Mixing slimes, slime smoothie satisfying slime & FUNNY CAT

Mixing slimes, slime smoothie satisfying slime & FUNNY CAT

Welcome my friends Long sharp claws knock against each other Long sharp nails poking in green slime Cat Maine Coon interested in green slime Long sharp nails poke purple slime Long sharp nails stretch the mucus Long sharp nails make a mix of slime Maine Coon cat sniffs mix of slime For a large amount of mix red slime very relaxing and satisfying looking slime and long nails Long sharp nails make a mixture of mucus interesting species Thanks for watching. Put like))

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  1. Вера, шикарное видео !!!!
    Липкий слайм сделал своё дело- я залип на это видео от начала до конца )))
    А вообще – очень круто смотрятся все манипуляции с этой липучкой ))
    И чем дальше, тем прикольнее…
    А ещё постоянно не покидала мысль, что Василисе кусок липучки в шерсть может попасть )))

  2. How do you even play with slime with long nails like that? How do you get the slime out? Now that's a question worth thinking about.

  3. Шок. Это же потом сложно снимать, ещё под ногти забивается!
    И кошечка очень красивая, и так мурчит замечательно!

  4. Ur Kitty it sooo cutie I have cats too I have two cats that pass way one of them is my dad cat and one is my cat my dad cat he died of ages and my cat he was black cat I got him as kitten when I was toddler I think he was my best fav cat he die cuz he have lungs that wasn’t working I will always remember him 🙁

  5. Как же я хочу длинные ноги 😞❣❣❣❣❣😍😍😍😍😍😍Может вы снимите когда-нибудь видео по уходу за ногтями только в форме ASMR?🤞❤

  6. I chase your videos and especially the slime ones I feel like the slimes got sticky and you were sorta struggling and it kind of gave me a panic attack

  7. hola, me encanta tu canal y estoy loco por el zorro. ¡Estoy solo en mi segundo canal, me encantan tus videos y tu canal!💖💖💖

  8. (sorry if i wrote a something bad,i speak spanish and i don't are the best in inglish)where you buy the slimes? :0

    Edit: Greetings from Mexico ♥

  9. Vera, I would like to know what mark of nail polish do you use? Because nail polish on your nails always looks perfect!

  10. Your cat is literally so cute!!!😊 you should bring her in more vids…love the slime smoothie and your nails ☺

  11. У меня был такойже фиолетовый слайм некоторые слайды к лаку для ногтей прилипают

  12. Сколько вы лака тратите на покраску таких ногтей?0-0

  13. Nice video! Was wondering if you could buy some anime action figures then unbox them and tap and scratch on em ^^ I would be so happy if you could!! <3 I love anime! Love you!!! 😀

  14. Василиса такая милая!! Я получаю такое удовольствие от ваших видео!!!

  15. This is a good example of when you have long nails you shouldn't play with slime because it gets stuck do your nails and your fingers and stuff

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