Mpow Cheetah Wireless Earbuds Waterproof IPX6, Bluetooth Headphones 8 Hours Playtime

Mpow Cheetah Wireless Earbuds review The Cheetah is really light. Because the cord
is stiff and curled it took me a minute to figure out how to orient them correctly, but
I was immediately impressed with how comfortable the Cheetah are. It’s really light and earbuds stay in not
so much because of the over the ear loops, but because the cord serves as a spring that
keeps the earbuds in your ears. It actually works really well. I shock my head violently from side to side
and up and down, and the Cheetah stay on. These are not going to come off; I don’t
care what you’re doing. The comfort is a big win. The Cheetah might be the most comfortable
bluetooth earbuds I’ve ever worn. I got the baby blue/black version, and overall
it looks pretty good. The earbuds are sleek with a glossy black coating. They’re sweat resistant and feel like they
would hold up against moisture well. The plastic part that fits around your ears looks and
feels a little cheap. The cord the goes around the back of your
head is pretty stiff and also feels a little cheap. The MPOW Cheetah is amazingly light and comfortable.
The buttons are big, easy to find, and easy to use. The Cheetah will stay on and does not move
around no matter what you’re doing. The music playback is excellent and absolutely
stunning at this price point. The only major gripe I have is the cord will
brush against the back of your neck and transmit the rubbing sound to your ears. This drives me crazy if I’m moving my head
up and down or back and forth a lot. I really expected the Cheetah to sound terrible. I was blown away by how good these actually
sound. The sound is full and rich. The bass is excellent for earbuds. I think
they give up a little of the high range to accomplishing this. Call quality is fine on both ends, but there’s
no noise canceling feature. Battery life is also surprisingly good. MPOW claims 8 hours, and although I didn’t
keep track of the time, I used the Cheetah quite a bit for several days in a row without
charging, so I believe the claimed 8 hours. I tested the bluetooth range, and the Cheetah
is at least as good as everything else I’ve used and just might even be better than most. But overall, it’s the typical 30-40 feet
you get with most modern Bluetooth headsets. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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