mom,there is a weird cat outside

mom,there is a weird cat outside

What the fuck is that? What the fuck? Is that a fucking cat? Hey, don’t fucking look at me like that. That’s a weird-looking fucking cat. Ma! Yo there’s a stray cat outside. I don’t want it starting to fight with Lucy. Lucy it’s okay. It’s okay Lucy. Don’t worry about it. MA! Ma, there’s a weird fucking stray cat outside! It looks. It looks like grandma the fucking thing. Hey, get the fuck out of here! I don’t even know if that’s a fucking cat. Blink motherfucker! EH, NO NO NO NO NO!

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  1. im not enjoying uploading memes as i dont want my most viewed videos as memes. i want my most viewed videos about music, that i enjoy making. i dont see the fun of uploading memes as i started that because december was the highest view count that i have gotten. so please understand that these couple of months, this channel will be chaning from a meme sh1tposter to a music channel.

    thank you for understanding

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