Opening 10 packs of LEGO DOTS “Extra Dots” series 1!

Opening 10 packs of LEGO DOTS “Extra Dots” series 1!

and now for something completely
different in this video I am simply going to be opening ten of these packs
kind of looks like a collectible minifigure blind bag pack except it’s
not a blind bag pack because there’s a big clear window on the front they’ll
let you see exactly what’s inside that’s nice I would like to see a lot more of
that in the world in general this is from the dots these are from the dots
theme Legos latest theme that focuses less on building and more on expressing
art through patterns and the tedious placement and alignment of lots and lots
and lots and lots of 1 by 1 tiles so this is a bag of 1 by 1 tiles in at
least some interesting colors they’re intended to go with their bigger sets
and just their general push for they’ve got like a pencil holder a picture
holder bracelets are a big thing silicone bracelets you know and have
studs on them you can put the parts on there and what else do they have
did I mention jewelry holder and we’ve got a handful of sets that are out but
these are just extras these are like supplements supplemental parts packs but
have one by one just regular tiles but then they also have some printed ones
that are new to this theme each one of these packs has 10 of the new printed
parts at random so no two packs should have the exact same contents I’m gonna
open up all of these one by one and see what actually get for this special task
I shall be employing special fancy scissors oh because why not all right
each one is just a plastic bag make some space I have a feeling this is gonna get
kind of messy some of these things probably gonna go all over the place
when I open and spill some of the contents out but that’s okay
we’ll live so each of these packs officially has 109 pieces I’m not gonna
count them myself to confirm that it’s exactly that or to
find out if they actually have some spares but if you want to count you know
pause and count free probably some folks would
appreciate that but I’m particularly looking for the selection of parts just
in general and then to see what charms that I get these one-by-one special
white printed tiles those are there those are the real special ones there’s
like the the chase items the the the ones that are included at random and
like I showed you they do have that window on the front so you can actually
see what’s in there if you spend a little time just shaking the thing
around but this is this is kind of cool because all these represent different
things all the different prints that we have and I forgot to look up just how
many different ones they made but there are a bunch of them and we should see
that as I open up more packs that the selection increases there that’s an
another one that’s actually a coral color right there and here’s a diamond
diamond print that is nice I think I might want to actually use that for my
my jewelry store and my mall illegal mall the rest of these pieces are
relatively straightforward most of them are just to the corner or quarter round
tiles in this is the cool spring green color it’s not lime-green it’s even
brighter than that a little bit less saturated this is a regular pink color
standard pink they’ve got the magenta color and then they’ve got plenty of the
teal color it was too many years ago just reintroduced to Legos palette and
then all of these which make for nice little parts are in trans light blue
with glitter so they have actual metallic glitter inside of them so
that’s one pack that’s what you get from one act as an example I’ll go through
the rest of them much more quickly now that we have an overview for that go I’m
probably not gonna stick to this format down here because like I said this is
probably gonna get pretty messy but that’s okay yeah look I say I already
messed it up let’s see what else I get I think I’m just gonna
do that I’m just gonna separate these out by charms versus knock charms but
first for just one single additional bag I want to separate out the ones that I
get here that are charms to see how different the selection can be from one
bag to the next it’s supposed to be random I already see that the
distribution is not exactly the same got two of those big laughing faces two of
the diamonds now there’s a crying face and extreme crying face while that’s
really sad just waterworks another laughing one I
like the positive ones like the happy ones another diamond I like those I also
like this good the note coral color and is that it I think I got all of them
right yeah I think I got all of them cool it looks like all the rest are the
same like the rest of this selection does not seem to change again I’m not
gonna count them but it looks the same to me personally cool so this has become
just a chase for the charms kind of what I wanted it to be see what else we can
get we there will be more variety I want to be surprised I want to see some
things that are that are vastly different vastly different there’s
another one of the the skull that’s also a useful part it’s kind of a cute skull
look it’s got hearts for eyes and printing there is lavender I think ah
here we go this is an ultra rare I bet you there there’s like a distribution
chart that can be made for these oh I got two in a row the unicorn poop the
rainbow poop pieces I wonder if that is the case though some of them are more
rare than others I don’t think they need to be you know this isn’t something
where they need to have loot box mechanics surprise opening mechanics
where you have the extra special super rare ones I hope not
just let it be just let it be you know what I mean just let something be
absolutely random there we go got lots of skulls in this one careful what you
ask for yes ah here’s another what is this
this is another happy one I like that one that one is nice I like that one and
I like this one as well as sticking the tongue out and
huh oh here we go watermelon yeah that’s different now is
that it did I get one less here then with the others because that looks like
one less right again I’m not gonna get into counting things but it does look
like just check the package so here we got five ten eleven oh they’re supposed
to be ten and I got eleven there this is five ten okay that’s also eleven what
happened something something’s weird with my angle what that I’m looking at
it from anyway let’s move on to the next so that’s nice
they they tell you that you’ll get ten and you actually get eleven I bet you
there are more than 109 more than 110 pieces in here probably have a spare of
each of the colors of regular tiles as well that’s what they usually do all
right all of these just almost all these happen to fall upside down I’m gonna
keep trying to line them up for as long as I can just cuz it looks cool feels
good to do that I’m lining them up too carefully here but just feels good to
see that distribution here’s another rainbow heart one looks like those are
relatively rare see we get diamonds not too rare crying face don’t want too many
of those don’t want too much sadness skull seems to be a pretty common one
diamond again interesting huh that the diamond would be common of all things
another crying face I don’t like this better offset that give me some happy
there we go there’s a happy face and I think that’s the last one in this pack
all right good got to that I like that are smiling or at
least partly smiling alright too bad they don’t change up the colors a bit
more though I think with the regular pieces then get 10 of these packs you
are allowed to order many more than happy did humming it was was twenty or
thirty year it was even up to fifty they’ve made lots of these things I am
NOT causing them to be rare I’m not being evil here I really wanted these
pieces ah okay this is looking like it might be rare both both of these
actually the lightning bolts cuz I only got two of those before and then the
bone although here are two of those bones did not expect that piece another
lightning bolt okay my knee strikes twice sometimes sad or disappointed face
kissing face another bone wow this is the bone pack right here bump up up up
up I a good and a watermelon watermelon maybe rare hop and here’s another
watermelon okay so all I need to do is say this may be rare and then I’ll get
another one that’s what I need to do skull and anything else I don’t see
anything else on to the next let’s keep team moving that’s only happening is
there any way that I can speed up this process I’m not trying to dwell too much
that’s for sure no doubt I start getting to them I’ll start another column over
here wasn’t what I was expecting to do just how it worked out I think it’ll be
just fine another skull yeah two hands I’ll speed things up another skull we
have another one in my hands I’ll lightening happy face very happy face
crying happy yeah laughing so hard that you cry that is a good thing there’s
another one alright good that one looks like it might be
relatively I’ve gone before relatively rare ever maybe may not watermelon is
still looking relatively uncommon as is the rainbow poop the unicorn poop I’m
calling it and here’s the last one for that back another happy one you know I’m
beginning to wonder if I’ve seen them all by now are there any more I’m gonna
use my official Lego ruler here try to speed things up a little bit with just
the straightening out of the lines all right that should help I have four packs
left I’m wondering there are any more different charms to be found whatsoever
just curious straighten that up okay so I’ll just put these a little bit more
quick oh here’s a new one mm-hmm telling you anytime that I start to
wonder about something something new comes up or from wondering if there’s a
I’m ever gonna see something again I get it there’s that but here’s another new
one looks like a leopard print in a lavender see that guy before seen that
before got plenty of those by now that’s a good
one yeah that strawberry is really weird because it’s completely around it’s a
circle I wouldn’t mind a circular strawberry in real life I’ve had some
that are kind of close they’re kind of cool all right I think that’s it for
this pack get that straightened out literally completely still three packs
two after this one and I’m still not seeing any other new colors for the
extra just regular tiles in here right here’s another that lavender colored
leopard print ads done a real leopard with pastel colors that would be that’d
be different I think that just that coat that ko scheme right there would be
interesting to see just lavender on white I’m kind of striking okay nothing
to new here or special is that’s the rarest thing out of that pack that I
just got was that lightning bolt haven’t got a lot of those got a fair number of
them but not too many all right two to go now that’s a very last one I hope I discover
one more one more different charm that have not gotten up
to this points really interesting to see the rarities though like there’s only
the second strawberry you’ve got some of those the bones I got three bones over
here and this the first one I’ve gotten since then hearts fortunately common
enough that’s a good one like that’s one that many people what getting fewer of
the Diamonds now all right early on I was get lots of them it’s another bone
plenty of phases I think the phases are the ones that I was most interested in I
thought there would be more different expressions though these musical notes I
should use probably eight around my music store or something like that I
have some musical instruments of extra musical instruments in Lego but I need
to use have already pretty much filled up my music store long ago I don’t think
I need any more major stuff in there I could use some of these pieces wow this
is an epic collection off screen you just barely see it here in the corner of
these regular tiles and now the very last pack please let there be just one
more one more new charm one more charm more white because otherwise you’ve got
to be a little bit disappointed this is the full selection I’m sure there’s
something that I’ve not gotten there’s probably something super super rare out
there or maybe I just had bad luck and there’s something that’s not that where
that was just aid that was one of these that just went flying by accidentally
hit it and getting there crying one why there
are too many of those there’s the skull anything else and another strawberry one
last one here comes the last one it’s upside down what’s gonna be it’s not
gonna mean you it’s not gonna be it’s not but it’s a fairly rare one at least
and that does it there you go nose out okay well that’s what I got
so that is somewhat of an indication of their rarities of these things that
looks like the strawberries are somewhat rare the musical notes are maybe
somewhat rare definitely the pooped you don’t get a lot of those it’s like
diverging out to not quite one per pack but yeah the heart’s got some of those
not a whole lot enough of the diamonds had a little bit of a dry spell but not
too much and then this is definitely looking like a rare piece the leopard
print in lavender other than that what I guess the watermelons didn’t get too
many of those bones not too many but you know it’s it’s not too bad of a
distribution here I just was really expecting there to be a lot more
different one since they’re just you know just little one by one tile pieces
just for the sake of comparison here are all the regular tiles that I got
compared to the number of charms it’s supposed to be about a 1 to 10 ratio
between those and that looks about like what I got here and this really just
illustrates just how little the variation there is in the tiles and do
keep in mind that this is just series one so they will be doing more of these
in the future that was kind of fun not as fun as I expected it to be though I
hope that dots series tunes especially these extra dots will be coming out
after not too long right you know maybe next season or something rather than
waiting another six months or wait a year or something like that they need
to make more of these because this is not enough different colors to really
support this theme as hard as they’re they’re pushing it and definitely there
need to be more different types of charms it just aren’t enough there I was
hoping to find a lot more different types of facial expressions especially
I’m definitely satisfied with the things that aren’t faces that aren’t
essentially Lego emojis you know the number of those and the variety of those
is fine I don’t know maybe I was just it might just be biased I was just kind of
expecting more different faces yeah that’s that hope that this was somewhat
enjoyable and or at least informative for you so you know what you can
possibly get and what it kind of feels like to get some of these packs so if
you just get a couple you have an idea of how many things in total you’ll
really be getting what it looks like you know it’s actually opened up one of
these packs and what kind of variety you can expect and also what things if you
don’t get what you’re looking for what things are available that you can go
back to try to find and of course if you do have the the great fortune of having
a lego store near you where you can actually walk in and look at these
things again it’s not like with the Lego collectible minifigure bags where you
have to sit there and do like that for like an hour you know it’s just super
dorky over in the corner with a bunch of other people doing the exact same thing
to try to figure out you know is this the one that I want wait wait that’s a
piece now it’s got a clear window on there yeah you have to kind of shake the
big the bag around a bit to see but you can actually even see a little bit
through the back of the bag you know with the parts that are opaque or fully
opaque there is you know transparency there that if you’re looking for
something in particular you can flatten these out you can go
through and you can find exactly what what you do want so if you want to find
a pack that has like – unicorn poops in it – rainbow poops you will probably be
able to do it and your best bet is to do that in person I’m not sure if they’re
gonna sell these in stores other than Lego stores
just haven’t seen the dots theme rollout in my region to other other stores just
yet but maybe they won’t be on the lookout
if you want to check them out thank you for watching and I will talk to you
again very soon because still got a lot more regular sets to review as well

100 Comments on “Opening 10 packs of LEGO DOTS “Extra Dots” series 1!”

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  11. The distribution within each back seems off. I know it is a small sample size however hitting 3 of the same dot in several packs seems weird. If you eliminate packs where you didn't got the specific dot you on average got
    Bone got an average of 2,5 in 2 packs (0.5 for all 10).
    Music note got 1,5 in 4 packs (0.6 for 10).

    It seems like if you got a "rare" piece the chance of getting another one is pretty high.

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