Outlander | Meet Adso the Cat | Season 5

Outlander | Meet Adso the Cat | Season 5

We took an instant liking
to each other. Did we not, Adso? Adso? Is that a name? It is. The part of Jamie Fraser, will be played by
our new cast member, Mr. Catimus Maximus, Bearimus. And… yeah. Apparently we are going to get
him a ginger wig. This is Adso,
but his real name is Bear. He’s basically
number one, now. He gets all the attention. He’s got a bigger
trailer than me. And I would like to
hold him one day, but… I never get that chance. Well, you know… It’s Claire’s cat. He’s having a little
bath right now. Look, he’s having
a little bath! And he’s like… So cute! New cast member of Outlander,
season five.

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  1. We need a spinoff where the main character of Outlander is Adso. And we just follow him for an your as he wanders around Fraser's Ridge

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