Nós somos os Cat Dealers (DOCUMENTÁRIO)

Nós somos os Cat Dealers (DOCUMENTÁRIO)

Are you enjoying it, Pedrão? What about you Anna Luiza? Get ready, cause the festival is going to present the latest in this segment That’s right 40 DJs will be playing at Rock in Rio and there’s a duo from Rio de Janeiro that’s been rocking A total success, here and around the globe. Who are these guys Pedrão started playing drums when he was younger, actually, since he was 11 years old, right? Yes, I took drum lessons from 11 until I was 18 years old, I think When Lugui was 16 I took him to London. We went before to take a trip. My mother gifted all her grandchildren with a trip of their choice and Lugui decided to go to London to take a DJ course in a music school there. Back in London I met a Portuguese guy who worked at Point Blank. I told him I wanted to start producing music, he was the only one who spoke Portuguese over there. He was really excited about it! He started teaching me and giving me tips. I remember the school used to close at 10pm and we used to stay there until 11:30 pm cause he was the one who closed it. – While I was out, Pedrão took some courses.
– I made a few music production courses. When I came back from London it was like: “Let’s do this shit!” And when I realized I was doing it everyday. I remember, I know the date we decided that we wanted to be DJs. It was May 3rd, 2012. In 2012 we started focusing on this whole thing with electronic music and DJing. In 2012 we were learning to DJ. We had a controller and started playing for fun. We created a project called Moshe, that was the name of our dog that passed away recently, he was the most present dog in our lives. I even have him tattooed here. We weren’t big fans of the sound that was popular in Brazil back then… It sounded sort of like Deep house. We enjoyed a few songs but not everything, because we used to like something more aggressive. So as Cat Dealers we were able to create an identity of our own, in which we took references from EDM that we used to like And we mixed it with some elements of that sound that was popular in Brazil back then. We started Cat Dealers in 2016, so we were from 2013 until 2016 in this other project called Moshe, named after our dog We were still learning We had a name, uploaded some tracks online, but we weren’t really good. In the beginning, Moshe was a solo project, it was only Lugui, I didn’t play with him. And in the meantime, some people started helping us. We played at some parties as Moshe. I think that in those 3 years we played at maybe 10 parties. And in one of them, the guy that was helping us said: “Dude, why don’t you play together? You’re brothers, it would be cool. This ‘brothers playing together’ thing sells” and I said “screw it, let’s do this.” That day when the show was about to start I got up on stage and played with him. Because we used to play together at home, we were already used to it. Pedrão has always been more of an introspective guy, you can see it nowadays, I’m always on Instagram Stories, I appear a lot more. Pedrão makes Lugui feel safe, he’s more objective, calmer, he thinks before he speaks… Lugui is more action. But yeah, he’s always been more like that. So in the beginning he was a little apprehensive, back in 2012. So then we started playing together. We started Cat Dealers in January, released two nice tracks and the third one in March was Your Body. It was a turning point. In March we had 2 shows, in April 4 shows, in May 8 shows, in June 10 shows, in July 12 shows and from that moment on it was 12 up. So in six months we went from 0 to 12 shows a month. Your Body was a huge hit in Brazil, it still is, and it was also successful worldwide, the whole Europe has heard it, USA. We were in Los Angeles once, we weren’t even working, we were just on vacation, and a guy passed by driving and he was listening to ‘Your Body’ really loud in his car. I said “wow”, looked at him and said “that’s so cool!” With this song, things started to work out, they started to do more shows and we could see that the project was getting bigger, they were travelling a lot, they were playing all over Brazil from North to South. I never know where they are, to be honest. Sometimes I go check on their Instagram Stories to know where they’re at because they travel a lot. I usually joke that they stay here and live in airports around the world. It took awhile for us to absorb the whole thing, it happened so fast… Not that fast, cause we’ve been doing it for a long time, but Cat Dealers happened so fast that it took some time for us to absorb it. I guess the first moment in which we realized how big we were was when we played Ultra Brazil 2016. On that day, the first slot had a huge delay. The gates were closed, there was nobody there, the guy was playing for an empty audience. The gates were opened right before the second slot, so there was still nobody in the crowd, and then 15 minutes before we went on stage there was still nobody there. We were so excited to be playing at Ultra I remember looking at the crowd and thinking “yeah, well, shit happens!” 5 minutes before our show, more and more people started showing up. I looked at Pedrão, he looked at me and said “holy shit, look at this, so many people!” 10 minutes into our set and the place was crowded, CROWDED! Everybody arrived early to watch our show. And that was it… When the show was over we were screaming, jumping, hugging each other, saying “look at what just happened!” It was amazing, really, really amazing. It was a shock. There were some other cool moments! Rock In Rio 2017 was an incredible one of them. Everybody was singing our songs really loud. We found out that we were on the lineup through a brazilian news website. I woke up and everybody was texting me “You’re playing at Rock In Rio, that’s awesome!” And I was like “what?!” I didn’t know I was playing at Rock In Rio. We didn’t know… Our managers back then didn’t tell us. We texted them “what is this Rock in Rio thing?” and they were like “Surprise!” So this show was a shock. But I think that until today, the most impressive show for us was Lollapalooza Brazil 2018. Because we were on the third slot, I think it was 3:30 pm it was a slot that didn’t usually get crowded and Lolla’s stage is huge, similar to Rock In Rio, a really big stage. and we were on the third slot, we were like “fuck… will people show up or not?” And Lolla has a ten-minute break between performances and in those ten minutes the place got totally crowded, a sea of people. The first song we played was Gravity everybody was singing it really loud, I was shaking, really afraid of something wrong, feeling nauseous, nervous, everything. I think until this day, that was the most impactful show, in which we realized how big we were and what was happening. Yeah, we’ve been focusing on the shows for more than a year now. We reduced drastically our income, mine and Pedrão’s, to invest in our shows. We are investing it all because we believe that is what should be done. There are many people playing, and they all play the same things. People will follow whatever they see it’s working, so a lot of people end up doing the same thing and becoming very similar to one another. Our goal is to deliver something different that we enjoy and something that we would love as fans. I think that Rock In Rio will be the delivery of a new show. Which is not necessarily a premiere, it’s not that. It’s the delivery of a new show that we’ve been working on for so long video structure, light structure, everything. We’re taking everything, even a film crew. I think it’s gonna be a milestone. A new Cat Dealers, a new beginning a new delivery standard and from there on we intend to continue like this. And everytime we have these big shows, we’ll make even greater performances.

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