Marvel Falcon and Winter Soldier Teaser – New Trailer Footage Marvel Easter Eggs

Marvel Falcon and Winter Soldier Teaser – New Trailer Footage Marvel Easter Eggs

I’m gonna burn this place to the ground Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my new marvel Falcon and Winter Soldier video for the viral
teaser they they just released they also had a Disney investor meeting where they
aired a full-blown new Falcon and Winter Soldier trailer with all new footage
I’ll explain that too there’s a whole bunch of Easter eggs so if you’re new to
the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the Marvel videos there’s a bunch of
really big stuff coming up so we’ll just bring this down top-five style starting
with number 5 happy birthday Winter Soldier so obviously this is them having
a little bit of fun teasing the series but in this clip Winter Soldier is
celebrating his 107 Thursday I saw a lot of you confused about the timeline on
this why is he hundred and seven years old instead of some other age what is
the date on this filter raid March 10th 2020 instead of 2023 I think that’s
mostly just a joke just because the person who was recording this didn’t
have a way to change the actual date you have to remember the Avengers end game
ended in the spring of 2023 so technically all this is happening years
in the future Winter Soldier was born as Bucky March 10th 1917
so the Falcon and Winter Soldier clip that we’re watching here of him getting
ready to plow through this cake is taking place in 2024 the year after
avengers endgame which is why they’re celebrating his 107 day the clip is
taking place in a restaurant in Prague Czech Republic because that’s where they
were filming the last of their episodes recently they’re getting ready to wrap
on the series the connection you’ll remember to Spider Man far from home is
that that’s where spider-man fought his battle with Mysterio’s big fire
elemental at the carnival when he got his night monkey stealth suit the reason
why he’s wearing a special glove there is just because he wears the glove over
his special vibranium arm just so he doesn’t freak people out this is what he
looks like in his full battle costume he’s got a couple costume changes
through the series and they will be hyping up all the special abilities that
his arm has they haven’t talked about it recently but a little while ago they
were talking about how his arm has all these secret functions that sharee built
into it because it’s vibranium technology of course it does a lot of
really cool secret stuff so they’ll be using the Falcon and Winter Soldier
episodes to show us a lot of those cool things but that’s just one of the cool
details about the series but number four the brand new footage that they showed
up at the Disney investor meeting starts like an extended trailer it’s Bucky
paying a visit to Baron Zemo in that state-of-the-art prison that they locked
him up in during Captain America Civil War Baron Zemo tries to reactivate his
Winter Soldier programming again like the language that he got from the red
book only now it doesn’t work because Cherie in black panther deep programmed
him before Avengers infinity war the reason why Winter Soldier says he’s come
to see Baron Zemo though is because someone has recreated the Super Soldier
Serum obviously we’re probably talking about Thunderbolt Ross here because we
know that he has a version of the Super Soldier Serum that he used during
Incredible Hulk You’re aware that we’ve got an infantry weapons development program Well, in ww2 they initiated a subprogram. For biotech force enhancement. Yeah, Super Soldier. Yes. An oversimplification, but yes. And I dusted it off got ’em
doing serious work again. Bold work. Banners work was very early phase. He thought he was working on radiation resistance. I would never have told him what the project really was. Then there’s a longer version
of this trailer scene of the rally where they’re minting the new version of the
John Walker u.s. agent Captain America they’re getting ready to introduce them
you only see him off screen holding the shield in his costume but this is the
government getting ready to announce him publicly in this big rally then there
was a montage of a bunch of big action scenes with Baron Zemo finding in his
comic book costume with the iconic purple mask then they follow up with a
different scene of Winter Soldier meeting Falcon discussing that they’re
not really Bros they were just friends of friends they knew Captain America
collectively so they’re just two dudes that used to know Captain America
obviously by the end of the series they’ll probably become fast friends but
you’ve probably seen a lot of the funny clips and teasers that they posted to
social where they’re trash-talking each other there just to give you an idea for
the tone of the series when things pick up the timeline of Falcon and Winter
Soldier is that it picks up relatively soon after avengers endgame but also
after the events of spider-man far from home
spider-man far from home is still like the first thing that happens a couple
months after avengers endgame there is a logic to the order of all
the Disney Plus Avengers series the ones that they’ve announced so far so like
Falcon to Winter Soldier is the first one to be released this summer in August
after Comic Con because all the stuff that happens during the episodes
happened before the story in one division Episode one picks up so a lot
of the stuff that they do during Falcon and Winter Soldier will set the stage
for what’s happening in the other Disney Plus series because they’re all meant to
be connected but they’re also all connected with the movies to of course
I’ll cover all those Easter eggs and all those connections when they start
releasing more trailers more footage in the actual episodes number three most of
you know that Baron Zemo is the main villain to this most of the stuff that’s
happening during Falcon and Winter Soldier is in service of establishing
the MCU Thunderbolts and that’s going to spread into the MCU movies through
Thunderbolt Ross and Baron Zemo I know everyone just watched the Black Widow
trailer watching him copy all of Black Panthers and the other Avengers moves
and they’re hoping the taskmaster will join the Thunderbolts in the future but
of course as you would expect Baron Zemo escapes prison all the craziness of
Avengers in game and the blip back sets that off the same way that they used the
ending of Avengers endgame to explain why Mysterio was doing his Iron Man plot
during spider-man far from home no big surprise that they’re going to be using the
events of Avengers endgame to inform the events of the next several big MCU
movies number two the other big part of Falcon and Winter Soldier episodes are
addressing what happens with the shield in Captain America’s legacy as you’ve
all seen from that Avengers end game ending scene cap wanted Falcon to take
it first spin Falcon and Winter Soldier episode 1 is supposed to pick up a while
after Avengers end game with a big attack from Baron Zemo in the same style
as his attack during Captain America Civil War during that event it’s
supposed to be revealed that Thunderbolt Ross and the government have selected US
agent John Walker as their new Hardcore trigger-happy version of Captain America
that they can control Falcon and Winter Soldier obviously have history with
Baron Zemo which is where they get involved trying to stop his global
terror plot in while that’s happening Falcon has this big arc of not wanting
to be the new Captain America doubting himself in his they’re chasing Baron
Zemo around the world they learned the true history of the super soldier
program and meet a couple other participants they cast Karl Lumley most
people believe that he’s playing Isiah Bradley from the comics he’s the
next person that the military tried to turn into a super soldier right after
Captain America during World War two the version of the serum that they tested on
him wasn’t quite as potent as Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum but
remember that Thunderbolt Ross seen from Incredible Hulk where he’s talking about
the history of the Super Soldier program in the Weapon X program MCU Isiah
Bradley would just be part of that program so as they learn about the
history of the super soldier program Falcon slowly comes around on the idea
of wearing the mantle of Captain America in number one the Falcon in Winter
Soldier episodes are supposed to start releasing by late August
new episodes always release on Disney Plus on Fridays they also just confirmed
that the Loki series would be starting to release around this time next March
they’ve already confirm Loki in the time variants Authority I’ve done a couple
videos about that so I’ll link my Loki trailer video in the description but
they also confirmed that they’re doing the Enchantress time travel villains
multiverse villains because that’s just who that time variance Authority always
goes after Owen Wilson is part of the series they didn’t say who he’s playing
though and now they just confirmed a Richard E grant will be playing a big
villain everyone seems to think that he’s going to be playing MCU Kang the
conquer because you don’t cast Richard E Grant who plays iconic huge villains
and movies to be a throwaway villain in all the big characters from each of the
Disney Plus series are supposed to cross over into the movies but we’ll get more
details about that soon so I’ll do more videos on the other Disney Plus series
as they release new footage and new details
Marvel is also getting ready to confirm Sam Raimi as the director of Doctor
Strange 2 multiverse of madness we all know that he’s going to direct the movie
but officially Marvel hasn’t said anything about it because they’re deep
in pre-production they start filming Doctor Strange 2 in May so just expect
them to start talking about Doctor Strange 2 next month as you probably
heard Doctor Strange 2 is going to be the most important Marvel movie next to
the Eternals for setting up the next 10 years of the MCU the reason why the
Eternals is a really big deal even though those characters are kind of
weird and you may not have seen them before or may not have read those Jack
Kirby comics is because the Eternals provide the basis for x-men inside the
MCU I know you’re all expecting to see some x-men stuff happening during one
division – yes that we’ll set up mutants but remember Wan
Division is coming out after the Eternals which is why the Eternals is
the first big thing that’s going to be setting up MCU x-men all to Easter eggs
for all that stuff when they start releasing eternals trailers that’ll
probably start in May when we get the Black Widow movie
congratulations Griffin’s see well you’re the giveaway winner from my last
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everyone click here for my new Thor 4 Christian Bale video and click here for
Marvel’s big announcement about what’s going on with the Hulk during Marvel
phase 4 in Marvel phase 5 thank you so much for watching everyone stay awesome
see you guys tonight!

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  2. I’m calling it right now that Zemo steals and takes a version of the super solider serum which makes him a bigger threat.

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  6. stupid question but…. is the Ed Norton Hulk apart of the same timeline or this universe? is it supposed to be Mark R. face instead of Ed’s?

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  9. I havent seen any new footage before this video so when the beginning of the video started i thought it was just a couple of people messing with sebastian and they just had a terrible camera with them😂😂😂😂😂

  10. I would like to know how falcon (who is just a normal person) can throw the shield just like captain America?

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  15. And F+WS production was just shut down in Prague due to corona virus. No clue how far along they are, or when production will start back up! @[email protected]

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  16. Why is no body talking on how falcon sunk the shield 6 inches deep into a tree. Did he take the super soldier strum???

  17. I don't understand videos like this? Why watch the video if you're going to spoil everything with a trailer break down. I just don't get it

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  21. My theory for the series is the Bucky and Falcon team up with Zemo to bring down US Agent, but Zemo double crosses them and goes on with his own nefarious plans.

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    third,maybe the shield is lighter now or something

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