Me trying not to get sick before a furry con vs Me at the con with furries

Me trying not to get sick before a furry con vs Me at the con with furries

[Morning – Grieg] [rooster crowing] [coughing noise] Wait, I have a cough? But the con is in two days! [dramatic music] [sound effects of Nos taking various home remedies] Ow. Nos: Hello? Gideon: Hey Nos! You want to come to my
birthday party? Nos: What, and breathe in your germs you sick freak? Gideon: There’s gonna be a clown, and a pony, and… hello? Hey Alexa, set an alarm for 14
hours from now! oh yeah. [dramatic music] Gideon: Hey you want this drink? It’s ten
people’s saliva! Nos: Of course! [dance music] It got in my mouth! Hello? And a juggler, and a fire breather! and a dragon! He’s my friend! (the band) Cannibal Corpse! It’s gonna be lit! You’re not coming are you?

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  1. Lol that’s me tryeing not to get sick with ANE and then I’m in ANE and I don’t care if I’m sick lol
    Good vid nos

  2. yea thats not me, i dont feel sick now, i just feel the adrenaline and ideas seeping through me, which reminds me i am going to go study some aerodynamics so that i can bring one of my ideas to life

  3. This is like me when I know I’m about to get sick but I have concerts/recitals coming up. (I’m sure musicians can relate. I’m a brass player myself. I need my lungs to play)

  4. This is the reason I keep myself healthy at all costs. Nothing is worse than being sick at a furry convention, worse than PCD. And I really hope you're not actually sick. And as always, great video! Much love!

  5. I want a suit but it’s kinda weird Bc if they know that I want to be a pit bull furry they said they shall not be cool with me anymore what should I do

  6. That was cold lol. About like me telling my cousin he's not special when he was having a nervous breakdown. What!? It snapped him out of it lol. I believe his words were… JESSE THANKS! That's right he thanked me. Lol

  7. Ngl I just wana know how long it took for for you to pick those pills back up lol
    But lmao your video always make my day nos

  8. That is heaps funny as it’s cute but it’s true with me sometimes. And poor Gideon I’ll go to his birthday party.

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