cutting tea. And you fooled him. Go do your work.
Give me the tea. Come on, go.
– You had given me the tea. I am taking it back. Go!
I will finish it. Come on, go. I did not expect this
from Ms. Haseena. This is injustice. If she wanted to make
a video with Chulbuli then why did she stop Pammi
from making the video? You need to be careful. Otherwise, I will
break your other hand too. Ms. Haseena is wrong. She could have told me
to make the video. Everybody would have
liked it. How can you be so sure
that people would have liked it? Only I would have
liked the video. My like is equal to the likes of
the city, nation and universe. Do you understand?
End of the discussion. Are you done? Ma’am, we must think about it. How did Chulbuli Pandey agree
to make video with Ms. Haseena. Tea! I think that.. What? Just say. What is it? That Ms. Haseena
and Chulbuli Pandey are having an affair. Firstly, your IQ is zero. Secondly, you are linking
Ms. Haseena with some idiot. She.. It’s her.
Stay away from her. Only then you can
change yourself. What?
What did you say? I did not understand. No. You understood
what I said. Ma’am, please..
– No, I did not understand. Explain it to me
once again. The truth is that you
don’t understand anything. because if you had understood then I wouldn’t
have suffered so much. Neither at home
nor in the police station. You are right. I don’t understand anything.
I am very naive. Had I understood you then I would have
warned my son that you are possessed. And I would have
told him to stay away from you. What do you mean? What do you mean? Shadow!
Shadow.. I know. Do you mean
I am a witch? I am not saying
anything to you. No, this is what
being possessed means. So, I am a witch!
– Consider whatever you want.. Listen to me. Santosh wishes
to say something. Hear her out.
– Spill. Ma’am, let it be. Just think
why it can’t happen. We know that Ms.
Haseena is looking for a suitor for herself. Even Chulbuli Pandey
is fed up of his wife. They might have found
emotional support. They might have found
a connection. They might have
fallen for each other. They might have developed
feelings for each other. It’s possible. Santosh!
– Yes. Why don’t you start
writing poetries? I do write.
I write down FIRs and drafts.
I do the writing work. Will you both
stop this nonsense? Yes, Santosh. You are talking rubbish. It’s not possible. Of course, it’s possible. One can catch a cold
and fall in love anytime. One doesn’t realise. Sorry. I see. So Ms. Haseena
has feelings for him! Let’s see.. If she gives
her resignation or.. Follows her heart.

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