ladies are gentlemen, it’s your boy shadyshae the one and only guys and i’m back with you again very very very back guys as you can see this is a different place different room
different setting different layout yes because obviously you know i’ve moved already guys yeah! the quarantine the quarantine anyway guys, you’re welcome to
my new show it’s called quarantine and laugh I’m just gonna be reacting funny funny stuff guys funny things yeah just to get you entertained to get you through this quarantine period that we are going through and guys how’d you like my quarantine look? yeah yeah I’m joining the beard gang anyway guys without saying to much let’s go straight to business but before we start guys go down quickly smash like button guys subscribe to my channel give me the love guys and make sure you get your merch get your merchandise support me guys support me thank you guys let’s
do this to make this video more interesting I decided that you know what
I’m gonna get some water in my mouth and try not to laugh hmm okay okay okay okay
I successfully didn’t pour the water out one more time okay more water if I can
handle it no more water my mouth don’t forget this
water but you’re this for that I’m gonna pour water all over the place so let’s
do the next beat parody Indonesia let’s go let’s go mari kita I’m alive just chilling but how can you see I love water data
and just ride your bike in the water there’s so much water what you are you
seein I don’t know if I should laugh or just
be amazed seriously seriously okay that truck driver is a weekend in his bedroom like imagine me chilling
in my bedroom like this I like fishing in his bedroom are you serious / he in Indonesia oh it’s an on the road well I’m just gonna say only in
Indonesia that’s why I’m just gonna say right now Oh Oh the girl so slippery
Oh Oh stupid Cupid he rolled into the floor
silly guys silly guy oh my nose is running guys and he stopped any guy looks like it’s
your fault like look it’s your fault where is his mind
wait this guy’s mind it’s like he’s just life I think my ex is cheating on me
Oh oh I think I left the food and Fire Oh No Cupid what what I promise you it’s not occur
the virus is the laptop is a laptop oh really bitten and they just touch my
heart knows right oh my days oh oh like this videos baby laughs so much here my
nose ran my nose run I coughed and everything guys crazy crazy thank you
very much for this recommendation thank you very much for this request these are
the kind of requests that I like guys to request that would make me laugh
don’t make me enjoy it or it could be like yo yo yo I’m telling ya only in
Indonesia I mean the cats were funny as well the cats were funny funny as
forever but the Indonesian ones were crazy my Indonesians here they’re happy
people they enjoy the lifestyle they enjoy in nature you see the you see the
the grandma did a woman in the water she was by the roadside and the guy that was
fishing as well crazy then got a bus anyway anyway guys anyway guys this is
my new show called quarantine and love I know a lot about home you know getting
bored in the bit depressed what guys do not be depressed shady is here yes I’m
here to entertain you make you happy make you love me go through this period
of quarantine with your hands on your neck your neck when your shoulders your
shoulders in your body your body in the legs your legs on your feet your feet on
the ground the ground in I mean I think we should sit on the hood
you guys go quickly smash the like button guys subscribe to my channel guys
and yes cover new world coming soon maybe tomorrow on to this time I
invented something guys I created something and I want to shade you
alright oh I love you mother was gonna say do I need oh you are then like the
shine of my way you are she won
you like that lightness shine in my way you are


  1. Bangga ga tuh orang yg udah kagum ama Indonesia akhirnya bisa liat Indonesia yg sebenarnya (dalam keadaan banjir)

  2. there's a guy riding a bike in the water cause it is actually a road, but now it is rainy season that causes many streets to get flood…

  3. You cracked me up Shady, Luar Biasa ..Amazing content. Cats are funny
    Arigato …tnxsssss for sharing this.Funny stuff

  4. shady you should do a video about what movies or tv show should watch now when everyone is home.. i spent all my time on netflix lately:))

  5. Wkwkwkk , om shady not to laugh challenge dengan menahan air dimulutnya. Sedangkan gua lagi sarapan nonton video ini , gak kuat akhirnya gua keselek不

  6. hi shady..everytime im waching your vidio & see you laughter made me feel happy .god bless you always shady

  7. Broooo i recommended you to watch Fatimah – soundtrack Naruto Blue bird. https://youtu.be/H2PgRImo8gw
    Thats link

  8. Hi shady shae! Next, let's reaction "prank pocong Indonesia"…

    I sure you can't stop laught if you watch that video…

  9. Just check out jador and lino golden dau moda. Is verry popular in roumania in last week. But wird is combination beetwin trap and manele. Enjoy, can t wait to see the video

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