Orange Cat Names – 100+ Names For Your Orange Cat

Orange Cat Names – 100+ Names For Your Orange Cat

Orange cat names Best names ever for orange cats – more than
100 to choose from! Hi and welcome to our channel. If you want to learn everything about cats,
then hit that red subscribe button and turn on the bell, so you don’t miss anything. Let’s begin Cheddar – from the delicious cheese
Peanut – who doesn’t love peanut butter? Toffee – if you have a sweet tooth
Caramel – uhm, my mouth is watering Biscuit – are we not over the sweets yet? Cinnamon – for dark orange cats
Freckles – because all orange cats have them Cappuccino – perfect for orange and white
cats Tiger – for a feisty cat
Butterscotch – isn’t it true that the best sweets are orange? Nugget – tastes good and sound cute
Cookie – if you want to get a cookie appetite every time you call your cat
Peaches – not my favorite fruit, but sounds lovely
Snuggles – because ginger kitties are love bugs
Pumpkin – for a fluffy cat Foxy – sounds cool and is great for cats with
big ears Latte – for light orange cats
Honey – for a sweet and loving kitty Cheesecake – not too sweet, just perfect
Marmalade – if you love oranges Ginger – because gingers are awesome
Leo – is your kitty a little fighter? Sunny – because cats bring warmth in our lives
Penny – because cats love receiving things Nemo – if you are into finding nemo
Rusty – for rusty orange cats Whiskey – for a fun twist
Cheetah – for a cat who loves to run Marigold – anyone into flowers? Copper – because it suits them
Autumn – the season of rusty nature Sandy – great for light orange cats
Sunshine – because cats are our ray of sunshine Garfield – do I need to say anything? Oliver – from Disney’s Oliver and Company
Simba – Who doesn’t love the Lion King? Winnie – my childhood hero
Hazel – for cats with glary eyes Fanta – for funky cats
Apricot – for brightest orange cats Fiona – the bright hair hero from Shrek
Daphne – anyone grew up with Scooby Doo? Fuego – means fire in Spanish
Flame – for spirited ginger kitties Goldie – because your cat is more valuable
than gold Amber – because cats are precious
Auburn – one of my favorite colors Daisy – another one for orange and white cats
Sahara – a huge place of never ending orange Puss – who doesn’t love Puss in Boots
Sansa – another famous ginger Butters – for a cat who melts in your arms
Cheese – because cats love this Cheetos – because naming your cat after your
favorite snack makes sense Weasel – for a sneaky cat
Macaroni – if you’re into macaroni Muffin – for a lap cat who doesn’t leave
your side Bumblebee – a hero with big heart
Firefly – because cats brighten up our day Donald – anyone a fan of Donald Trump? Carrot – it doesn’t get more orange than
this Maple – as in maple syrup, because kitties
bring sweet times in our lives Nachos – because they go perfectly with movies,
just like lap cats Blaze – for a strong and proud kitty
Phoenix – because cats have nine lives Lava – strong but also mellow
Doritos – another snack to name your cat after Mango – sweet and exotic
Chipmunk – great for sweet, energetic and cute cats
Pineapple – pen pineapple apple pen Chester – as in Chester the Cheetah
Pepper – if you love your veggies Vanilla – for elegant cats
Pudding – for a soft and mellow cat Tequila – for cats who like to party
Waffles – they melt in our mouths just like our cats melt our hearts
Noodles – because you can never get enough of them
Oscar – because all cats deserve the greatest prizes
Sunset – for cats full of personality Nutmeg – for spicy cats
Ginny Ron
or even Weasley- because cats magically bring happiness
Saffron – a spice which is also quite rare – perfect for ginger female cats
Mustard – because cats spice up our lives Star – if your cat is a star in your house
Chips – short but cute and also delicious Pringles – words are useless
Topaz – for precious cats Ember – for cats with a double personality
Candy Corn – for multiple shades of orange Paprika – another name for spicy cats
Harry or Prince Harry – for royal cats Creamsicles – simply delicious
Ernie or Beeker – our favorite muppets Other names derived from red: Poppy – for spirited cats
Ruby – my favorite precious stone Rufus – means red-haired and sounds amazing
Rojo – red in Spanish Scarlett – fantastic color
Ariel – from the cartoon character Rosie – for
a sweet girl

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